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The Alfather, old Wandering One Eye fancied himself the Alfather back near the beginning before Vili and Ve got through sculpting mountain ranges out of Ymir's desiccating ribs. I long wondered, as long as a sentient book can wonder, where Odin Borson got the name, one of hundreds he picked up along the byways and traverse points of the Planes. Was it a promise to be father to all under his banners? A fertility joke or promise to catch up to the young Olympian sky god Zeus Olympia  Speculation ought to be beyond me, and since my pages ruffle to the concept, I must be bored, or maybe in my age I'm developing a bit of whimsy, or...   
"No, you plum pit. I asked you about it. Gonna tell me what it means or what?" Karisma Calebdottir
  Ah. A fun conjuring of speculation, while it lasted.   
"Alfather, the wanderlust Woden, King of a couple pudgy ravens with a really neat seat..." Karisma Calebdottir
  Huginn & Muninn wouldn't be so pudgy if you didn't feed them every time they caw at your window, young Judgedottir.   
"Aha! Sure, and hazard them pecking my eye out. Right, you'd love me having no depth perception." Karisma Calebdottir
  That is not how your great-great-grandfather lost his eye!   
"Oh really!? Gee, Book, I'd love to learn more about that, but I guess I gotta wait for you to get to the point on the Alfather title thing in the first place. My gooses, ravens and ducks, however will I learn? Karisma Calebdottir
"Kari? Are you antagonizing the ancient Book again?" Caleb Mauthisen
  Yes! Now that you're here, Judge Sir, might I please put those obedience classes into your favourites folder on your web browser? Pets aren't allowed to bark in the house.   
"Hey! Daaaad! Oy! Hey! Why're you laughing!? You're my Dad, you're not supposed to laugh at my expense with an eternal... eheh... heeeheehee... teeeeeehehehehe... staaaahp! Daaaaad! Staaahp it!" Karisma Calebdottir
"Heeeeeeeeeeee... Seriously, Book, be good." Caleb Mauthisen
  I'm the Book of Knowledge, I remain ambivalent at best... but for now my ambivalence shall return to the idea of the Alfather, and how Odin took the title to combine two disparate groups of Realm Folk into the Realm known as Ásgard  Supreme among the Asgardian Realm is Odin, who spends most of his time wandering the Realms, or nowadays, milking cattle and making Brunost. If there's anything the children or adopted children of Odin know about their ruler and father figure, it's how much he loves dense rye bread with Norway's brown cheese on top. After correlating with millions of examples of fatherhood in my research, I found a comforting similarity between those who take on the title of 'father' and children being able to provide simple culinary pleasures to appease or reward their fathers for their labours.    Perhaps this, more than the titles or the godhoods Odin imbues, is the rationality behind Odin taking on the title of everyone's father, instead of Monarch.    One is meant to love one's father, from what I, a parentless inanimate object, am to understand. A father is a being who at best inspires loyalty, compassion, bravery and the meeting of challenges. At worst, damages a being for the rest of their lives, and an argument could be made for future generations.    Both sides of this fatherhood can at one time or another be ascribed to Odin.    Capricious and mighty, a man of extremes, trickery and stern command, he proclaims himself not to be King or Tsar or Pharaoh, but the father.    Everyone's father, whether you prefer his parentage or would rather he leave well enough alone.


He built the place, he can take you out of it. Or, take it out of you.


The unique life experiences of a madlad Aesir & Vanir, who took the title, tried on the pointy metal hat, then buggered off to wander around a bit and left Tyr in charge.




To wander around gaining knowledge, meddling in everyone's business, and return home with some regurgitated mead sometimes.


Ruling Ásgard & mitigating tensions between Aesir & Vanir.


Adoration, worship, father's day cards, access to magic, a fancy two person throne which sees across all the Realms.

Accoutrements & Equipment

An 8 legged horse, a ring which duplicates itself, a spear which demands oaths taken be followed and never broken. A pointy hat.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal


Cultural Significance

The Alfather, Odin. Father of Thor, Baldr and a brood which spans the Asgardian Realm. He, who hung himself on a tree to gain insight, lost an eye for the wisdom of opening both. Odin is the Chieftain of the Aesir & Vanir, the most powerful entity in Ásgard.     None who know better cross the Alfather.
Self proclaimed
Tarnished, but in Effect
Slightly after Ymir's ribs made a lovely fjord.
Form of Address
Equates to
King of the Gods
Source of Authority
Length of Term
First Holder
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Locations

Appears In

Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks


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