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Material Characteristics

Ironwood has a dark soft caramel color to it and is very durable. The wood is exceptionally strong and tough.

Geology & Geography

Ironwood is only found in the Ironwood between Cullfield and leviathans run.

Origin & Source

Ironwood cones that make the ironwood tree itself.

History & Usage


Ironwood has been in use for as long as people have lived on Tyrania. The wood has been used in many different ways over the eons and has become a very known and widely used type of wood.

Everyday use

Ironwood has many uses. It is used for housing and buildings for those who have the money for it. It is also very after sought by fletchers as the wood makes good bows and arrows giving the bow a greater range. Shields also become almost as powerful as metal ones when made from ironwood. Sculptures also love working with the wood as the slow deterioration rate and elegant color makes it very pretty.


Trade & Market

Ironwood is very after sought by many cities, villages, and people for its many uses and its extreme durability. As Cullfield and Evlora are the only cities bordering the Ironwoods they are the sole exporters of the wood giving them a very strong monopoly.

Law & Regulation

Ironwood is only sold within the Empire and to Daharia.
3 gold per square feet
A pleasant smell of nature.
Like wood with a very small hint of iron.
Dark soft caramel.
Melting / Freezing Point
Ironwood combusts at a higher temperature than normal wood around 400 degrees.
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