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Once a busy trading hub, moving goods from the south west of Allatar across the continent, Albaria was the largest settlement in The Swamplands .   Since the Ending the town, like most others, has been in decline.   Slums full of refugees from around the Swamplands who hoped a move to the town would keep them safe have become crime-ridden areas where some would fear to travel, while the once bustling markets have been replaced with those offering the hopeless citizenry an escape from their lives, with many inns and hostelries opening up.   Amongst this however, there are still the few pockets of civility within the town, with good quality pubs and the well-to-do areas of town.   The guards of the town have taken to being more heavy handed than before, often dragging people away who are never seen again.


Mostly human, a large refugee population has built a shanty town settlement in the south west of the town who are surviving on charity from the increasingly resentful Albarians.


The government of Albaria have struggled to adapt to the new world, where previously they reported to the local Baron who was charged with keeping the peace, since the Ending, this ended. The Burgomaster of the town, Jeun Cummbolt has had to rule directly and has not been able to manage the job.


Surrounded by a crumbling city wall, the town has a volunteer Town Guard of about a dozen guardsmen.

Industry & Trade

Previously Albaria was a market town, a place where people would bring goods to trade from across the local area and bring in things they needed. Since the ending, this has fallen apart, food is scarce and people are struggling day to day.
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