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The Council Hold

The Council Hold was located in central Allatar and was the seat of the Grand Council, the organisation that kept the Human Kingdoms together in peace for centuries.

Purpose / Function

Built on land that was part of none of the Human Kingdoms, it was a neutral place where the monarchs, rulers and politicians of the various kingdoms would meet to discuss matters of state, agree trade deals and set agreed policies.   The centre of the building was the ornate and beautiful grand council chamber, most famously used for the Grand Council of Kings, or Kingsmoot, that was held every ten years.   As well as the debating chambers, numerous offices and sub-council chambers were present, the process of keeping the peace keeping the corridors of the Hold echoing with hushed whispers and the occasional explosive argument.


Before the grand council was formed, wars, border skirmishes and disputes were all too common amongst the Human Kingdoms, overtures of peace were first made in 800 AP and the first Kingsmoot or  Grand Council of Kings was held in 802 AP and the need for construction of the Council Hold was the first agreement made by the assembled rulers.    When finished, it stood for over two centuries and saw daily use. Laws were passed, agreements reached and disputes avoided.    The reasons for the start of the Last War are myriad and complex but the event that finally ended the Grand Council was the A Declaration of Independence by King Leyo Decaliver  This event led to a near-total breakdown in discussions and eventually all of the Kingdoms left the council.    This lead to the Council Hold being abandoned, with no strategic or intrinsic value, it was left to be the base of bands of criminals or mercenaries at various points over the course of the Last War.    Eventually, an attempt to clear the building and hold it for its symbolic value by the Alavonians led to its accidental destruction, leaving it a ruin.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Grand Council
Government complex
Parent Location


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