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The lord of Brinehold is Zairo, but even with his title the rule of Brinehold is split equally between Illidan Windsor, Yaxora Tayker, and Lord Zairo. They are under the jurisdiction of The Kingdom of Evlora and has to follow their laws. While they are away from Brinehold Dha’rio Lamachett works both as its steward and caretaker.


Brinehold has recently assembled a small guard force lead by captain Walter Hilless. The city also has a ballista.

Industry & Trade

The settlement is currently experiencing negative economic growth and is losing gold every month. It stays afloat because of outside investment.


Brinehold is an up and coming settlement with much potential. The settlement already have a connected cobblestone road to the main trade route of Evlora and a saw mill that produces much of the needed resources for expansion. The land has also be found to be rich in gold and a mining operation will take place within the next years.


With Brineholds rapid expansion there are already around 60 houses, a tavern, farms, a sawmill and a noble estate for the rulers of Brinehold


Brinehold was originally settled by some people in A4 627 after Lord Alaster Thornroot bought the land and wanted to build a settlement. He died the 7th of Xhanathir A 648 to lung disease and died without leaving an heir making the title Lord of Brinehold free. In A4 649 after an assassination attempt on king Lawrence Lionel Lockhart II's daughter Marcella Lockhart lawrence made Zairo the lord of Brinehold.


Brinehold is surrounded by forest with only a small open area close to the houses. There is also a big lake within the original 1200 acres.


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