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Augustus Ludwig

Created by Elias Redclaw. Editorial help from Saskia Brakenhoff

The Horseman of War Augustus Ludwig

"Have I ever told you why i fight? Why I sacrificed everything, even my humanity ? Its all for the safety of mankind and the ones i love. To provide them with a world free from the corruption of the breaker, from his madness and rage. That is the one and only reason i shook off even my humanity and sacrificed everything . I care for everyone, regardless of their race, color, creed or religion. My only enemy is Kerr and i swear to the Almighty, I shall not stop till every last trace of him is eradicated from all the realms. I vow this, as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and the leader of mankind"   Ludwig to Lorann sanguinus meros, on why he sacrificed his humanity.
    Augustus Ludwig is the current ruler of the The Imperial Terran Federation and most, if not all of mankind. An immortal Vampires who has lived for more than a thousand years, he has seen some of the biggest era changing events and has played a key part into shaping mankind into the species it is today. He has become a legendary and mythical figure amongst all of mankind. A legendary hero who saved mankind from its darkest hour and leads the fight from the very frontlines against Kerr and sacrifices everything just for a world without the breaker. Being the vessel of the high titan Sanguinius, he is also one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. A relentless and Undying warrior who will fight till his last dying breath to achieve his goal. A world without the corruption of Kerr. He soon became a mythical and legendary figure amongst man and Xenos alike. The promised Saviour of mankind and the Horseman of war.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

" A gigantic hulk of a man, but still quite slender. His red eyes were like rubies that glinted in the soft morning light of the sun. His golden-white hair reached down almost to his strong and muscular shoulders. With that sharp jawline, that amazing and angelic smile that he flashed from time to time and his angelic eyes, I can see why women would want him to be their lovers"   Aiden Tallorann remarking on the physical shape and face of Ludwig.

Body Features

Ludwig is known principally for his pale , almost glowing skin and white-blonde hair that reaches down to his strong muscular shoulders. He is lean, yet tremendously muscular and toned. As well as being an extremely tall person, he is an extremely agile one as well.

Facial Features

Ludwigs face has often been described as being very attractice. He has red eyes and his fangs are much more pronounced than other humans due to being a vampire. His sharp jawline is marred with a single bladed scar that he suffered during the great war.

Identifying Characteristics

Ludwig is chiefly identified by his blood red eyes and golden-white hair. Another one of his identifying features is the bladed scar on his cheek, sustained during the great war when he bayonet charged an enemy position.

Physical quirks

Ludwig often walks with a very straight posture, occasionally scratching his hair at times when he cannot control the itching anymore. Other than that, he always keeps his hands behind him.

Special abilities

As a divine psychic, a prophet , a regular psychic and the lord of the vampires, Ludwig has access to four different types of psychic powers, each being deadly in their own regard  

Divinity powers

"I saw him as he obliterated the demons on that day. With each flick of his wrist, holy fire erupted from his hands. With each shout he had terrorized the demons and with each holy seal he drew, we were inspired and fought back harder against our mortal enemies soldiers. It was a clear sign that the man was a divine being. One to bring salvation to all of mankind and even us Aenarri."   An Aenarri soldier remarking on Ludwig unleashing his Divine abilities against demonkind
  As a divine psychic, Ludwig has access to special abilities that are particularly effective against demonkind. Fuelled by heaven energy and dark matter, his divine abilities include protection from demonic terror for both himself and other people, blasts of holy fire that decimate the ranks of demons and even cleanse a place of Void and demonic energy. He can also purify a place from demonic taint by using sacred seals, turning that place into a sanctuary for angels and all non demonic entities. Other than that, he can drastically reduce or even take away the power of demons, exorcise them out of their hosts and many more other things to deter them. The most powerful ability in this state however, is the holy terror effect, in which he can strike terror in the hearts of even the bravest of demons if they so much as lay their eyes upon him or any other person under this blessing.  

The Prophet

  Ludwig, being a prophet, has the ability to forsee the future to a certain extent. This allows him to always be a few steps ahead of his adversaries on both the tactical and strategic level. He can increase his prophetic powers and gain new abilities by collecting the lost memories of past prophets, either alive or slain. When he is not available at a place, he uses his special prophetic ability, the eye of the prophet, to distribute the power amongst a number of people equally so that they can work together and defeat their adversaries without attaining much losses themselves.  

