Stygian Union

The Stygian Union is world government of Stygia that has centered the values of the antiauthoritarianism, abolitionism, and that anarchistic spirit to bow no knee and obey no masters of the escaped slaves that settled the necropolises of Stygia.   Since the Stygians cobbled their civilization together from scant memories of the Earth that was and the rebellious iconoclasm born from the steady stream of freed Humans and others who have escaped from bondage elsewhere in the galaxy.   The Stygian Union was founded to coordinate refugee programs, forward the reclamation and restoration efforts in the necropolises, and the provide for the mutual defense of the planet from pirates, raiders, invaders, and the pervasive fears of slavers.   Replacing the Commonwealth of Cenotaph, the Union still meets in the Grand Cenotaph surrounded by the broken chains of the slaves who first settled on the dead world. Every day, government business begins with the recitation the words of Freja Engdahl:  
The weak forge chains to control their fears.
It only makes them grow.
Power is the lie of the weak.
Authority, the lie of the ignorant.
Obedience, the lie of the coward.
Truth is found in study and work.
Wisdom grows from experience.
Peace and liberty rise from consensus.
We bend no knew, nor ask knee to be bent.
Leadership is service, and leaders are the servants of all.
— Freja Engdahl
  The sergeant at arms in the Grand Cenotaph has the standing orders to immediately arrest any representative who makes an appeal to power, authority, obedience, any statement of supremacy or bias and to charge them with treason against the people of Stygia. They are charged with preserving the memory of the former state and ever striving to free others from oppression and slavery.   Cojini Scarrott proposed the Bills of Reform that would for the backbone Union Constitution. As a prominent voice in the House of Anamnesis who feared that future generations would forget the suffering their people endured in slavery and wished to reform the government in a way that would prevent them from ever oppressing others on Stygia or on any other world.   Liberation and actualization remain the focus of the Union. The Four Freedoms are the guiding light to the Union:  
  1. Freedom of Speech
  2. Freedom of Conscience
  3. Freedom from Want
  4. Freedom from Fear
Every bill and action of the government must pass the four freedom's test before it can move forward to debate. If two freedoms come into conflict then the responsibilities of each freedom are weighed against the rights guaranteed by them are taken up for debate until a consensus is reached.   In 1595 AN, the Union joined the Pathfinder's Circle .

All chains broken.

Founding Date
1483 AN
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Stygia, The Styx
Stygians, Stixies
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Related Ethnicities


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