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Oddes Shoppe


The Oddes Shoppe was built nearly two hundred years ago in the town of Blackstone. This happened soon after the town became part of the Miribex Kingdom.   The shop was built as the main floor of a two-story cottage. The second floor became the residence for the original owner, Obsidius Odde. He was a modest wizard with little ambition to rise up within the High Guild. Obsidius delighted in providing a full assortment of paper, vellums, parchments, quills, and inks of all sorts for the people of Blackstone.   Magical trinkets and charms, the simpler and cheaper kind, soon became a part of the wares hes sold. He made them more affordable as the town was so far from any of the more prestigious cities.
Obsidius died and left his shop to a friend as he had no other family.   This friend was an acolyte serving as an arcane scribe in the The Grand Archives.   His name was Sainted Father Duno Deerwest and he was a man full of plans.   Duno immediately sent some his Brethren to take over the running of the shop as Obsidious had done.   The Brethren, a secret order within the Acolytes of Boki, quickly expanded the cellar beneath the Oddes Shoppe to accomodate their more secretive purpose.

The Present

  As Obsidius had done, the Brethren continue to run the Oddes Shoppe as a writing shop. They, too, offer some minor magical trinkets and charms at low prices.   Currently, the shop is most noted for its inks as they sell every kind, including those needed for magic.   The shelves are covered with these inks, varnishes, drying sands, sealing waxes, and an assortment of trinkets.   Blank books, papers, parchments and all sorts of those are on tables though the bulk of those are kept in the back.
Beneath the shop is a cellar far larger than needed.       The Brethren keep a remembrace to Saint Duno, the founder of their order, down in the cellar.     Behind the remembrance is a vault, one strongly protected by the very best locks and magics.
This vault is even more strongly protected than the vaults in Margar's Vaulting House, which is renowned for being impenetrable.   This protection is needed for the things they have secreted away over the many years.   Things that the High Guild of Magic would have destroyed the shop over had they only known.

Down Under

by Tama66
  The cellar beneath the Oddes Shoppe is the secret headquarters of the Brethren.   There are accommodations for gatherings of Brethren to carry out secret meetings unnoticed as well as a barracks for them to stay.   The Brethren records are also kept here, neatly hidden behind the shelves.   Being few in number and scattered all around the world, there is rarely more than the two Brethren who run the shop: Father Burnyrd and Brother Symel.   What the rest of their names are is as much a secret as is what they really do.

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