Lord of the Vampires

"You think you have seen the last of me huh? That i would give up so easily and surrender to you only to see my loved ones get tortured to death? Oh no you have not seen the last of me. I have given up my humanity for this and while i consider it a curse, at times its a valuable gift as well. And this is one of those times. Say your last prayers and maybe repent now, else you lose all the blood in your body and have an eternal sentence to damnation"!   Ludwig right before transforming into his feral state, the lord of the vampires and slaughtering a company of demonic soldiers
  As the vessel of Sanguinus, Ludwig is also the lord of all vampirekind, having supreme control over all the remaining uncorrupted vampires left in the universe. His primary powers in this form are the consumption of souls and blood to further fuel his vampiric powers. He can also manipulate the minds of almost all living beings of weaker power and strike terror in even the bravest of entities. His usage of blood magic in this state allows him to turn others to vampires as well. For active combat abilities, he is able to use offensive blood magic that has a chance of turning others into mindless undead minion, drain their life force and souls, grab them over long distances by shooting a long, stretchable parasitic entity from his hand that burrows into the part that has been hit and also has a chance of spreading the disease, driving his enemies mad and a myriad number of other abilities. Perhaps his most powerful ability in this stage is the ability to transform into the Sanguinor, a feral being who is the pinnacle and peak of vampirekind. The drawbacks to using these powers are that the more frequently he uses them, the closer he is pushed towards corruption by the breaker. For this reason, he uses this power only as a last resort in conjunction with his other forms.  

Normal Psychic powers

  In this stage, Ludwig can use the normal powers that most high level psychics like him can use. Reality bending, Force fields, mind reading, terrorizing, Physical and mental enhancement, heightened and new senses are some of the abilities he can use in this form.

Apparel & Accessories

When not in combat, Ludwig usually wears a white coat with a flowing white cape behind his back. He usually walks barefooted inside small buildings and in large buildings, he wears sandals .

Specialized Equipment

As the High Seraph and Lord Imperator of the entire federation, Ludwig is the most heavily armed soldier of mankind. Donning a suit of heavenly blessed void armor, that can easily withstand even ultra high power orbital bombardment, he is practically invincible to any demonic creature that opposes him . He carries a specially modified Draugr heavy machine gun alongside his specially blessed sword, and a gigantic singularity cannon, there are few enemies he cannot annihilate almost instantly. His armor contains multiple sensory systems, a fully integrated life support system that is capable of surviving for a long time in even the most uninhabitable of environments, a computerised and digital flight system that allows him to fly at supersonic speeds.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before the Ascension

Birth and early life

    Born to a Norwegian mother and a German father on a cold Octobers night in the town of Nordhausen in Germany Circa 1895, Ludwig was from birth, a healthy and strong child. He was the only child of his parents and therefore, they had fully devoted all of their parental love for their only child. From his childhood, he was a prodigious child , excelling in all fields of study both physically and mentally. He had a God gifted memory and could recount almost all the memories of his life from his birth. An odd power he had was seeing the future. Due to him being an example of a Prophet, he could see and foretell events to a certain degree. This would go on to help him a lot in his later life during his wars against the breaker.  

The great war

When he was only 19 years old, the great war started and all of Europe was called to arms. He alongside almost everyone in Germany in those times, answered the call to arms and enlisted in the German army. Due to his abilities to predict the future, he had constantly managed to save the lives of numerous of his comrades and enabled him to be always one step ahead of his French and British adversaries in a lot of engagements. All of this would change however, in the battle of Somme.  

