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Aloth is a world split by nations still recovering or building anew from the last calamity that happened only 649 years ago. It was a world-shaking event that was close to ending the world as we know it. The dangers of the calamity are not over yet however, as demons are still invading the realm and magical creatures are roaming the world contesting civilization. The known world are split into three continents; Tyrania a continent split between the Andúrin Dominion and the Trugarian Empire two big nations both expanding and making alliances. Mar'Dahar a desert continent filled with both booming civilizations built upon trade and slavery, and a cursed desert that brings the dead back to life. And Wyldnesia a newly found continent filled with jungles and creatures thought long dead. Our journey follows a group of adventurers who were brought together either by luck or destiny. Only time can tell what will become of them.