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Ferne Flame

Ferne Flame

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ferne is a very attractive woman, she is in good shape and has an hourglass shaped body.

Body Features

Ferne has light red skin with little imperfections, her skin also seems to be lightly glowing and is slightly warm to the touch.

Facial Features

Ferne has a sharp, pointed face. Her ears are thin and long with sharp ends.

Special abilities

Ferne is quickly becoming an accomplished illusionist. She has also developed her genasi abilities close to its peak potential.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears a long black leather cloak with metal spikes and chains hanging from her clothes. Underneath her cloak, she has a dark gray tunic with silver buttons that has a slightly revealing cleavage.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ferne Flame was born in Autumn Rock in what is believed to be a relativly wealthy family. She is an only child and lived a wealthy, but isolated life. Her time in Autumn Rock was often boring and sometimes even frightening as its is a city with a huge prison and heavy imperial security. There are also times when either a few or many prisoners manage to escape into the city and cause havoc before either being killed or recaptured. It is rumored that during one of these events Ferne was out shopping when a dangerous criminal with perverted and ill meaning eyes came at her when she was just 14 years old. She was scared and without thinking much she let her genasi powers ignite and the man was burnt alive in front of her in a most gruesome way. She was not blamed for the murder, as the empire saw it as an act of self defense, but some of her class mates believes she still hasn't gotten over it yet. This event is one she rarly talks about and anyone who brings it up often suffers from her anger.   Ferne tried to control her powers for most of her youth and especially after the accident. When she turned 20 her parents wanted her to go to Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts to learn how to control her powers better and put her book smart head to some better use than a life in Autumn Rock. Ferne was sceptical at first but would take the journey and eventually apply and be accepted to Shimmerford. Ferne was a very private person at first, but would go on to do well in class and learn the first circles of magic in only a few years. This made her very popular unbeknown to her, but when it caught up to her she started liking it and would take the roll as a more social and outgoing person. She would change much of her warderobe and attitude over the first few years and become one of the more dominant personalities among the young students. By the time she became a senior student she was liked by the teachers and after sought by many of the students.




Ongoing education in illusions at Shimmerford



Intellectual Characteristics

Ferne is very book smart and has great understanding of the arcane. She is also very good at socializing and getting what she wants through light manipulation or simple seduction.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
624 28 Years old
Autumn Rock
Current Residence
Coal black, pupilless that emit smoak based on her emotions
Long, free flowing fire-like hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light red
173 centimeters
60 kilo
Known Languages
Common, Draconic, Primordial


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