Stygia (stiih-gee-ah)

Stygia is one of the few worlds colonized by Humans after the diaspora that followed the Star Fall.


Stygia is a terrestrial planet with only two surface continents, a small one in the northern hemisphere and another large on in the southern hemisphere.


Stygia has a varied ecosystem ranging from the frozen wastes of the Silent Tundra in the north to the Southern Badlands, the temperate expanse of Stonegrave Forest, the Lashcona Rain forest, and the large desert of the Dead Basin.

Localized Phenomena

There is hardly a centimeter of the planet's surface that isn't considered to be haunted. Most of these stories are not simple stories but observable phenomena that launched the sciences of Nexology (the study of violent death) and Lemresology (the study of specters and aparitions).


In 1403 AN, the Humans slave on the Salevar ship, Sellucal, revolted. After months of wandering as they fled from Salevar space, they found the dead world they would eventually call Stygia.   The Sellucal's supplies were low, and their sensors located a Curn 2C08. They hailed the planet as they approached hoping to trade for new supplies, but received no response. When they entered orbit, they found no signs of sapient life.   Abandoned cities covered both continents, but no remains of former inhabitants remained, and no records from their civilization has ever been found. To this day, it is unknown whether the population died off, abandoned the planet, or if they were all abducted like the population of the lost Earth.   Rumors spread about the human free state and refugees and escaped human slaves traveled to Stygia to reclaim the world from the decay.   The Stygian Union was founded in 1483 AN, and they joined the Pathfinder's Circle in 1595 AN.
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The Styx, Styx, The Crypt, The Tomb
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