Battle of Somme

A high ranking member of the British parliament and secretly a corrupted Strigoi of Kerr, Lord Clementine Percival, had noticed the young German soldier whilst going to the battlefield disguised as a British officer. He had seen in his visions that his young man would one day save all of mankind and go on to lead a holy crusade against Kerr not just on Terra, but in the stars as well. The man had planned to kill him and his chance came during the battle of Somme. During a chance encounter with Ludwigs platoon, Clementine recognized the man by his distinct short white- blond hair and glacier blue eyes.   Realizing that this was the chance for him, he revealed his true form and promptly slaughtered his entire platoon before his own eyes. Shattered and broken by the death of his entire platoon with whom he had fraternized and become friends with, he flew into a rage and wildly charged at Clementine whilst shooting at him. The Strigoi easily dodged the rounds and slashed him across the waist with his claws. He stopped as he felt his life being drained from his body and collapsed to the ground. Praying to the Almighty for salvation, he heard a sinister laugh as the Strigoi lord mocked and taunted him for his faith.   Right as he was about to be killed, he heard a divine voice in his head. It was the voice of Sanguinus one of the high titans. He told Ludwig about his destiny as the leader of all of mankind in the future and granted him the special power of being his vessel. He had become the first human vessel of Sanguinus after Adam himself. Being the vessel of Sanguinus meant that he was also the lord of all uncorrupted vampires and their leader as well. With his newfound powers, he recovered from his wounds instantaneously and proceeded to brutally maim the Strigoi. Before killing him, he uttered these words
"You have terrorized mankind for quite a long time. Butchering and preying on the innocent. But know this. You and your kind alongside your master shall end up in the worst places of hell. Screaming and burning with no hope of escape. And i promise to the lord that i shall not stop till you and your master are eradicated from the realms of man:
And with that, Ludwig promptly stomped and crushed the head of lord Percival Clementine. The strigoi lord was no more.  

End of the great war and interwar period

After the end of the great war, Ludwig had returned to his home only to find his parents and most of his family brutally murdered by unknown assailants. He had nothing to do in the interwar periods and barely managed to carve out a living for himself as a College professor. It was not until the rise of the NSDAP that he truly got a chance to shine again.  

World war 2

  Seeing this as a chance to serve his country once again as well as having something honourable to fight for, Augustus decided to join the Wehrmacht in the year 1939. Taking part in the invasion of Poland, he was promoted to the rank of Hauptmann after showing his gallantry in taking a fortified Polish town guarded by 1000 soldiers with only 200 men and a few AFVs. He took part in the subsequent invasions of France, Denmark and Norway, earning the rank of major. After the campaign in Europe had been completed, he had moved to Africa under the Afrika Korps to battle against the british.  

War in Africa

  In Africa, Ludwig used his prophetic abilities for the first time in years. With his insight, the Afrika Korps were able to easily win and defeat their British and later, American adversaries. However, after their losses in Russia, the Wehrmacht was unable to support the Afrika Korps. Due to his prophetic abilities still being limited, the Afrika Korps kept suffering defeats till it was forced to surrender in 1943.  

Return to Europe and Normandy Campaign

  After the defeat of the Afrika Korps, Ludwig, by now the rank of Field marshall, was called back to Europe. There he was put in charge of defending the Atlantic wall against possible invasion by the allies. Facing an increasingly harder war and the mass bombing of Germany by Allied bombers, Ludwig had to work with what he had with very small amounts of reinforcements. During the invasion of Normandy, Ludwig and his forces inflicted massive amounts of casualties on the American, British, Canadian and Australian infantry that landed on the beaches.

But soon, due to superior allied power and him reaching the limitations of his prophetic powers, the Wehrmacht began a steady retreat across the entire western front. He would not see any more major actions till the Ardennes counteroffensive at the end of the year. There, despite managing to inflict massive losses on the allied army yet again, he was defeated and captured by the Allied forces, but not before killing Field marshal Montgomery in front of a group of Allied soldiers by biting his throat out.  

End of the war, Life and visions in captivity and true beginning of his legacy

  Captured and made prisoner, Ludwig would have yet another life changing impact while being kept prisoner. Sanguinus had shown him visions of the oncoming Cataclysm that would go down in human history as the event known as the Calamity. He was told that mankinds true salvation lay in the stars. He had pondered on the meaning of his vision and at last, knew that mankind had to spread into the stars. As soon as he was released, he began his own Private space industry as well as Collaborating with his former enemies for the establishment of mankind in the stars.  

Race to the stars

"Honestly, paying heed to what i had heard while inside that dark cell was what saved all of us on that dark and unforgettable day. I knew that our salvation lay in the stars. I tried my best to do so and just because of that, today we have a chance of defeating the breaker. No matter how small of a chance we have, we have it. And we should not squander it"
  Working in collaboration with the governments of the western world, Ludwig and his company soon became the largest one in their realm. They had many ambitious projects and the start of the space race between the US and USSR served as the spark and fuel for their ideas. He became the fourth man on the moon during the second mission there and was also responsible for the construction of the first Lunar colony.   After the fall of the USSR, his funding wound down but he was determined to achieve his ambitions by any means. By 2018, he was selected for the first mars mission and on July 2024, he set out with a hundred other people from different countries on the first manned mission to the red planet, codenamed Hellas.   After nine months of travel, the Hellas mission finally landed on Mars and Ludwig became the first human being on the red planet. After his longtime friend landed alongside him, he took of his helmet and sat down on the sandy ground. His friends were obviously surprised as to how a human could breathe on the surface of mars, but Ludwig told them that it was a gift from god. After a few weeks, he had set up the first Martian colony on the Elysium Planitia region of the red planet. He stayed there for 20 more years, setting up numerous more colonies and overseeing the development of the new ones before heading over to the Jovian system, his next goal. During that time, he would witness an event that would change him and all of mankind forever. That would spark the next chapter in human history.  


