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Created by Redclaw.

The breaker Kerr

"The breaker, the very utterance of the name strikes fear into even the bravest of hearts. Considering that he is so powerful that if he just even awakens, He will destroy the four realms of reality, time, existence and space. He is a being that we cannot hope to win against, unless we do everything we can and find the secrets of the ancients. And if we do not find them in time, Then we will have to face a fate that none of us can even begin to imagine. He is the archenemy of every living being in existence and seeks to return to his place as the rightful master of the universe. I pray to the almighty that his vision does not become reality, lest we all suffer a fate far worse than death"   Spoken by Aiden Tallorann to some of the new recruits of the The skeleton lords.
    Kerr is the original creator of the four realms of reality, time, space and existence and also the primordial and first being that has always existed. After creating the four realms, Kerr created God and sixteen powerful entities known as Titans With four of them being high titans. During the events of Apocrypha however, Kerr was banished from the mortal realms and into The void, a place that he created as a prison for any and all that opposed him. Despite being defeated, Kerr used the last bits of his energy to create new entites known as the demonic titans, With the higher demonic titans leading the rest of their brethren against the forces of God. He also created demons from the negative emotions of mortals and his energy to Serve as his rank and file soldiers.   And since that time, he has also Tried to turn mortals to his path, with varying degrees of success. Now he fights against his archnemesis in a desperate battle to reclaim his position as the Lord of the four realms.

Divine Domains

Darkness, Lies, Deceit, Hate, Anger, Sadism, Hedonism, Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy and many other negative emotions

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The eight pointed star of Kerr and the inverted cross

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Overthrow God and reclaim his position as the master of the four realms.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kerr appears as a towering , dark , hooded being with a long hood draped over his head. His slender body is racked with multiple cuts and on his back he carries a gigantic cross and sword. One of his most prominent physical features is that he walks with a hunchback and almost always has a sinister smile across his face. In his human form, he appears as an attractive man in his mid 20s with long raven black hair and Dark red eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kerr was there from the very beginning, before reality, space, time or existence was there. He was a being of immeasurable power, something that cannot be fathomed by even the Titans themeslves. He used his powers to first create the four realms of reality, space, time and existence. Afterwards, he created God and the sixteen titans, With 4 of them being stronger and more high ranking titans known as high titans. After this, he created the 16 universes that constituted the mortal realms and gave one universe to each of the titans to be their domain and seat of power, before seeding the universes with life. At first only simple microbial life existed but soon, more and more complex organisms evolved till the first sentient and sapient species started to appear.
  Kerr was very Pleased with what he created and enjoyed his life. He enslaved most of the sentient species into worshiping him and ruled over them like a tyrant. Only God and to a far lesser extent, the titans, had any sort of free will and independent thought. Eventually, God began to think on his own and thought about the tyrannies Kerr was inflicting upon his subjects. Eventually he began to talk to the titans and managed to convince them to rebel against Kerr. They in turn convinced the mortals to rebel against Kerr and during Apocrypha , all of creation erupted into rebellion against Kerr. Kerr had easily dispatched most of the mortals and other beings except for the titans. As God was the only being capable of defeating Kerr, The remaining titans had given up all their power to God to even the chances of him defeating Kerr. In the end, God had successfully managed to defeat Kerr and banished him to The void and started rebuilding The mortal world.   Despite being defeated, Kerr still had a lot of energy left inside of him. Using this energy he created the void titans, beings of Great power like the titans and entities and malevolent entities known as demons from the negative emotions of Mortal beings and what was left of his energy. Since that moment, he has been waging a war against god and his followers to reclaim his position as the lord of the four realms. His greatest successes came in 2980, when he managed to breach the planet of Cadmeia and deal a massive blow against mankind. Despite gaining the upper hand in the war, Kerr is now ever mindful of the vessels of the titans and does his best to thwart them in their plans to defeat him. For he shall not stand down till he reclaims his rightful place as the lord of the four realms.


Due to Kerr being an omniscient and all knowing being, he does not need any education.

Failures & Embarrassments

Being betrayed by his strongest and most loyal servant was a particularly big blow to Kerr that played a big role in shaping him into the being he is today. Besides that, he also felt jealous that God was ruling over the four realms and this jealously very quickly turned into even more hatred for God, not counting his betrayal.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kerr is an omniscient and all knowing being. He has knowledge about everything that falls under the domain of the four realms.

