The Books of the Lost Aerith

The Book of the Lost Aerith is religion historical account of the enslavement and liberation of people of earth.


Book of the Flower of Heaven

  The first book tells the story of the Errant Star that fell from the heavens into the mountains of Altai, bringing with it the seeds of the Flower of Heaven that came to be known as Hyperion. This strange luminous flower took root in the mountains around the impact and cast its scintillating spores into the air and the winds that carried them around the world.   Odd dreams and nightmares followed the plant around the world. Every attempt to eradicate this invasive species failed only encouraged it to grow faster. The Cult of the Bitter Water formed believing that this Errant Star to be the star Wormwood that was cast into the world to usher in the Apocalypse.

The Chronicle of the Burning Land

  The second book records the arrival of the Salevar, their offers to help control the Hyperion, and the exchange program they offered to bring humans to the stars. It retells the escapes from the first reeducation camps, and the enslavement of the people. The book ends with the world burning from a Hyperion explosion and the loss all life on the planet.  

Lament of Riku

  The third book is a journal by a human slave named Riku describing the life of the slaves and their endless hope for salvation.    
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