Reekian Representative to The Council of Five

Reekian Representative to The Council of Five


The Reekian Representative to the Council of Five represents the interests of The Democratic Republic of the Reek in all international matters within the land of Eden. As is the case with representatives from other Edenian countries, the position has been held by its fair share of notable individuals. However, no other country’s representative is regarded with as much scrutiny in the present day as the representative from The Reek.


“Why?” you might ask. Well, the Reekian Rep is looked upon so suspiciously because it was a Reekian Rep who was the only person in Edenian history to overthrow the democratic rule of the Council of Five and install himself as Emperor of Eden. And is this post-apocalyptic paradise, they don’t take well to despots. No, sir.


To serve as the Reekian Rep, one must:

  1. be a natural-born citizen of The Reek;
  2. be at least fifteen years past the age of maturity for one’s species; and,
  3. be a resident of The Reek for at least five years.

These stipulations, borrowed from those created by the United Countries of Oz for their Ozite Representative to the Council of Five, mean that more halflings have served in this position than any other species (owing to the fact that halflings are the only permanent residents of Eden).


A new representative is elected every five years by popular vote.


The Representative is tasked with advocating for Reekian interests and defending Reekian ideals whenever The Council of Five is in session.

Notable Holders

Bradar Codlacke, the son of refugees from Earth-668, was born in the Reekian borough of The Taint early in the six-hundred and sixty-eighth Interregnum. Brought up on stories of his parents lost world and its lost potential, Codlacke came to see Eden as a place which would eventually meet the same end if the peoples here were not careful.


He rose to power as the benevolent senator from The Taint, shrugging off the chuckles of those who found his hometown’s name ridiculous, and was eventually elected to represent The Reek on The Council of Five during only his third year of eligibility. It was there that he hatched the plot which would see him named Supreme Leader of the Council—a title which had never been held in Edenian history, given that it required a council member to vote for someone other than themselves during the secret ballot—and which finally lead to him naming himself the first-ever Emperor of Eden.


It was a dark time for this purgatorial paradise, one which took nearly 900 years to be brought to an end.


And so, ever since The Council was restored and the five nations of Eden given back their sovereignty, the Representative from the Reek has gotten used to the constant feel of the evil eye upon their person.

Civic, Diplomatic
Form of Address
The Esteemed Delegate
Source of Authority
The People of The Reek
Length of Term
5 Years
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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