Morality & Philosophy

Kerr is what one would call the very epitome of evilness. He embodies all the aspects that humans and the other sentient species hate. Indeed, he is the very definition and origin of these concepts and acts on them as well

Personality Characteristics


Wants to desperately Reclaim his position as the lord of the four realms and Personally torture God and his greatest servants for their "Sins" committed against him
Divine Classification
Demonic God
Current Residence
None. In human form he has dark red eyes
Bald. In human form he has spiky shoulder length raven black hair
250cm in human form. Immeasurably big in Breaker
Known Languages
All known mortal languages.

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Author's Notes

This article is about the main antagonist of my WIP. Its in a very rough state and i plan on improving it after getting some feedback

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
1 Mar, 2019 02:31

Layout and formatting ooom pretty good but im On mobile.currently.. the writing is good, the concept is good, but there seems to be alot missing here about him. Every time i found out another piece of info about this guy, I asked the same question. Why? .why did he create anything? Why was he cast out, why? What's his motovation? To claim he is unknowable likely could be accurate but if he is prone to suck simple things as vengeance, given the fact that he wants to destroy all if he awakes due to his imprisonment I assume, then there is no reason his motivationnis beyond see my dillema XD I'm trying to picture this main antagonist and he feels like he needs some work. Remember a story is only as good as its villain. star wars would be crap without the sith man. Just saying. Lol regardless I would work very close to knowing this character like the back of your hand. His thoughts, motivations, etc are crucial.   Apart from that this one is a very nice introduction to him and I look forward to hearing more about him. alot of your articles mentioned him so this is a very big article.

1 Mar, 2019 18:09

I feel like the side quote gets a bit too, sideways which begins to actually obstruct the main article due to it. Beyond that the character feels in a lack of a term...Oddly incompetent. Like said before it's mainly the why things that's never explained, I should give him a proper description and mainly work out more details (maybe use excerpts or tooltips to hide additonal info without bloating the text).   My big question though is: How did he got stuck in the void if he created it? Sounds like a jail warden who made the prison being stuck in one of the cells...

2% story, 98% non-related lore | Tales of Fabulae | Twitter
2 Mar, 2019 17:39

A nice premise i must say. Defenitly a good start but as others have said there are some problems. The upper sidebar is overlapping with the article and move beyond the boundary, reaching over the space themed background.   Since this is a WiP it feels a bit redundant to say but yeah other than the history section this is pretty bare. Also maybe you should think more about how to convey Kerr and his downfall better. For an omnipotent and omniscient being he doesnt seem very competent. It would probably be better to dedicate an entire part of the history section to just his downfall..   Other than that there a several occasions where you capitalize random words within the sentence other than names or titles

he has also Tried to turn
. There are also a few other minor grammatical mistakes (missing ending) and sentences that could be rewritten, but its really nothing that cant be fixed easily when you start to edit it.   All in all, a bit flawed but with an interesting premise. The thing that hampers your villain really is the bare nature of this article. Im sure you can make some really awesome antagonist once you finish it.

3 Mar, 2019 23:18

This is a really cool character. I'll second that the sidebar quotes get in the way of the text a few times. Might want to go and tweak them a bit. There's also a few parts where you capitalized seemingly random words. Honestly, I think this character would benefit from more depth. Right now he sounds like a terrifying villian, but also one who is rather one-dimensional. I'd like to see more how his downfall went about. I would also like to see more of his individual personality, his flaws and victories so he feels a little less cartoonish. Perhaps explore his motivations and background a little more. It's a bit flawed, but also interesting! I don't mind the rough state at all. Give it a few edits and it'll look much better.

4 Mar, 2019 11:35

Since you asked specifically about the layout and formatting, here's my thoughts:   The slanted quote box on the side doesn't really work, since it kind of pokes out from the article bounds. The quote is also *really* long, with no line breaks. Those two things combine make it kind of awkward in the article: I would consider shortening it and leaving the box straight.   Another formatting note to consider is adding another line break between headers and the next block of text, to give each section more space to breath.   Keep an eye on your capitalization: there are names "the skeleton lords", "the breaker" that are not capitalized in some places, while words that does not need to be are capitalized in other places.   Also, if he is omniscient, how did being betrayed surprise him?

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.   Current challenge article: ...
16 Apr, 2019 15:55

Digging this character so far, I think he needs a little work regarding his aspirations and as to why he originally created everything. Was it boredom, loneliness, or does he not know? I think the back story is great so far, really liking the Apocrypha story, really liked the small detail of how demons are forged using the negative emotions of mortals. Great stuff. But yeah, Kerr needs a bit more motivation I think, why is he evil? Unless thats the point, maybe he is just evil energy incarnate sort of thing. Either way, it's good stuff. Looking forward to more.