Earth-668 | E. Christopher Clark


In this iteration of reality, superpowered beings were a real thing. For decades, heroes such as Blood Red and Nightmare protected the Earth from threats large and small. That came to an end, though, with the cloning of Jesus of Nazareth from The Shroud of Turin in 2002. The resulting theocracy banned all but a few state-sponsored heroes, just one part of their steady march towards fascism and tyrrany.


Thankfully for the folks at the tortured end of this timeline, a disgruntled landlady called Emily Henderson traveled back to 1999 to convince Jeremy Bassett not to hand over the piece of the Shroud that had been in his family’s possession for nearly 2000 years. And yet, because the goddess Mira doesn’t like people messing with her Plan, it wasn’t long before a Calamity wiped out the world anyway.



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