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World Ember Outstanding "Title" Articles for 2022 and 2023 New Years Resolutions

"Title" Article Finalists

  I sponsored the "Title" special category for WE 2022. What follows here is a handful of the best "title" articles - the finalists if you will. There were 37 articles and I read every single one of them at least twice. You will have to wait until the awards ceremony to find out the winner, but here are my favorites and what I liked and learned from them:   One: Maharlika by kitoypoy   This is a well written article regarding citizenship in the Kirinal Concordance Zone, a city state in the world it belongs to. The author used relevant world art and generously linked to other world content. It has interesting little quotes from "in world" characters which makes you want to click their names and read their stories, and there are icons on the quotes that show the pics of those characters, and that I will probably have to go figure out how to do so I can incorporate it into my own work. There were hints of story here and there, but nothing blatant. Still, I could easily see how to build a story based on the social dynamic that the title evoked. Very nice work.  
Rank/Title | Dec 31, 2022

The Kirinal Concordance Zone has adopted the Talino word for a class of feudal warriors. Maharlika are full citizens who earn the title with five years of service to the Concordance.

  Two: Defender of the Realm by Sablearadia   This is a fun meta-space article fancifully detailing the trevails of a writers group (Game of Tomes) to endure the perils of attempting a Nan-no-wri-mo challenge (50K words) in a week. Brave (insert your alternate adjective here) souls who succeed in this endeavor are awarded the title "Defender of the Realm". The piece is written in a very lighhearted style and is extremely story forward - not tons of CSS and styling work here, but the art is plentiful and fun. The tribute to Siobhan the Writer is touching. The article seems to be written more for the inside circle of writers who belong to this group, rather than reaching to outsiders, but they are clearly having a great time and would probably welcome outsiders in!  
Defender of the Realm
Rank/Title | Jan 6, 2023
  Three: Reekian Representative to the Council of 5 by ECCBooks   Chris Clarke has a really professional world style in this article (and others) with great follow through in the article conveying the uniqueness of the representative (everyone is suspicious of them) and the backstory of why. The storyline is not just presented, but the title spurs the imagination of the reader to think of how a character they might create would fit into this position, and how that story could be central to the history of this world. Not much art, but what is there is interesting and effectively used. Great links to other articles. This article will probably push me to re-look at my world styling which has been evolving since I started world building in May. Overall very good recommended read.  
Reekian Representative to The Council of Five
Rank/Title | Nov 8, 2023

No other country’s representative to The Council of Five is regarded with as much scrutiny as the representative from The Reek.

  Four: Keystone by Nnie   This article is a very interesting mix - it is very well styled structurally showing a real mastery of CSS, but there is no art, and I personally did not care for the white background and font selection - the lack of contrast and glare from the white made it hard to read on my monitor. In spite of this, this article definitively demonstrates that you really don't need art or quotes to make a truly visually engaging page and accompish some seriously great world building. Keystones are women who are given immense power by the spirits of their worlds at a very young age. This, as you would expect, has mixed outcomes. The article walks the reader through short vignettes of each world and the historical and political dynamics around each world's Keystone. The short stories are very engaging and each is different and unique (although there are fewer "things went badly" stories than I would have expected! :-) ) Loved this.  
Rank/Title | Dec 12, 2023

Each age the planets choose a mortal to embody them. A young girl is granted immense power, the potential of the planet itself, and from that point on she is known as a Keystone.

  Five: AlFather by Usurperkings   This article had very minimal article specific CSS/styling work done on it, but it was just ridiculous fun and great storytelling. Written as a conversation between a sassy youngling member of the family and a sentient book in Odin's home (pov of the book!), this article covers all the necessary information bases without ever straying into boring. It introduces three characters I could seriously care about and who grab my attention, relentlessly driving to the end of the article, keeping me engaged even when the dialog ends and I get the info dump which is presented in a sardonic, tounge in cheek voice. This article is a perfect example of "show don't tell" in the writer's lexicon - in fact the author could probably even dump a lot of the standard template material (feels a little tacked on) although it is handled in a very entertaining way. The best thing about this article though, is that the title means something - it's important to the character of the title holder and the world he interacts with. The world building here is great. Loved this.  
Rank/Title | Jul 6, 2023
  Six: The Phoenix Master by Sh4d0wpho3n1x   This is a fun article which skips through the prestigious title of Phoenix Master - which is exactly what it sounds like - someone a Phoenix will answer to. The relationship as described sounds more like friendship than mastery, but that is par for the course with titles which tend to overblow their own importance... The challenge of actually interacting with the Phoenix and persuading it to befriend the adventurer is downplayed which I think is a missed opportunity for story setup, but there's plenty of story possibilities to be had here. Delightful references to the handbook "How Not to Get Eaten by Various Phoenixes; A Possibly Useless Handbook for The Aspiring Phoenix Master". Generous use of text from the book, and linked to the article on the book which was great too. Not a masterful CSS example, but shows that you can easily do great world building without turning yourself inside out. Draws you in and you'll definitely click around to find out more. Not too long - definitely a recommended, fun read.  
The Phoenix Master
Rank/Title | Dec 8, 2022

An honorary title that shows great determination, courage, and intelligence to its bearer, but with a sinister twist if falsely proclaimed.