"I still remember that dark day clearly. It was not a dark day for us only but for all other races of the universe and the cause of good in general. But it did have good effects too. Without the Calamity, we would have kept squabbling amongst ourselves till the breaker had either destroyed or corrupted us from withing or we would have destroyed ourselves. That day led to us uniting to defeat the breaker and achieve our greatest victory over him to this day. We must remember it in our minds and keep on struggling for that faint hope of victory and the peace and happiness that lies beyond that."
  After the colonization of mars had begun in earnest, space colonization itself had seen a massive boom. Numerous other companies also arose and contributed tremendously to the industry. By 2044, there were numerous colonies in the outer solar system and all of them were in some way, influenced by Ludwig and his corporation.   In the year 2047, A group of human colonists had set out to travel to the minor dwarf planet Sedna to establish research stations there. However, little did they know that the forces of Kerr were amassing in the solar system, having found mankind's new homeworld at last. The human colonists, as soon as they landed on the dwarf planet, began to receive nightmarish visions and noticed that the planet itself was far far different than what they had seen in the pictures before. Strange and gigantic spires had dotted the landscape of the dwarf planet. Before they could respond and explore the structures, contact was suddenly lost with the expedition. The UN had sent another expedition to see what had happened to the first one but the same grim fate awaited them, with violent glimpses of them being slaughtered by nightmarish creatures.   Finally, a large and armed retinue was sent to the dwarf planet to locate the members of the past expeditions and exterminate the mysterious threat. The expedition, codenamed Damocles , landed on Sedna with their ships close by in low orbit. As they explored the airless void of the landscape , they began hearing voices in their head and had the same nightmarish dreams as those of the previous expeditions. Once they entered the strange complexes after pushing their way through, they saw mutilated and desecrated corpses being sacrificed to demonic beings. Before they could pull out any further, they were set upon by those nightmarish beings. It is now known in Imperial history that this was the first recorded combat encounter between modern mankind and the forces of Kerr.   The humans were decimated, their weapons being too poor to deal with the demons who only took light to moderate casualties. As the Damoclesians retreated to their ships, the whole planet turned against them and their ships themselves were corrupted by demons. All of the members of the expedition had met a grim fate and just to complete the carnage, a sinister message was sent to the UN headquarters.  
"At long last, we have found you rats hiding in your filthy nests. You have betrayed the glorious lord Kerr and shall dearly pay for it. Soon you shall be under his rule and all that you hold dear will be taken away from you. And we will not even grant you the joy of death, for you have served the great traitor himself and deserve this kind of treatment from us. We will be here soon Human:
  The UN had at once begun mobilization of all its forces and increased its military power across the oter solar system. Every method they had was used. All for the storm that would befall them in a decade.

Mankinds darkest days

I saw him on that day. A shining beacon of light and hope for all of mankind in an endless sea of darkness. Fighting all alone against the oncoming darkness. It was he who inspired us to fight on that day against all odds. On that day, history was carved anew and mankinds hope was rekindled. Brighter and more resilient. It is now upto us to continue that legacy. To wage a war against our mortal enemy."
  Gradually over the next decade, the UN lost control of all of its outer solar system colonies. One by one, they fell cold and silent. In 2057, a strange, gigantic object the size of Uranus had appeared around Jupiter. Anticipating it to be some form of a demonic device, the UN deployed its entire strategic nuclear arsenal and EMP ordnances into the moon of Europa in a vain attempt to destroy or at least disable the object. Ludwig, being a prodigy in the field of space launches, was given command to oversee the launch of the Nuclear weapons into the object. As the day of the launch neared, Ludwig offered one final prayer to god for the salvation of mankind and went to oversee the launch. As the nukes launched , they hit the target but did nothing more than scratch its paint off.   Feeling defeated, he knelt down and prayed to god for salvation. Just then the voice of Sanguinus whispered into his head, telling him that his was the moment that he was being prepared for all along. With one last roar, he had transformed into the avatar of Sanguinus. The sheer psychic shockwave of his transformation could be felt by every sentient being living in the universe at that time and pierced the psychic veil that the demons had put upon around the solar system to prevent any of the non corrupted alien races to reach them. It soon became clear to them that mankind was not going down without a fight.  

