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Oddes Shoppe Charms

Why Charms?

When Sainted Father Duno Deerwest inherited the Oddes Shoppe, he was intrigued with the long tradition his old friend Obsidius Odde had set of selling simple trinkets and charms. The shop mostly sold papers, inks and such but the charms and trinkets brought everyday magic to the folks of Blackstone.
Convenient magic was a rarity in a place so far removed from the urbane cities. Maintaining that tradition endeared the Shoppe and its keepers to the folks of Blackstone. The current Oddes Shoppe keepers Burnyrd Deerwest and his nephew Symel.

The Charms


Fresh Air

This charm removes odors from the air within its reach of about ten feet in all directions.   When their power is used up in about a year, they crumble into chalk.   It is a charm of little use to most of the townsfolk, save one.  
Yngez Cragjumper buys these charms to hide the scents of the ingredients that go into his Black Walnut Whiskey that he sells at top shelf prices.   More than one competitor has tried to figure out his secrets by sniffing about.

Brew Ager

This was an odd name for a charm but clearly defines what it does.       The aging of wines, brandies, and whiskeys requires keeping barrels or vats stored at just the right temperature for long periods of time.       A Brew Ager Charm will do that for one container, and will last for at least ten years.
The cost of these charms can add up but is still far cheaper than constructing such a complicated building.       Cragjumper's Brewing Barn and Haggler's Distillery both buy these charm.       These charms have become one of the main sources of profit for the Oddes Shoppe.

Tripster Bell

This charm lets out a loud melodious ring if anyone dares to come within ten feet.   It can be made to ignore animals for a modest fee.   The tripster bell has quickly taught the thieves in Blackstone to pay close attention.
Those who use this charm keep improving ways to hide the bells without muffling their ability to detect intruders.   These bells will be powered until they have been set off three times at which time they will turn rusty.   In Haggler's Distillery, these bells play a key part in protecting more than the liquor he makes.
  The making of the charms is a protected secret within the shop that no one has thought worthy enough to steal.   This has proven quite a boon to the shopkeepers as they make more powerful charms than they offer for sale.   These more potent charms are given, never sold, to The Brethren , a secretive order of monks to which all the shopkeepers belong.   What other powers do they craft into these secret charms?   Only time will tell... eventually.

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