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Trugarian Military


The Trugarian Military is made up of many ranks and positions. It has different wings and ranks for where they are or what their jobs are. There are normal Tru Guards which are the normal soldiers and then there are Protectors which is the first promoted. From there it goes through many promotions until you get to the High Captain who is only outranked by the Emperor himself. There are also different types of Tru Guards. There are they Gray Guards who devote their life to protect the Irongate. There are also lesser offsprings all over. Other groups also have a place in this hierarchy like the Flames of Payne and Keepers of Light who all have different side ranks within the system that has higher and lower authority to the basic military ranks.

Public Agenda

The Trugarian Militarty's main agenda is to keep peace and protect the civilians of the Empire.


The Trugarian Military is highly funded as they are believe to be the strongest military force on Tyrania with all the support of the Empire behind them.


The Trugarian Military are the soldier that helped Maximilian Trugar to claim power over the newly founded empire in the fourth age. The soldiers and warriors that helped him accomplish his goal was made into the military organization now known as the Imperial Military.


The Imperial Military has many soldiers under its power and many assets and a huge set of ranks. There is estimated to be between 150 thousand and 250 thousand soldiers in the Trugarian Military.

Foreign Relations

The Trugarian Military has good relations with the dwarves of Danbadir and the trade country of Daharia.


The Trugarian Military offers many sets of educational programs for their recruits. A normal recruit only needs around one year of training and education to join, but if a person wants to rank up they are highly recommended to take higher education in military tactics and history.

The true cause

Founding Date
A4 35
Military Order
Alternative Names
Imperial Army, Tru Guards, Red Army, Protectors of the Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Tru Guards
Ruling Organization
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The Emperor and his council writes the laws and rules the Military has to follow, the high captain can also enforce military law if need be that overpowers the Emperors say.
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Average Tru Guard


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