A legend reborn

  Ludwig, with his newfound powers and getting even more so from the other high titans , began to engage the demonic forces in the solar system with a bloodthirsty and merciless assault. Many of the demons could do little but watch as their comrades were slaughtered. Soon , the greater and higher angels as well as archangels of Sanguinus were on the fray as well.   In the midst of all of this, the four Higher Void titans , decided to mount a joint assault on the homeworld of mankind. In the next few hours, the battle dragged on to become one that would be remembered by all of the participants till the day they were no more. The armies of man desperately fighting, inspired and suddenly feeling much more powerful against the traitorous forces of demons and corrupted xenos through divine intervention and their gestalt effect, beat back the demons and in the end, achieved victory. Mankind had lived to fight for another day and achieved its greatest victory against the forces of Kerr,  

Formation of The Imperial Terran Federation

"We might have been broken and shattered by the nightmare that befell us mere years ago. While mankind may never be the same again, we shall rise from the ashes of our past selves. Stronger and more resilient than ever'   Ludwig addressing all of mankind at the formation of the federation and upon being elected as its leader.
  Mankind was ruined after the calamity. The cities of the world lay in ruins, most of their inhabitants either dead or dying. Ludwig had personally seen how bad mankind had been hit. Therefore 3 years later, he had delivered a speech which is widely known as the birthing moment of the federation. In the speech, he said that mankind was just beginning its fight against the breaker and they must spread to the stars themselves. To root out the corruption of Kerr. And so, with the remnants of the human race, the The Imperial Terran Federation was born and mankind slowly began its conquest of the stars yet again.

Gender Identity

Cisgender/Heterosexual male.


Ludwig was educated at a German school for about 15 years before WW1 started. Even after the end of his formal education, Ludwig had always striven to learn new things by reading any book he could get his hand on

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ludwigs greatest achievement in his life was uniting all of mankind and saving it during the events of Calamity. He strives for a world without the corruption of Kerr and will do anything to get to that goal

Failures & Embarrassments

Ludwigs considers his greatest failure to be the suffering he lets his troops endure, even if it is being for the greater good of mankind. He never wants to see any man, woman or child suffer and it brings him great pain to see humanity suffering and fighting so desperately for that faint light of hope in the end.

Mental Trauma

Ludwig has an acute and long term history of depression combined with survivors guilt, mostly stemming from his immortality and seeing all his friends die around him. He has often tried to do his best to save his friends and keep them alive, in the hope that one day, he can become mortal again and peacefully pass away with his friends and loved ones.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ludwig was a prodigical child from birth. He had an intricate understanding of the human mind from an early age and was able to easily see if a person was lying or not and read their minds. He also has an extremely high level of photographic memory, easily memorizing anything by seeing it for only one time and remembering it even several centuries later. Asides from that, he has a vast amount of knowledge for almost anything, be it scientific, religious etc. He can also speak German, Norwegian, Low and High terran, Aenarri and some other languages fluently.

Morality & Philosophy

Ludwig had always striven for the good of all mankind and those he holds dear and near. He would sacrifice almost anything for his loved ones , including even his own soul. He tries his best to be a good leader and feels the weight of an entire race upon his back. All of those in hope that one day, they will have a world free from the corruption of the breaker.

Personality Characteristics


To make the world a happier place without the corruption of the breaker that has plagued humanity since its creation.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Ludwig, besides his marital capabilities, is very much into video games and Tabletop RPGs. Even to the present day, he plays an ancient Terran game known only as dungeons and dragons alongside a few of his lifelong friends whenever he can get to. Alongside that, he often indulges in other sorts of video games such as VR reality and contemporary 21st century ones as well.

Likes & Dislikes

Ludwig usually likes seeing other people happy and working hard for the greater good of mankind. In his spare time, he loves to play video games and TTRPGs witjh his friends and regular soldiers alike. For food, Ludwig really loves meat , especially that of the blood oxen of Cadmeia and a variety of other Terran and alien animals as well as blood, since he is a vampire and tries his best to control his urge for pure uncorrupted blood by drinking animal blood.

