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Aurum Assemble


The Aurum Assemble doesn't have much for a structure, but they do have a guild master. The guild master is chosen when the last one dies or leaves the Aurum Assemble's guildhall for another place. The only requirement is that the guild master must be a master alchemist having completed the master alchemist course.

Public Agenda

The Aurum Assemble licenses alchemists within the Empire making sure those who practice the arts of alchemy and sell their wares are legit and know what they are doing to stop accidents, poisonings or deaths.


The Aurum Assemble has quite a lot of wealth because of their production of healing potions as they are the biggest producers. This together with the member's private creations have kept the guild going for centuries.

Trade & Transport

The Aurum Assemble trades in healing potions and other more common and uncommon potions as the rarer and more powerful potions are sold to individuals and often on specific requests.


The Aurum Assemble offers education in alchemy, poisons, herbalism and alchemy history. The courses they offer take no more time than a week or two but the longer educational lines can take 3-7 years. They also educate doctors and healers.
Founding Date
A4 378
Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
The Alchemist Guild
Notable Members


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