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Sukhar Woe

Sukhar Woe

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sukhar Woe is not very well trained and very skinny. He has little physical training outside of the farmwork he did during his youth.

Facial Features

Sukhar has a short face with somewhat wide jawline.

Special abilities

Sukhar woe is an apprentice lorekeeper wizard with much focus on altering already existing spells in new ways.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears a black high collar cloak with a light brown shirt underneath

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sukhar Woe was born on his family farm outside the wall of Evlora. His parents were relativly wealthy farmers that owned much farmland and had many workers on it. His childhood was very physical as he was needed to work the farm and help out with the economical parts of the business, but when he got older he developed an interest for magic and histories. Much of this interest came from many of the farmhands that had worked his parents land and came from all over the empire. The stories about magic and the arcane peaked his interest the most and when he turned 22 he wanted to apply for Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts in Evlora. He wanted to see if he had what was needed to get into the school and thereafter learn to become a wizard and eventually a lorekeeper and historian.   Sukhar Woe had not magical talents when he applied to Shimmerford but the teachers found his interest and determination inspiring and accepted him into the school. He would end up sharing room with Illidan Windsor who was an already skilled spellcaster, but of the divine instead of the arcane. At first he was jealous of his powers, but after some talking and befriending Illidan helped Sukhar with the physical techniques of spellcasting which he himself had a hard time understanding. With some more reading and training he learned to cast the most basic cantrips and eventually his first 1st circle spells. Over the next years he would go on to master some 1st circle spells and eventually learn spells of the 2nd circle.




Ongoing magical education at Shimmerford.



Intellectual Characteristics

Sukhar Woe has great memory when it comes to spells and history.


Family Ties

Sukhar woe still has contact with his parents and younger sister who still works the farm outside Evlora. He has had little time to visit after he started at Shimmerford but makes it home in the breaks.
Lawful good
Current Location
Year of Birth
626 26 Years old
Myridath Fields
Dark green
Black, side cut with a long forelock hanging over his right eye
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very pale white
175 centimeters
71 kilo
Known Languages
Common, Elvish


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