Virtues & Personality perks

Ludwig is known for his calm headedness, even in the most dire of situations. Being a person who"s only goal is to make a world without the corruption of the breaker, Ludwig always keeps hope and faith alongside him. This , combined with his diehard motivation, allow him to power through most occasions that would easily drive even the bravest of people insane. Having a genius mind , he is not only a great tactician but a masterful strategist as well, having centuries of skill in the field of warfare to call upon for his aid.

Vices & Personality flaws

" The rage, it resonates in my mind. I hear voices every night, whispering and clawing in my mind. Whenever i don't feed for a long while, they become more and more frequent and increase in their efforts to drive me insane till i have no choice but to feed. I just hope that in some way, i can be free from this unwanted curse . And i would be willing to even commit suicide if it means saving mankind from myself
  Ludwig's most prominent flaw would be the struggle with his inner self to keep his power in check. Being such a powerful and inspirational figure for all of mankind, Kerr does his best to try to corrupt him, knowing that if he is corrupted, most of mankind will fall apart like a house of cards. This is made even worse by the fact that he is the lord of the vampires, bearing most of the strigoi curse within himself and having to consume his fellow humans to alleviate his curse for a limited amount of time.


Contacts & Relations

Ludwig is the most powerful human being in existence and for good reason. Being the leader of not one but two races gives him power unparalleled by any except the leaders of the other major races in the alliance. He keeps great relations with the other leaders of the alliance, but has a special friendship with both Idraesil Harvanesh , the ruler of the Aenarri race and, Marcus Justinius Titus, the ruler of the Lycans race.

Family Ties

Ludwig is the sole survivor of his family, all of them having either been killed or succumbing to disease and old age.

Religious Views

Ludwig, despite being a strict Catholic, has always been supportive of the other abrahamic faiths. He tries to tolerate everyone regardless of their religious views, unless they are corrupted by the breaker

Social Aptitude

Ludwig is a charismatic and charming person. His speech is often given the most importance since he can attract large crowds of people with his charisma. Being very confident when speaking to large crowds makes him a natural leader . He is very skilled in the art of manipulation, easily getting what he wants from other people without them even noticing what they speak. He is always confident when going to battle but takes great care to not let his confidence develop into hubris, which he knows has ruined many people in the past and is a quality associated with the breaker.


Ludwig often speaks in a charming, if cold voice to most strangers. This will give some people the impression that he is secretly a harsh and ruthless person. But when one spends more and more time with him, he eventually warms up and speaks in a soft and loving voice to those people he knows well and holds dear. In his spare time, one can always find him either pondering, playing games or rarely, sleeping so loudly in his bed that one can hear it through many walls .


Augustus Ludwig

Commander and father figure (Important)

Towards Lorann sanguinus meros



Lorann sanguinus meros

Junior officer (Important)

Towards Augustus Ludwig



" Meros, what if i told you to murder an innocent child and told you that it was for the greater good of mankind"?   "With all due respect sir, i cannot carry out that order. It is impossible on my behalf to murder someone who has done nothing wrong and murdering in general. I just want this war to end and be with my love and family in peace."   You truly are a angel my man. Congratulations."
  As an extremely high ranking officer of the bloodmarine legions, Meros is seen as one of Ludwigs most valuable commanders and one of his most fervent supporters. The two have formed a close relationship with each other over the years, with Ludwig becoming an extremely close father figure for the mentally scarred warrior. Besides his brother Alexander, Ludwig is the only one that knows about his secret relationship with Narissa and offers him as much comfort as he can. For these reasons, Meros holds Ludwig above most people in his life and would go as far to sacrifice his own life for him.

Nicknames & Petnames

When they first met, Ludwig would go on to call Meros "Rook" for him being a rookie. Later on, as Meros matured and grew up, he would earn the nickname of Frosty from Ludwig .

Shared Acquaintances

Both being high ranking people in the federation, Ludwig and Meros share the same goal. To defeat Kerr and his armies and play a gigantic strategic as well as tactical role in defending mankind.

