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The qualifications to become an arcanist is 7+ years of education at Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts. A person must complete novice, apprentice and adept courses with above-average grades to qualify to become an arcanist.

Career Progression

A person that wants to become an arcanist must first become a student and Shimmerford. Thereafter they must become a senior student which is equivalent to three years or more at Shimmerford with active studying. Then a person can complete the adept courses which take three years to complete and then finally they can qualify as an arcanist as long as they are accepted by the principal.

Payment & Reimbursement

An arcanist has their stay as shimmerford free and all resources they need for their experiments are mostly covered if they are within reasons. Arcanists can also be sent out into other parts of the world to work for rulers and people and their payment is then altered based on who they work for. Their average payment is around 100 gold a month when working outside Shimmerford.

Other Benefits

Arcanists are highly viewed people as they have gone through extensive studying and educational programs to gain their title. They are also viewed as accomplished mages as part of their training is master over adept spells and magical abilities.



Their purpose is to study magic, learn it and then document it for shimmerford. They also work as consultants for rulers or powerful people.



Arcanists do not need many tools except their spellbooks, research notes and other gadgets that help them in their research and knowledge gathering.


The workplace for arcanists are often a mixture of laboratory, study, and library as they require a lot of places for their experiments and documentation of newly found information and theories.
Alternative Names
Mages of Shimmerford
Arcanist are highly sought after by many lords and people interested in knowledge and magic.
Famous in the Field
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