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Vapor's other eye

Holder of a literal eye.

"Everything, that I will examine here will be witnessed by our major.
His eye on my sleeve is active, he desires to help us.
Let us find every little security issue in these halls to make our god's realm as safe as humanly possible.~"

Overseer Evamal Schetl

It was a never before seen occurrence, but the, at that time one-armed, kobold Rustfeet wore a little symbol proudly on her chest.
A well-known symbol in Gemenskap, one that often gets worn by the mechanical assistants of their realm's owner, the demigod Vapor.
The other eye of the cyclopean Eternal, used to be with his city in case the Eternal Counsel is in requiring of his presence. But that was the first time it got worn by a mortal, what happened? What did the little gravely injured kobold do to receive such a huge honour, to be 'Vapor's other eye'?


Over the centuries of Gemenskap flying through the sky Vapor slowly lost track with the crucial task of keeping care of his ancient and refurbished vessel having had his focus on running a city and the surrounding politics to keep it truly neutral instead.
None of his evergrowing staff of mechanics and engineers ever had shown more interest in the Leviathan than doing the jobs he paid them to do, keeping the ship afloat.
It was not until a promising kobold had a crushing accident caused by his very vessel.
He has had singular complaints of her before about minor safety issues and had therefore a curious eye on her development. But when Rustfeet lost her right arm and shoulder to a crashing-down steel panel crushing her nearly flat he felt responsible for her recovery.
Having prepared a huge bundle of compensation payments as well as the necessary contacts to get her a good cybernetic to replace her lost body parts he was surprised with what she arrived instead, not handing him her resignment papers but much rather a 400-page essay:
"Truly astounding!

So you went through the entirety of gemenskap to point out and document over ... 4000 security errors!?
My girl really needs a lift I recon.~
And that while still being under shock from that grave accident?
You are an astonishing force of nature!"


Witnessing the fire in her eyes and the dedication to her city Vapor was sure, that he finally found the mortal he was so direly looking for. Someone who loves the airship, the city and its people so much to not even despair after such a setback. Showing no fear for her tormentor but much rather a desire to heal it. She had the eyes necessary to keep Leviathan safe for the time she will remain active in his duty. Vapor knew he had to do something to keep Rustfeet around, and in a way that she can aid his vessel to the best of her capabilities.


Being now interconnected with all 4000+ mechanics and engineers of the Leviathan had Evamal the important task to keep everything in order. Having gotten granted an authority comparable to that of the demigod is her word from now on a command. The kobold takes every emergency call that would usually go to the service centre and redistributes her men in a matter of crucial seconds to take care of it. Be it a breach, an accident, a busted engine or severe understaffing.
As she wasn't able anymore to get active herself for the time being she was instead all day on the move and inspects every quadrant of Gemenskap methodically keeping track of all and any structural weaknesses, security errors or risks, untrained personnel and overworked staff reorganizing the very essence of safety itself.
"Rustfeet turned into a true security maniac.
I can't complain, I finally have the co-worker in the central furnace I was missing for optimal efficiency.
The risk of me harming myself is now according to her 0.0001% as I don't have to level the furnace anymore while going in.~"

Phlinston Prosatl, Stoker

Evamal Schetl, engineering overseer by Soulwing
Civic, Honorific
Granted to Evamal to express Vapor's deep respect for her passion to return his realm to safety standards.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Decision making authority granted by Vapor.
First Holder
Current Holders
Reports directly to
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Vapor's other Eye

An artefact, that acts as the second eye of the demigod Vapor. He can decide to look through it whenever he desires. Until promoting Evamal to his right-hand woman served this item to be with his city while being not at home. But it being now connected to his mortal partner allows him to get more in touch with his city than ever before, experiencing the life of the 'timed' as if he was experiencing it.
It also being a quite obscure and not well-known relic by people not from Gemenskap served in more than one situation.
For example as a stealthy method to uncover and fight injustice and criminality keeping not only the technology of the Leviathan secure, but the streets of the districts as well.

A fresh Arm

The promotion gave Vapor another opportunity as well. Instead of giving Evamal the financial opportunity to get herself an ordinary prosthetics, he pulled a favor he had open with Noctec to develop her a personalized set of high-tech modular limbs with the unique option of regaining the ability of touch.
A symbol of deep gratitude that extended over the years far past that singular gesture of a developing friendship that might or might not transcend the bindings of her fleeting mortality.
XXS-K-Sovereign-01 to 03 by Soulwing98

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Nicely done article. One quibble - rather than "Vapor slowly lost control over the"... he maybe lost interest or lapsed oversight. Vapor didn't really give up or lose control but other things became more pressing until problems arose. Any how many know her status and what does it mean to citizens?

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„Vapor slowly lost track with the crucial task of keeping care of his ancient and refurbished vessel having had his focus on running a city and the surrounding politics to keep it truly neutral instead.“   Is that better that way?   And regarding the eye. It is a blessing and a curse. Mostly a curse if she wears the artifact outside of work. Due to the *you know* nature of Gemenskap prefer many to not have their god looking.

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