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A4 653

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Aloth is a world of magic and awe, going through a phase of recovery and rediscovery after Dürthang which was an event that took place at the end of the third age 670 years ago. The event shook most of the world, but hit the continent of Tyrania the hardest. Demons invaded the realm, gathered by the father of demons Tharizdun who managed to bend other demon lords into submission. An event which would not only upset the mortal world of Aloth, but make the planes shatter and the gods quiver. Both good and evil would unite and put aside their differences as no evil is beyond that of the Abyss, and together the world would defeat the invasion, but at the cost of many lives, legends, nations and even gods. Magic was also put out of balance as the echoes of the calamity are still in effect, with chaos flowing through the world, corrupting and evolving both the living and dead.   Much focus in this age had been put upon Tyrania, as the continent attempts to recover from what came before. The continent has seen a great resurgence and much of that is thanks to the new empire formed quickly after the calamity. The Trugarian Empire has gathered almost half the continent under its banner and mostly stabilized the realm. The problems of the world have changed from planar invasions to growth and territorial disputes. Though magic is still at large in the world, many outside threats roam the plane and rumors of a new calamity have touched a few ears over the last decades, many who live now only think Dürthang to be nothing more than a legend and more have forgotten what price was paid for victory.   While Tyrania was the battlefield of evil during Dürthang, Mar’Dahar faced its own evil. Civil wars on the desert continent were plenty during these times and the once great empire of Daharia has been reduced to a city state torn between merchant princes who all are descendants of the great emperor who died during Dürthang. The city states of the east in Mar’Dahar are busy with their trade and scheming, while the rest of the continent is mostly wild and dangerous. The many deserts, jungles and savannahs are home to beasts, monsters and ancient ruins like Lyseria, a once great and magical kingdom who fell to their own ambition thousands of years before Dürthang, their arcane magic is still remnant so long after their extinction and their memory lives on through the handful moon elves still born to the world.   Discovery and rediscovery has been important throughout the 4th age, and no discovery can top the continent of Wyldenesia. A massive continent far to the east with plenty of resources and few sentient beings present has made a global race to settle and explore this new land. It is filled with ancient lore and some unknown ruins to what might have transpired on this new land. Beasts who have been thought to be long dead are still walking the earth of this new land which has made many scholars enthralled, but many wary as these assumed to be extinct creatures might not be the only dangers lurking in an unexplored world. The greatest technological and arcane invention of the age are the magical prosthetics which can replace lost limbs and even surpass them, prosthetic engineers are able to craft delicate clockwork prosthetics which can then be enchanted with basic spells and scrolls easily taught among those who craft them.   Our journey in this vast world follows a group of adventurers who were brought together during the celebration of Tharizdun’s defeat. As they travel through the world and discover ancient and new threats, will they leave the world a better place and be remembered in songs and legends, or will they themself unleash horrors thought long dead and begin a second coming of the Calamity. Only time can tell what will become of them and the world they leave behind.