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Erwin Tenceeli

Erwin Marqus Tenceeli

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Erwin has a lithe frame and is short and thin.

Facial Features

Erwin has a smooth and sharp face, much because he can not grow a beard.

Apparel & Accessories

Erwin dresses well at all times, he mostly wears a very noble looking decorated shirt in the colors of Shimmerford.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Erwin Tenceeli was born to the upper middle class family Tenceeli in Evlora which became famous for their aquamarine operations in the Storm's peaks in A4 611. Erwin was the second son of his father and was given much free time as he was never to inherit the family business. His childhood was instead filled with awe for the wizards at Shimmerford who in his eyes could fix any problem and do whatever they wanted. He wanted nothing more than to become an arcanist and in A4 650 his dream became a reality as his drive and hard work with previous education paid off as his father paid the school's fee and he was accepted into the school.


Erwin went to a good school in Evlora for economics and philosophy.

Intellectual Characteristics

Erwin has much potential as an arcanist as he managed to cast 1st circle spells during his first year at Shimmerford.


Contacts & Relations

Erwin became quick friends with Valreen Saborna as he showed her around the school when she first arrived.
Current Location
Year of Birth
633 19 Years old
Light blue
Medium long, light giner, often swept to one side with a braid on the other
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
168 centimeters
70 kilo
Follower of Mystra
Known Languages


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