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WorldEmber Planning & Prep

What I'm Working on, What I want to Work On, What I've finished

An Area of Focus

Look, it's the Federation ok. I know the other nations barely even have stub articles, or they are in desperate need of a rewrite, but I really like the Federation, so too bad. They can wait.
For my fourth year of WorldEmber, I have decided (not for the first time), to return to, and place my focus upon, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. Thanks to the efforts of those previous WorldEmber challenges, and a vast majority of the time I spend writing World Anvil articles, the Federation is by far my most fleshed-out nation. However, while its modern government, people, and military are well represented, there are several notable events in the nation's history that deserve telling. My principle focus will therefore be around the 1st Federation Civil War, a conflict between two disparate groups in the Federation.   The article for the Civil War itself is mostly finished (and is actually on track to become the largest article in my world by word count), however, it is sorely lacking in the little details I need. I want the Civil War to be a truly confusing, and unpredictable affair, with numerous characters, each with their own agendas and loyalties, battling one another for supremacy. Huge battles between armies and navies being an interesting part, but the backdrop to the politicking of the 35th century. Think Game of Thrones in a futuristic space setting.   During the lead-up to WorldEmber, I intend to complete the 1st Federation Civil War article, creating less confusion about how all the characters and events that I will be creating during World Ember link to one-another. I'm really happy with the article thus far, however, it still requires a lot of work, as well as general proofreading.  
  Something to keep in mind, these events are obviously fictional, and while there are potential comparisons to real-life political factions and ideology, I do not necessarily share the views of the victor, or the loser. One of my primary challenges during the writing of these articles will be to lose any real-world biases and present these characters and events equally. If readers wish to support one faction over the other, that is their prerogative.   Also, thanks for reading! I appreciate it, even if I mostly do this for me, I'm super happy that others enjoy my work!

Mini Meta

  The 1st Federation Civil War is built around a single goal, the destruction or preservation of the current Federation Federal Government. The Civil War could be easily explored and presented as a conflict between Michael Oberyn and Benjamin Picket, as well as their supporters. But it is in the motivations of individuals and groups outside of these leading figures, broadly separated into the Andisiens and the Oberynites, that the true confusion of the conflict begins to take hold. In this way, the Civil War draws from many historic civil wars of the past, such as the War of the Roses, The Spanish Civil War, or even more recent conflicts, like the Syrian Civil War.   I intend to fully get the point across that both sides in this conflict are willing to do whatever possible to win, even if immoral. Though of course both sides also have those opposed to such actions, and the pacifists that chose neither side.   In regard to themes, there are a few broad ideas the Civil War will hone in on, most prominently Power & Corruption, War & Peace, and Injustice. As articles expand and develop, so too will these themes, with different characters and events defining differing themes and causes.  

A Review of the Homepage

  For Week 3 of WorldEmber prep, we were tasked with reviewing our homepages, and just generally welcoming readers to our worlds. While there is a definite route to improvement for my current homepage, overall I am happy with it, especially with the limited CSS tools available to me as a Master.   It gives a very brief overview of the Galaxy of Astraesto, and how Humanity has prospered in this Galaxy they have grown to control completely. As well as how different Humanity has become from what we know in our own world.  

Last Minute Preparations

  In regards to any final minute preparations I will be making for this year's WorldEmber event, I will again reiterate my construction of the 1st Federation Civil War article, which as of the time of writing is nearly completion. In addition, I have planned out the articles I want to write in December, although that list can obviously change, grow, or shrink depending on how I am feeling. Time to enjoy WorldEmber!

WorldEmber 2023

Article Planner
  • - Planned
  • - In Progress
  • - Completed

  • The Federation
  • Charlie Kirland (Andisien)
  • Amy Linkin (Andisien)
  • Eli Hunt (1175 Words)
  • Locations
  • Serdica (1992 Words)
  • Golova (2161 Words)
  • Military
  • FNS _______ (Andisien Ship)
  • FNS Opportunity (1857 Words)
  • Serdican Guardian Fleet (724 Words)
  • Oberynite Federation Navy (Oberynite)
  • Battles
  • Battle of Sela (1497 Words)
  • Liberation of Serdica
  • Destruction of Golova
  • FNS Enduring 1st Deep Space Action
  • Miscellanious
  • The Declaration at Golova
  • Imperial Jerace
  • 1st Amedio Imperial Expedition
  • The Pledge


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    Nov 7, 2023 08:42 by Elspeth

    Mapping out a Civil War, especially the finer details, seems like a massive task and a great project to tackle. Have a great WorldEmber! :) You've got this!

    Nov 7, 2023 09:06

    Thank You! Have a great WorldEmber yourself!

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