Completely unrelated but i listened to this while writing. Gave me some inspiration as well.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Saviour, War, Anno Dominus.
Year of Birth
1895 AD 1105 Years old
Dark red after becoming a vampire. Before, glacier blue.
Long, almost shoulder length golden-white hair.
548 cm without armor. 641 cm with armor.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You venomous rats take everything from the almighty and then betray him. You turn upon your families just for the false promises of lust and the depravity of your own mind. You turn upon the friends that have cared for you from your birth and sacrificed everything for you. For what you have done, me torturing you is perfectly fine since you deserve far worse than that'   Ludwig to a group of surrendered traitor soldiers before brutally executing all of them
Aligned Organization

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  • 1895 AD

    13 /10 06:00

    Birth of Ludwig and childhood
    Life, Birth

    The Birth and childhood of Augustus Ludwig, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and a legendary leader of mankind.

  • 1914 AD

    28 /7
    1918 AD

    11 /11

    The great war and becoming the champion of Sanguinus
    Military action

    Ludwigs experiences in the great war and how he became the vessel of Sanguinus, the high titan of war.

  • 1918 AD

    11 /12
    1939 AD

    1 /9

    Interwar period
    Life, Career

    Ludwigs life between the two world wars.

  • 1939 AD

    11 /9
    1944 AD

    16 /12

    The second world war
    Military action

    Ludwigs experiences in the second world war, in which he truly rose to prominence as a legendary general of the German armed forces.

  • 1944 AD

    10 /12
    2057 AD

    12 /10 16:00

    Visions of Calamity
    Life, Supernatural

    Ludwigs life between the end of WW2 and the calamity, marked by holy visions from Sanguinus, the rise of mankind as a minor astral power and the dark hours of Calamity itself

  • 2057 AD

    12 /10 16:00
    2057 AD

    13 /10 20:00

    Era beginning/end

    The events of the Calamity and the beginning of a new era for mankind. An era of hope and yet unparalleled darkness unlike what mankind has ever seen.


Author's Notes

While Ludwig did serve in the Wehrmacht, he and most of the soldiers under him were not convicted of war crimes unlike some others and most of the SS. He had only fought for his own country and was deeply disturbed decades after the war due to some of the events that he witnessed during the war.

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During the second paragraph of the Battle of Somme, you have several uses of the word "he" I lost track of which "he" was which dude doing what. This isn't a huge ordeal, just a common weird thing for English, similar to some missing letters or apostrophes to indicate possession of a thing.  

This was a very interesting read with a lot of history (considering he's a long-lived fellow, makes a lot of sense). Some of these could even be akin to articles of their own as well to go into even further detail on each event and place.

While the history is heavily detailed, and gives some insight on Ludwig's personality, I'm curious on his personality and how it's changed through the history he's lived through. Does he write journals, do some kind of art, go to Supernatural Beings Therapy?  

A fun read, and I look forward to how you go from here!

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
Cetonia D.
9 Apr, 2019 19:03

Ok. So. Let's go. -The beginning quote was great. gives an overview of the character and their main struggle.   -No need to repeat it was after/before he was a vampire how his eyes where. Maybe instead “Dark red after becoming a vampire. Before, glacier blue.”   -Nice use of embedded links to other articles. Something I haven’t gotten around to. All around good use of BBCode, formatting and style.   -A few grammar thing such as “An immortal Vampires” and sometimes lowercase letters on titles and stuff where it is uppercase in other places but nothing I would have noticed If I weren't in a mind of scrutinizing.   -This area with multiple titles looks a bit messy since they all have them same size and de-constructed: MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS, PERSONAL HISTORY, BEFORE THE ASCENSION, BIRTH AND EARLY LIFE.   -The wars and everything is a bit heavy to read as they seem to tie little into the overall growth of the character. Like, what was his emotional journey and how did these events affect and shape him? What are their larger relevance? Then again I must realize this is a character article and though I personally like emotional writing that is not necessary in this case. The quotes and headliners does help in making it easier to go read through so kudos on that. -It’s a lot to read through and I applaud you for making such a rich story. All things considered you have done a great job with this character and presented it in a very structured, the chronology is easy to follow, and overall you have done a great job of presenting an epic character.

