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The Swamplands

The War left the swamps alone, there was nothing of strategic value and marching an army though it was next to impossible, so it saw out those bloody years in relative peace. By the end, once the dust had settled, those left in the swamps struggled to carry on as they had before, but even though the calamities of the war had passed them by, the lasting after-effects soon took hold. Most of the people living in the Swamplands were living off the peat-farming and with no one buying, the people had to leave to go elsewhere. A lifetime spent looking for a safe place to live in the wider world was preferable to slowly starving to death in a miserable swamp.     The swamps are vast, covering hundreds of miles, dotted with dying villages and farms just about eking an existence out of what solid land they can find. Near the centre is the Drakwold Forest, a flooded expanse of dead trees said to be haunted by certain superstitious locals, the land around the forest is stagnant and sick, devoid of all life, not even the hardy swamp-grass takes hold there.     To the north of the swamps are the remains of an ancient city, long abandoned and almost impossible to get to. The ruins there have remained undisturbed for decades, even during the heights of the last Empire only a few hardy explorers ever ventured there. Near the abandoned city is the town of Albaria, which is the largest working settlement in the area, it has a relatively thriving market but most of the trade through the town is illicit.   On the western coast of the Swamplands Cythe still remains, a trading port with nowhere to trade with, bored sailors have taken to raiding nearby farms to survive, most of the criminal gangs roaming the swamplands will have come from Cythe, although it is still visited by trade caravans from places that haven’t yet recived word of its fall. The town is obstensibly ran by the crime boss Jinow, based out of a bar called the Crossed Knives In the south of the Swamplands lies the town of Boggharbour, a dying villiage much reduced, the people of Boggharbour scratch out a living from the few bits of farmable land remaining.   Further to the south on the westen tip of the Swamplands is the Tower of the Sun, a shrine to the goddess Callaria and was formaly home to an ancient elven family, however it is likely they didn’t survive the war and the tower is now abandoned.   In the centre of the swamp is a mistbound area known as Swampheart, it is said that the Green Queen has dwelled in the Swampheart since the beginning of time but had slept soundly for thousands of years.


  • The Swamplands
    In western Allatar, a large and growing marshlands spreads on the banks of the river Oule
Alternative Name(s)
The Bogs, The Great Swamp
Wetland / Swamp
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