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Vault Fandantulus

The underground crypt of the great wizard Fandantulus , created after the The Lightshield Council defeated the encroaching evil, the location was a closely guarded secret for within the crypt, heavily protected, is a piece of The Artifact   Fandantulus locked himself away in the Crypt too, using his vast knowledge of the arcane to exist first as a Lich and then, as he wouldn't replenish his body with the souls of others, as something else.   He has spent the centuries in contemplation and exploring other realms of existence, gaining much knowledge and more power than he had even in life.   The people of the village on Homstad , indebted to the great wizard, vowed to protect the secret of his seclusion from the outside world and he, in turn, worked magics to protect the village from idle discovery.

Purpose / Function

The Vault was created to house and protect a piece of The Artifact and to be a home for Fandantulus as he continued his studies and contemplations.
Parent Location


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