10 Apr, 2019 18:49

Criticism: I honestly feel like this character is really overpowered, if he is supposed to be that way I'd like to see talk of an internal struggle inside him where he struggles with temptation to use his immense power for personal gain, especially seeing as he was human, and is now a vampire (generally a creature seen as dark or evil).   What drives this character to endure so much?   I feel like the vampire aspect is a bit over the top and i feel as a reader I would be contextually satisfied with Ludwig simply being the vessel of a powerful entity, I think also him remaining at least partly human would strengthen the character in the sense that he's the savior of mankind(humanity).   Noticed when you were describing his identifying characteristics and body features there was some blending/repetition between the two there.   Some small spelling/grammar errors.   The History of all the wars is quite a lot to get through, I understand their purpose, however perhaps they can be shortened so the average reader can more easily get through it.     What I like: I like how in depth the story you've created here is, it seems really thought out, and I can tell how much effort you've put in.   I like the dynamic between the human race and ludwig leading a crusade against "the enemies of mankind", very catholic of him :)   Lastly I love the genre fusion of ww2 era with the high fantasy.

23 May, 2019 06:47

First off, I highly recommend getting yourself some form of a spellchecker for grammatical errors. There are plenty online for you to utilize on your own time. There are numerous capitalization/punctuation errors and the article itself would benefit heavily from a once-over to correct any noticeable typos.   Secondly, after reading through the article itself, I can't say I feel any connection to this character. You have made a powerful and important actor for your world, but he ceases to be a human when you elevate Ludwig too high and give him no setbacks. The flaws you have given Ludwig are simply misinterpretations of his limitless capabilities, which are not purposeful or problematic and therefore not flaws. If you are looking for this character to be a sort of savior in the story and not someone the reader is supposed to grow fond of, then I see no issues with making him be and act however you please--as long as you're aware of the reader's limited potential to attach/relate and accept whatever disinterest may follow.   And as a reader, I just can't bring myself to enjoy this character at his current developmental stage. If he's supposed to be a god, then concentrate on that and don't strive to humanize or humble him. If he is supposed to be a character and someone to connect or project onto, then Ludwig needs to be taken down about a hundred notches for us 'normal' humans to feel affection toward. In all honesty, this comes off as more of a "fun" character for roleplaying--a character you've put a lot of time into, but at this point the information has become overwhelming and his personality got lost in it somewhere.   The writing itself and word choice were sufficient. I very much liked your descriptions and your way of explaining wars/the systematic progression of war. You're obviously knowledgeable of military jargon and it lends a powerful hand to your writing. I'm presuming history is an interest of yours; don't let the scholastic edge overshadow how useful that information can be for worldbuilding. I would very much enjoy seeing some articles from you outlining the combat in your world and how it progresses/evolves during the ages. I think you would absolutely shine in that category.   Overall, your article has more than enough information. All the actions in the world won't convey a character as well as a compelling personality. Again, I think the difficulty here for you is deciding whether or not you want people to be fond of Ludwig as a person or as a symbol. We bond with our friends, not our prefects. Ludwig could potentially be a good background character that works more symbolically than personally. He could very well have relations, but you have to remember that for the skills a person possesses they typically sacrifice whatever sat on the opposite end of the teeter-totter. Logic and empathy very rarely balance out, and if they do there is nothing else to learn and no story necessary.   Keep in mind that your writing is anything but poor. There are issues, but nothing that can't be ironed out with time. The problem here isn't a lack of skill in conveying ideas, it's the imbalance of time spent fleshing Ludwig out in ways that actively mitigate his potential as a personable character.   Keep writing and it'll come. Practice is all we get and all we need!

23 May, 2019 22:36

Phew, this is a huge article! Good job on getting so much down, and keeping it consistent. I'm not sure what I've got to add apart from what everyone else has written! I'll just echo a few good points and maybe a couple things I noticed here or there.   I think getting something to check grammer/spelling would definitely be super useful, as that's a pretty hard beast to tackle on your own. I know I often lose track of my mistakes when I'm so close to the piece I'm writing; eventually I just dont see the errors any more.   In the quote portions, or when the character is directly speaking, try playing around with some punctuation! I know this goes against what was just mentioned about grammar and spelling, but dont be afraid to break the grammar in someones speech. People often talk with pauses and inflections that dont come across perfectly in text. Try emphasizing certain words, or adding in commas, break things down to feel like a more natural character voice.   Finally, again agreeing with another comment, I think it would be good to build in some weaknesses or faults into this character! It makes a character really relatable when they're less than perfect, or not over powered. Doesnt have to be physical weaknesses, or even really "weaknesses" -- insecurities, worries, all those kinds of things are what really make us human.   Well done on this massive article, it really is good! Keep on writing and improving.

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