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The void

The void is an extra-dimensional plane that serves as the central plane linking all the realities and realms together. It also serves as the prison for Kerr the breaker when he was cast here by God during the rebellion of all of existence against him. This place is built up of void energy which can further be divided into two categories, Demonic and heavenly energy. Demonic energy is made up of raw void energy that is infused with the negative emotions of mortals like hatred, violence, anger, hedonism, moral corruption, sadism etc and are used by demons. This type of energy can be found in the demonic titans realms and each demonic titan has his own subtype of demonic energy. Heavenly energy on the other hand is made of void energy infused with positive emotions like Love, peace, kindness, morality altruism, etc. This type of energy can be found in heaven and the realms of the titans and they like their demonic counterparts also have their subtypes. In the void any being possessing enough void energy will be able to manipulate the tides of reality and since the laws of physics do not exist there, Faster than light travel is possible and most of the sentient races of the galaxy use the Void as a means of faster than light travel. The void is an ever changing place with tides of raw emotions sweeping over endless distances. To travel through the void one must first puncture a hole into reality which seperates the void from the material world, and then enter through it. The ship navigates by using choirs of psychics who concentrate their psychic power to see where the ships current location in the void corresponds in the materium. They also have to be protected from demons in the void through the use of special void nullification fields which masks their current location and prevents demons from zeroing in on them. The void also serves as the final resting place for all souls if they aren’t claimed by either the demons or the angels of heaven and will wander aimlessly unless claimed by any one of them. It is also the place from which psychics draw their power and use them against their foes , although this has a chance of alerting demons to their position and could very likely end in either the psychic getting possessed or killed by the demon . At the same time those who are in fields of high heaven energy can make greater use of their powers as demons are very weak and at most unable to enter those places without a large amount of demonic soldiers or energy making a breach into the fabric of reality itself. The planet Cadmeia is a place where heaven energy is extremely high and thus only extremely strong demons can live for some time on cadmeia before being killed by the planet or its native inhabitants. Demon worlds are the exact opposite of this as they do not allow any angels except the strongest to exist in their planes and the world and its inhabitants are much more stronger against angels so long as they do not breach the place with excess amounts of heaven energy.


The void manifests itself as an extradimensional plane that is separate from our reality. In the void anything can be real so long as one has the required energy to manipulate the fabric of the void for oneself. It is an ever changing realm made out of metaphysical energy known as void energy and the emotions of sentient species. Unless claimed by heaven or The demonic realms, this is the final resting place for all members of the sentient species where they wander aimlessly. The void also serves as a place for Kerr the breaker, the original creator of the void who was imprisoned by God after the great rebellion where all of existence rebelled against him and banished him from the four realms. All sentient creatures have a soul signature in the void and their brightness determines their psychic power and prowess. Humans have a dimmer souls signature than Aenarri on average and although this comes with the reduced risk of demonic possession, it makes most humans lacking any psychic power of their own. The brighter a beings soul signature the more psychically powerful one is but this comes with the danger of demonic possession and so they have to use their psychic powers carefully or mask their use through the use of specific technology. Most places in the universe have a barrier between reality and the void and the thickness of this barrier varies from place to place.


There are some places in the universe where there is little or no barrier between reality and the void. These places are known as Void rifts and occur randomly throughout the Milky way galaxy as well as other places. These places are gigantic holes into reality where the void supersedes reality and comes into existence. Worlds orbiting close to these Void rifts are heavily fortified and the space outside them is also heavily quarantined as they offer a natural point for the demons to come into reality and wreak havoc. Worlds located inside these rifts are most of the time demon worlds which are planets or moons that have been corrupted by demonic and void energy and where the laws of reality do not exist. Many of the demon worlds contain lost technologies that are of extreme importance to the federation. The federation occasionally sends large expeditions to these places to recover the lost technologies but rarely they succeed as the worlds themselves are always fortified. The Gehennian gate is the name given to the sector of Imperial space which is guarded by 5 angel worlds that are the exact opposite of demon worlds. These worlds are amongst the most fortified planets in the federation and they orbit a gigantic void rift known as The great rift which is forty thousand light years across and the largest void rift recorded to date. This rift is so gigantic that some of the other void rifts of the milky way galaxy are just extensions of it. It is primarily located in the northern part of the galaxy but stretches forty thousand light years across and engulfs many millions of star systems. Similarly there is another analogue to the void rifts. The first is a heaven fissure which is a gateway between reality and the heavenly realms. These places have extremely low amounts of demonic energy and very high amounts of void energy. This makes the area around these rifts extremely safe from demons and offers a sanctuary for Angels, humans and aliens alike. Worlds located around these fissures are angel worlds which are completely hostile to demons and very hard for them to live in. Additionally the native flora and fauna of an angel planet can easily detect even the smallest traces of demonic matter and exterminate them ruthlessly. There is also an exactly opposite phenomena of the void rifts and thy are known as dead void fields . These places of reality have such a thick barrier between the void and themselves that it is impossible for beings to access the void in those places which means that if one is not an exceptionally powerful psychic they cannot use magic in those areas. Additionally psychic beings like angels and demons cannot exist in those areas without possessing a material body or a mortal host and they also cannot use their power unless they are strong in psychic power

Metaphysical, Astral

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Dec, 2018 05:44

I like it. Even though it's bare bones it's a good foundation for more. I assume you're doing sci if given FTL travel. This bit has a real 40k vibe but it's not derivative and i like that both demonic and heavenly energy stems from the same place. Two sides of the same coin kind of thing to me. Their two main things are like to know more about. The first is what other things are done with the energy. You have FTL and reality tampering but what else can be done if anything and to what extent can they be done. Can a demon only do so much? It seems like it depends on how much they have at their disposal. .