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Apocrypha is the name given by Imperial scholars to the events that marked the birth of time, space, reality and existence by the breaker and the subsequent rebellion by all of creation against him and his banishment in the void. Most of it that is known are deciphered tales and a variety of secondhand sources which mostly come from a race of highly advanced beings known as the ancients. Imperial scholars as well as other scholars from alien races particularly the Aenarri and the Lycans are always on the look for more details and clues that could lead them to answer some fundamental questions about The creation as well as getting a more detailed look into the creation and the higher beings .


Long ago, before the creation of the four realms there existed a being of unlimited power known as Kerr the breaker. He at first created God and 12 powerful beings known as the titans as well as 4 high titans that were more higher ranked and powerful titans. Afterwards Kerr created the material multiverse which consisted of 16 universes.   He then seeded all of these universes with life and gave each of the titans a universe. Additionally the titans were also given a mortal champion that would serve as their prophets and representatives in the mortal universe and call upon their power in times of need. Over time the universes were blooming with sentient life and Kerr was pleased with what he had created. He had only given free will to God and to a limited extent the Titans themselves. Kerr began to oppress his creations into worshiping him only and yet enforced his tyrannical rule upon them and even his servants. God realizing Kerrs tyrannies convinced the Titans and they in turn convinced all of creation to rebel against Kerr. When the rebellion began Kerr was furious at being betrayed by his closest follower and set to annihilate all of creation . In the end only God and the titans remained as all of creation had been completely obliterated.   God was the only one who could hope to match Kerr in strength but still the odds were stacked against him. The titans had pooled all their power into him as God was the only one that was capable of defeating Kerr and enhanced his strength to give him a better edge. With one last strike God managed to banish Kerr into The void which Kerr had created as a prison for potenital rebels. In the wake of the huge amount of energy released by the banishment of Kerr, God took the energizes and replenished the titans and himself with that energy and created life anew. He then afterwards became the new master of the 16 multiverses and of the four realms of time, space. reality and existence.   Meanwhile in the void Kerr was furious of being dethroned from his rightful place as the master of all of reality and so with his remaining powers he did one last thing. He created the 12 demonic void titans and 4 high void titans to serve as his new emissaries. He also made the race known as demons from raw void energy and the negative emotions of sentient species like hatred, anger, sadism, hedonism, violence, mercilessness, and general moral corruption. He also began whispering into the minds of mortals to turn them astray from the path of god by promising them a place by his side in the new world of his. Since then Kerrs armies have been waging an eternal war against God and his armies to reclaim the throne of their dark master as the rightful ruler of the four realms

Historical Basis

The event is a completely accurate historical event that occurred before the existence of the concept of existence and reality as we know it even though most of the records of it are secondhand ones and deciphered tales from the ancients themselves


Apocrypha is a well known tale in the federation as well as the alliance. It is taught in all the educational institutes of the federation as well as the alien civilisations in the alliance .
Date of Setting
Apocrypha as noted before took place during before the existence of time itself

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29 Dec, 2018 08:43

The Summary is all in one paragraph, which makes it difficult to read without getting lost (the [ br] without the space is great for breaking things into paragraphs). I have a couple questions that might help inspire some further details- What's the physical evidence, if any, supporting the claim of the myth being entirely true? Who were the ancients who told the tales?   I like the myth overall, as it's a great classic similar to other myths on Earth - Greeks where one God is oppressive and must be overthrown by the next generations come to mind in particular.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
31 Dec, 2018 13:21

Nice version of creation. You could really benefit from some linking and tooltips, because there's a lot of unknown terms, peoples and places. Some text wall breaking would also be good, see if maybe you can break it into smaller headings and maybe add some quotes or images. If you need help figuring out links and tooltips by excerpts, let me know ^.^

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
24 Jan, 2019 07:20

Myths are some of my favorite things to read. A creation myth can really set up your world and the cultures therein. Major points I notice in yours is the idea of a god and then a greater god. Duality is a really powerful thing and the countering of titan and void titan. Really drive it home. I also like how you structured it as a summery. There isn't redundant information which myth is full of quite often. The only real downsides I notice is that its formatting could use work. It's a big wall of text and while it isn't too long it took a minute lol some paragraph spacing may be pretty good. Other formatting stuff has been touched by other commenters, links and excepts to flesh out unknown things but I do see a few here in that sidebar. My big think question here is trying to figure out why he didn't create more void Titans than regular titans? He was furious and seeks to reclaim his throne. Why didn't he? Not enough power? Not enough material? Good story that does open alot of info about your world. Thanks for sharing.