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Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts


Shimmerford is controlled by a principal who is responsible for every teacher, student, and arcanist alike. Under him, there are the Archmages. The Archmages are highly skilled mages in each of their respected categories. All the eight schools of magic (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, and Transmutation) are all represented. There have been times there have been fewer archmages as there have not been a skilled enough mage at Shimmerford to take up the role, but there have also been times with a few more as there have been some exceptional students. Under the archmages there are High Arcanists who are mages that have been there are graduated who continue to work with the school and on their own project, these mages are also obligated to help the students and school as well as having a few lessons of their own. There are also some students called senior students who have been at the school for more than three years that must help with new students each year and show them around and teach them how things work at the school.

Public Agenda

Shimmerfords goals are to control magic by teaching it is a very safe and well-managed area. They want people to control magic be that learned or gifted at birth. They also work as a type of magic police as they are quick to act if some people within their reach are misusing magic or do not possess the right skill or morality to have those powers.


Shimmerford earns little to no gold by themself only a bit on initiation tests each year, they are sponsored by the royal family who gives them all the money they need to keep their school going in exchange for advice and help if needed.   Shimmerford is a giant 4-floor castle upon a hill within the northern borders of Evlora. It takes up a big space because of its massive courtyards, training fields and buildings. The school also has 10 big towers. The biggest one is the Dorm-tower, it is the tower for the students where they sleep and live while studying magic. There is space for 400 students in the tower with 200 rooms were students get a roommate. The second biggest tower is the gathering tower where the initial test takes place. The third biggest tower is the impressive principal tower which is made from gold, platinum, and other metal. The 7 other towers are the high mages towers which all have different shapes and qualities that rival each other in their impressiveness. The main building of Shimmerford is the castle where the two-story dining hall is located. The tables are put in a two-row square with a scene in the middle where there are entertaining or announcements when needed. The teachers have their seats behind the main square a few feet elevated so they can watch over the hall. Dinner is served every evening at six, but there is normally food there which the students can take throughout the day.   Outside the building, there are some fields that are used mostly by the students for relaxation, socialization, and the rare summoning of a demon. There are also three open sandpit arenas where the students can test their spells or have duels. Down the hill north behind the castle and city walls there is a two-story metal and dark wood building which is called the Necropolus. It is the one place where necromancy is practiced by a few hand-picked wizards. Necromancy is not banned by Shimmerford but rather controlled into a small proportion. Necropolus is next to the hollowed woods which is a very dark and scary forest, it is also the place where a few students have gone missing throughout the ages.


Shimmerford was founded during the first age by an organization known as Thornheart. They were magic hunters, slavers, and exterminators of everything magical. After they had cleansed most of the magical races and killed off most sorcerers they founded Shimmerford as a place to oversee magic and control it. It was not called Shimmerford when it was first created but rather The Arcanist Control Guild. The first leader of this guild was Zaros Magnus. He used shimmerford to establish the mage guards. They were brutal people who mostly killed infants who had any mutations on their bodies which could resemble magical marks, like two eye colors, birthmarks, and rare hair colors. It was meant to be a way to stop sorcerers from causing destruction ever again as they had previously done. However, as Zaros Mangus later disappeared the Mage guard was torn apart. No more mage guards were recruited and those who already existed were left alone or were killed or retired.   In the year A1 479, a new mage stepped up and took control over The Arcanist Control Guild. His name was Eagor Ximerion, he was a Vedalken who is thought to be one of the most powerful wizards that ever lived. He wanted to make things at Shimmerford right. He had a vision where people could go to a school to learn what magic they wanted to but under the supervision of professionals. Eagor trained the first set of wizards that would take on the different roles of magic. He trained a wizard in each school of magic Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, or Transmutation. These wizards became the first archmages of the school and would go on to pass down their knowledge to those who had the will and intelligence to learn from them and eventually replace the last archmage. He also renamed the school to Ximmerford but for making it easier to spell it was called Shimmerford instead   During the start of the second age, Eagor Ximerion had made Shimmerford a liked place and people started to swarm around the school for safety and community. Some of the people who swarmed there joined the school and found their interests in the arcane and others just lived there because of the protection of the wizards. The current principal was Onax Eras a firbolg master wizard who loved all the people seeking their guidance, protection, and safety. Onax meant that Shimmerford should not lead people but that people should rather lead themself and seek guidance from their elders if need be. That is why Myridath Bronzeborn was crowned king in the year A2 1. Onax also helped the people with his archmages to build the town and the walls which surround the city.   Throughout the third age, Shimmerford began expanding its buildings and allowing more students at the same time with their peak in the year A3 898 with a grand total of 1349 students. But throughout the age, nothing big happened at shimmerford except a few accidents, wrongly summoned demons and a few scandals. There were also many principals and archmages during this time. The biggest moment of the third age is their neglect of all the hints of the new calamity and their actions to suppress the magical effects that were starting to affect people and places. Shimmerford also took credit for some of the unnatural waves in the weave saying it was because of their growing power that gods were having an issue to keep up with them. This ignorance and egoism were one of the biggest reasons for the surprise that was the new calamity.   When the new calamity finally started Shimmerford saw their failure and tried to warn people all around the world creating a spell effect that would be heard all over the world. It was known as the end bell. This was about all the school managed to do before the demon hordes were upon them. The archmages of Shimmerford battled hardly together with the principal at the time Ezemal Ifhari the Ignorant. Almost all the mages and archmages died in the battle of Evlora and Ezemal was personally killed by Sseth. Shimmerford was used as the throne room for Azokar. The school was mostly destroyed except the main hall and the principal tower. The new calamity almost brought permanent doom upon the school and what it stood for.   After the new calamity, the school was in ruins and most of the wizards were killed off. One of the prior archmages Granit Crane stepped up and became the new principal and started the restoration process of the school by himself for 13 years. He worked mostly alone only getting help from a few villagers of Evlora but the stress he put upon himself during these years eventually got the best of him and he died the youngest principal and the shortest ruling principle, being only 64 years old and ruling for his thirteen years. After him, a new wizard came to the school and reopened it in the year A4 26. Her name was Myrtice Mistle. She was the first female principal and the first water genasi. She managed to get new mages into the school and start small classes again.   In the year A4 75 Myrtice died of old age and a new wizard would take her place. This one an unknown one but one who had shown immense power and charity. This would be the first wizard to become principal without any former connection to the school. His name and title are Principal and Archmage of the mystic arts Professor Zavronth Culburth. He was a very strange person, no one knew his race or his origin nor did he want to admit anything, but it did not matter where he came from but the good work he would bring with him to the school. Zavronth would quickly become a favorite within the school. All the teachers respected him and the students loved him. He gave Shimmerford a new feeling to it, a feeling of warmth, family, and hope. Zavronth is still the current principal, making him the longest-ruling principal. .

Controlled Magic is Safe Magic

Founding Date
A1 479
Education, Magic
Alternative Names
The Acranist Control Guild (1A)
Related Professions
Controlled Territories


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