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They call it a town, but mostly because no one can work up the energy to change the sign to be more accurate. Before everything went wrong, it wasn’t such a bad place, sure people made a living selling stinking black mud but at least they made a living, now there is no one to sell to, no demand left and no money coming in.   Since the rot kicked in the people have moved away, the only ones left there are those too old, stupid or desperate, everyone else gave up on Boggharbour.


The remaining residents of the village are all human.


The village is run by the Burgomeister, the current encumberant is a drunken waste, full of despair. Alsphen Jurrot

Industry & Trade

Before the war, Boggharbour did very well from the peat bogs in the Swamplands, the harvesting and selling of peat bought a level of wealth to the area, work was plentiful and the farmlands around were fertile.


The Inn, The Hag's Head , is the only noteable business in the village, other than that there is a small shop that sells a few tools and some very poor quaility turnips.
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