The Garden of Eden is a real place in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. Within the single point of infinite density created by The River Without End during The Calamity, Eden operates as the place for all of existence to begin planning for the next iteration of the universe.


Eden extends outward from the innermost area (“The Garden”) through several rings of disparate biomes until it reaches the desert at the edge of existence. The desert region is itself surrounded by The River Without End.


The land itself is also divided into regions whose borders cut across the various biomes. In the song “West of the Reek” by E. Christopher Clark’s band Pop Bubblegum Trash, travelers are advised by The Ghost to “stay north of Wonderland and west of the Reek…south of Narnia and east of land of Oz.” The Garden itself appears to be the only “safe” space.

Fauna & Flora

As Eden operates as the staging ground for the next iteration of reality, every bit of flora or fauna that exists, has existed, or ever will exist calls this place home. Because of this, outside of The Garden itself, Eden can be a rough place for living things. Some creatures and plantlife never make it to the next version of reality because they find themselves tossed up against another living thing that time and evolution never meant for them to meet. But them’s the breaks. This is just the nature of how quickly and violently The River Without End compresses existence at the end of The Calamity.


Whenever reality breaks as the result of someone doing the unstuck and altering the past, Eden becomes the final refuge for all of existence. But it becomes impossible to find once The Strumpet’s Sister is rebuilt and the seven voices sing the next iteration of the universe into existence. As such, there is no recorded history of the place outside of its description in the sacred texts of the Abrahamic religions. And nobody is sure how much those guys embellished the truth.

Alternative Name(s)
The Garden
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