Evlora is one of, if not the most inclusive city in the world. Most races found on the continent Tyrania and further can be found within its walls. The only races one would not find within the city are those which are deemed hostile or monsters by the Trugarian Empire. Since Evlora is an ancient city which was built by people of all races, backgrounds and cultures, the city has many cultures and ethnicities even to this day, many have their own sections of the city. Many of the same race or backgrounds choose to live together in communities like the District of Light who is the home of many Mahlarans or the Ashen Ward, where the most dragonborns live. Almost all services, shops, and needs can be fulfilled within Evlora as the city is attractive to many people of all types of talents.


Evlora is mainly controlled by King Lawrence Lionel Lockhart II of Evlora. His family has ruled Evlora since the dawn of the fourth age. They are however a part of the empire and he is directly under the rule of the Emperor. This means that the city is overwatched by Tru Guards and an Imperial Captain is placed on the Royal council. However, of all the cities within the empire, Evlora is the most independent with its own laws and exceptions.


The city of Evlora has incredible defensive opportunities. The city of Evlora is protected by giant walls 45 feet high, with 7 gates, the main gates being the south, west and east gates which control most trade. The walls also have 80 towers alongside them spread evenly along. The walls are 21 ft thick all around the city being impenetrable by any siege weapons. Every main gate of evlora also has two massive ballistas each watching the traffic. These ballistas are handled by Bronze Guards who are trained specifically for them, they are called the Siege Defense Regiment and have about 35 people in it and are led directly by the city defense commander Sir Howard Flintskull. Within the city itself, there are many keeps and forts manned by either Tru Guards or Bronzeguards which are capable of holding off enemies and protecting citizens. The most notable ones are the imperial main fort of the empire and the bronze castle which are both well manned and ready to hold out a siege even within the city walls, should that ever happen.

Industry & Trade

Evlora is a very diverse city. It has many means of income. The main ones it has are wheat and general crops, it has trade routes and mines owned by some of the more noble citizens and the royal family itself. Evlora also thrives because of all the services it can provide. With people from all over the world offering their trade it is easy to make a living. The city does earn a great deal from wheat trade as Cullfield, Revendell, Riverport and Autumn Rock all need the grain provided by Evlora to feed its citizens.


Evlora is a very modern city, the city is mostly filled with elegant stone brick roads which are lit up by blue flame lanterns when the night comes. The city gets its water from the Niocam River which runs right by with waterways and wells bringing the water into the city. The city has miles upon miles of farmland around it to sustain the citizens and nearby towns, villages and cities. Underneath the city there is both a sewer and a set of catacombs which were closed off at the start of the fourth age. There are many courtyards and parks around the city used for different occasions, celebrations or just a relaxing afternoon for the citizens.

Guilds and Factions

Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts

Shimmerford is a massive castle made into a magic school, it is the biggest mage guild in the world and has existed since before Evlora. The school is considered its own city-state which has its own rules and policies. Shimmerford has close ties to Evlora as it is the reason for its founding back in the second age and the two protect each other and provide many boons. There have been an average of 150 students at Shimmerford at any given time during the 7th century of the 4th age.  

The Aurum Assemble

The Aurumn Assemble is the biggest organized alchemy guild in the Trugarian Empire. The guild has more than 1000 members all across the continent and all hail from Evlora. The Aurumn Assemble is the biggest manifestors of healing potions throughout the world and they work to discover, experiment and test with alchemy. Though they are mostly viewed in a good light, some are cautious about them as they keep most of their experiments secret and pay adventurers and hunters handsomely for all kinds of live and dead creatures which are brought to them, some say they even pay for unique races to be taken to them for experimentation.


Evlora has an impressive variety in Architecture, unlike any other city on the continent. Most of the buildings stand out in their own way in how they were built, the colors and their styles. Most people with enough coins try to make their home as unique for them as they can. Buildings are also heavily inspired by the race who either built it or paid for it. The most used resources in Evlora are ironwood, pine, thornwood, graystone, and limestone.  

Notable Locations

There are many notable locations in Evlora, markets, gardends, districts and more can be found around it city. The city has gone through many changes over the ages and some parts of the city had been completely changed over the centuries.  

The Light District

The Light District is a small area in Evlora north west in the city. It is the home to most Mahlarans who have immigrated to Evlora. The district gets its name from the many colored lanterns and lights found around the district which represents an ancient tradition of the Mahlaran people known as "Raqasa al'ruwar" which means the dance of light. The lights are meant to be a beacon for their ancestors to find them, usually this is done as a holiday in their homeland, but since they have traveled so far, they keep the lanterns lit to make it easier for their spirits to find them as they have wandered so far away from home.   The district is mostly home to Mahlarans and some others who come from Mar'Dahar as they are very accepting of people who speak their language and believe in their gods. The community is very tight and everyone knows everyone within this district. In A4 648, Lawrence Lionel Lockhart II and his daughter Marcella Lockhart was almost assassinated by the prince of Mahlar, something which made Lawrence exile all mahlarans within his kingdom. This act was later repealed in A4 652 and the district was slowly built up again over the years.


The city is located on plain ground with a few hills within the city. The city is located next to Thornwood and the Hollowed woods giving it plenty of building material and trade resources. It is also located right next to the Niocam river granting the city all the freshwater it needs.

Natural Resources

The city has a lot of natural resources, it has wood from both Thornwood and the lumberjacks working the Ironwoods. It has grains, wheat and a few other crops from the massive farmlands around the city. It has a lot of cattle in the way of sheep, cows, and horses. To the north in the mountains, there are mines mining copper, iron, tin, and coal. There are also much wildlife around the city giving it a haul of leathers, furs and meat.


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