The Bronze Castle

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the bronze castle is to house the royal family of Evlora, important people like advisors and captains, guests, and staff.


After the new calamity many halls, walls, and towers were broken or damaged to badly to be repaired so the castle had t go through major changes when it was taken over by the new royal family the Lockharts. The renovations of the bronze castle took 13 years and after the construction, the wall had been repaired the halls had been rebuilt and new castles had been built. Before the calamity, the bronze castle had 23 towers, but after the renovation and expansion it had 31, and the 31st was the archmage's tower something it didn't use to have.


The Bronze Castle is mostly made from a mixture between limestone and granite, but also with wooden roofs, floors, and supports. The style is old and unlike most buildings that are made today, the bronze castle is one of the buildings that helped specify the "Imperial" style, but the castle is also somewhat inspired by dwarvish architecture. Details to the inner walls, towers, and keep were also added over the first decades in the third age to make the aesthetics work with the name better, this was implemented by King Wilfred Silvermere.


The bronze castle was built during the middle of the second age by Kalaster Silvermere the first Silveremere king of Evlora and the second royal dynasty. Construction of the castle started only a year after the Silveremere came to power in A2 90. The construction of the bronze castle took 24 years. It was at the time the biggest castle in Tyrania. The castle got its name in honor of the Bronzeborn family who made Evlora a possibility. The castle has gone through many battles, sieges, and changes over the millennia, but even in the fourth age, it stands strong and prouder than ever.


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