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Yaxora Tayker

Level 19 Dragonborn Lawful Good Blood Hunter / Paladin
(Bounty Hunter)
197 / 248 HP

Ex-military who is now working as a bounty hunter and adventurer.

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The major events and journals in Yaxora's history, from the beginning to today.

Consumed two potions at a time and became hella strong permanently!

10:47 am - 07.01.2020

Saved the world (again)

Stopped the demon prince Azokar from being unleashed on the world by chopping Illidan's magical prosthetic arm in half.

10:59 pm - 12.07.2022

Got reincarnated as a child of Graz'zt (graz'zir)

Got reincarnated as a child of Graz'zt (graz'zir) after being immolated by Gnoz Flamemane.

07:44 pm - 29.07.2022

Won the "Trial of Storms"

Fought for Kord and defeated the champion of Talos in the "Trial of Storms".

11:36 pm - 20.08.2022

Became a Sharthir

Went to Fylhalon, met the venthirs and took the "Rebirth Serum" which gave me mutant powers similar to my ancestor, Frograx Tayker.

05:33 pm - 13.09.2022

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Yaxora.

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