  Seven: Vapors Other Eye by Soulwing98   This article is a interesting story based article of (in my own words) "the little Kobold who could". Honored by her diety for her committment to his cause, his world, and his people, she has emerged from tragedy to become his eyes. She executes his will in tending and caring for the safety and security of the god's home and people and is admired and rewarded by the god for her passionate devotion to her duties. Perfect use of art and quotes, the story easily grabs you and pulls you into the world despite some language difficulties. Great article.  
Vapor's other eye
Rank/Title | Dec 8, 2022

Administrative overseer of Leviathan's engineering crew.

  Eight: Captain by George Sanders   I love that George Sanders continues to build his world of the Anhult Wildlands step by step, taking time to draw the lines and structure of the society, then backfilling with interesting stories. This article is simply solid, foundational, professional worldbuilding. It contains key information for understanding his world presented succinctly and clearly without dragging things out or becoming tedious. It is recommended reading for those who want a prime example of how to build a tight, clean, informational world building article that lays bedrock background in place but isn't intended to be front and center in the world. Very nice.  
Rank/Title | Mar 8, 2023

The Etonia Council relies on highly trained and adaptable Captains to achieve military objectives or to support other missions


Two Additional Articles for New Years Challenge

  I also want to comment on two additional articles for the 2023 New Years Challenge (to make up 10) not in the "Title" category. These are:   Nine: Oddes Shoppe Charms by Dazzlinkat   This article was well styled with appropriate art and had an interesting premise that would readily seed an interesting story - the construction and sale of limited life charms that had different functions. Examples given are those that would eliminate odor (poo-purri anyone?) regulate environments (used instead of an ageing cave for wine & spirits), and identifying when someone approaches within range of the charm (ostensibly a security device). Some charms with undisclosed abilities are provided to a secret organization, which provides an additional tickler for a story possibility beyond the charms themselves.  
Oddes Shoppe Charms
Item | Dec 28, 2023
  Ten: This Bites by ECC Books   "Once upon a time, in the fields over Yonder, a vampire fell in love with a scarecrow."   Need I say more? This was a wonderful, tiny bit silly, short (perhaps 2 pages) story with an unusual premise and perfect execution. I was curious the entire way through, scrolling without pause. The language was skillfully executed, nothing jarred or was inconsistent. Even the moments when I was asked to willingly suspend my disbelief seemed smooth and natural. Definitely recommended reading.  
This Bites
Prose | Dec 18, 2023

A vampire, a scarecrow, and a tale of love lost and found.


My New Years Resolution for 2023

  2022 was a big year for me. I finished my first novel "Out of Darkness". I found WA and began world building in May, and not knowing what I was doing, I simply transferred my copious notes (written in Aden's ironic voice) into stub articles. I began to read and learn what world building is, and started to create structure around my stories. I established the creation mythos and dieties for my world, established it's timeline and major historical framework, and fleshed out the local maps, people and businesses that my characters interact with in "Out of Darkness".   In 2023, I have ambitions (not resolutions) - too many to probably execute, but I am going to try. I have been pestered by my beta readers, family and friends to submit my novel to agents for representation. I have my second novel "Devil's Deal" well drafted, but it needs major editing, and I began a rough draft of a prequel to the series, "Purgatine", which I want to finish.   All of which needs me to continue my world building - specifically to fill out the locations, organizations, economic systems, and historic events that surround the society that my characters live in in the new novels. (I'm hoping to finish one of these.) I want to raise the quality of my articles - reviewing and re-writing and re-styling the oldest material to take advantage of some of the new skills I have acquired before I forget them (probably too late). And on top of that all, I want to spend at least a full day a month reading your articles which have served as great inspiration and learning so far.   Wish me luck. Please.

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Good luck with your goals for the year ahead! You've got this :D

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Thanks for your incredibly kind words and for including me in such esteemed company. Some of my own favorites from this past month are up there, and I know how difficult judging a category can be (I did it last year) so I really appreciated this article and the one your wrote about your process.

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NO! Please, please, don't apologize or feel bad! You wrote a gorgeous, coherent article and I loved it as I said. You did truly great work on it. My personal experience is that when I get feedback, almost no one ever tells me what the problems are and where I can improve, so I am left guessing, and that's not nearly as helpful as someone saying what didn't work for them which helps me focus on tangible ways to make it better. Think about how athletes become Olympians - it's the tiny things that their coach works on that makes them champions. You don't have to please everyone - let alone me, and not everyone will have the same visual difficulties I do/did. Style is part of your world. You've obviously worked hard at it, and it has great coherence and flavor. And... you might not want to have dark mode - that's ok - IF (and that's a big IF) you want to improve contrast for people who might have some visual impairment (and you don't have to) you might want to first look at darkening the color of your font or increasing your font size. I would have found that very helpful, BUT it's YOUR world and YOUR choice. Last, I return to my first statement that I certainly did not intend to make you feel bad, and I'm sorry if I did.

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Thank you for the shout out! I'm glad you liked Alfather!!   And kudos to your goals, I'm sure you'll rock them.

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Thank you for the shoutout and the feedback! I can see how I downplayed the part of befriending the phoenix, but I also want to put the majority of that information into the Phoenix Handbook. So, finding that balance was a bit tricky, I admit.   Still, I'm very happy you liked the article to include me in the finalists. <3   Best of luck with your new years ambitions! I'm certain you'll get them done! :D

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Thank you so much for this lovely summary and kind words. I feel truly honored. thank you ^^

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Thanks for including me! Lots of great articles here that I haven't seen yet;

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