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Illidan Windsor

Level 20/5 Aasimar Neutral Good Cleric/Sorcerer
/ 268 HP

Spiritually connected to a personal god. Trying his absolute best to make the world a slightly better place and failing horribly.

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The major events and journals in Illidan's history, from the beginning to today.

Initiation test complete

Just finished the initiation test for wizard school and I was accepted! #blessed

08:45 am - 07.01.2020

Leaving Evlora

After like a lot of time me and the gang is finally leaving Evlora for more then a week. I mean we'll probably return in like a months time tho.

21st Xhanathir 648

Met the king of Evlora

Finally met the king. He was nice, but it kinda seemed like he really just wanted me and the gang to leave Evlora.

21st Xhanathir 648

Gender Swap

I was a woman briefly today, weird experience, but damn i was hot.

21st Xhanathir 648

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Illidan.

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