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Aiden Tallorann

The demon of God Aiden Talloran (a.k.a. Carolus, ironheart)

"Its like a sinister voice in my head, telling me to do things to others that i shouldn't do . No one deserves those , not even traitors. It keeps compelling me to murder, rage, hate and join Kerr on his Relentless crusade. Whenever i try to resist, it eats at my very mind and soul and constantly threatens to push me ever closer to the path of the breaker. I just wish that i could get rid of this but for the greater good of mankind and god, i have to retain this . I have given up my very humanity for all of mankind and to defeat Kerr and i shall not rest till i have seen his end.   Aiden talking to Anniallia Karina about his darker side

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Aiden is a slender yet very muscular and well built person. He is also physically very strong, able to rip through Valcoranium reinforced doors with his bare hands without breaking a sweat. He is also very fast, being able to run at lightspeed with psychic augmentation and at Mach 4 without psychic augmentation. He also has a large scar on the left side of his face in the shape of the Roman numeral XI which denotes the number of his legion and is always filled with his blood .

Body Features

Aiden is relatively clean shaved and has no facial hair although he has bodily hair. His well toned and slender body should not be mistaken for a lack of strength however as Aiden is blindingly fast and strong. He also has 8 pack abs that can are strong enough to resist cuts from blades weapons.

Facial Features

Aiden is considered to be very attractive by human standards. He has a well built jawline with high cheekbones and has golden eyes. His most notable facial feature is that of a large scar reading XI on the left side of his face that is always filled with blood.

Identifying Characteristics

Aidens red hair and golden eyes are his most remarkable features

Physical quirks

Aiden is ambidextrous and usually walks with a straight posture with no hunchback

Special abilities

Aiden is also one of the strongest psychics in the universe and can alter reality across all the multiverse when at his peak with the power of the demon and also his innate psychic power. Psyonic abilites and mind bullets are his speciality but he also specialises in offensive based void magic such as void bolts, void domes, Soul crushing and also can use telekinesis. His most devastating psychic power is when he converts a pure bolt of psychic energy to strike a target which completely annihilates the target and punches through his armor like paper if it isn’t specially rune protected or in any other way protected from void casting. He is also an extremely powerful necromancer given that he is a skeleton lord and he can use his powers to raise the dead to fight alongside the living or to choke the life out of someone and reanimate him or her as a warrior of God

Apparel & Accessories

When not in battle Aiden usually wears a short sleeved t shirt and some armoured trousers. He also wears the same apparel when going on tours with his band

Specialized Equipment

Aiden is a person who is armed to the teeth. He is armored in a massive suit of master crafted Aegis praetorian armor which has 2 wrist mounted 40mm auto cannons built into it as well as two shoulder mounted guided missile tubes. He is best known for carrying Demonbane, The gigantic void sword made out of an unknown material that is innately strong to demons. It is also infused with heavenly energy that cleaves through the soul of any demon that it cuts through. He also carries a void halberd made of the same material and equally as devastating. Besides this he carries a 120mm Anti demonic Auto cannon for long range combat as well as a heavy plasma destroyer and a gigantic fusion cannon that can destroy Goliaths easily.

Mental characteristics


Male heterosexual


Academia militarum

Accomplishments & Achievements

Aiden is one of the strongest warrriors in the entire multiverse and has achieved several feats including but not limited to , defeating an entire demonic armada, banishing the higher archdemon of krailaash Ka daggorath and banishing a shard of Kerr. Aiden is also hailed as one of the greatest military tacticians and strategists to have ever lived and under his command even a small and poorly armed force was able to beat back a far larger and more well equipped force.

Failures & Embarrassments

Aiden considers his greatest failures to be his lack of control of the inner demon inside of him and the guilt of letting his soldiers die. He believe that it is always his fault that every single soldier under him dies on the battlefield and so he always tries his best to minimise casualties as far as possible.He also considers it his sworn duty to protect the ones he loves including Annialia and would even sacrifice his own soul to protect them.

Mental Trauma

Chronic depression and stress are his most common mental traumas. However he believe it to be his greatest embarrassment and failure to protect the lives of his soldiers and the innocent as well as his loved ones. Annialia is the only one he confides his secret in and she also is the only person who treats him with genuine kindness

Intellectual Characteristics

Aiden is considered a prodigy amongst his comrades. He has an advanced degree in the field of voidology and is also quite versed in other subjects as well. He is however known for being a prodigy and a legendary figure among the ranks of the skeleton lords and under his leaderships. Under his command even a small force of untrained and uneqipped soldiers can defeat a far larger force of experienced and trained soldiers

Morality & Philosophy

Aiden is a very selfless and kind individual. He always tries to protect those he loves. He is always willing to sacrifice his life for the greater good of god and his loved ones. Amongst all persons however Annialia holds a special place in his heart and he would go to every length to save her and see that no harm comes to her way. He always strives to control his inner demon and hopes that one day he can be free of this curse and have a normal life with his lover

Personality Characteristics


Aiden dreams to free this world from all demons and evil and one day be free of the curse that has been plaguing his family for billions of years and one day live in a world of peace with Aniallia.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Aiden is extremely good in chess and video gaming. However his greatest talent that most have noticed is his God level musical talent. He is part of Meros band blood brothers and is the lead guitarist there. Sometimes though he performs songs with his own voice.

Virtues & Personality perks

Aiden can keep his cool under even the most deadly situations. He always leads his armies in a calm mind and that is the reason why he can lead effectively. He is also an extremely intelligent person who uses his wits to masterfully plan out attacks and escape from the most dangerous of situations

Vices & Personality flaws

Aiden if he uses the power of the Demon too much gets partially corrupted by the demon. In this state he is hostile to both demons and federation soldiers as his twin identies collide together. Aiden always strives to avoid this by not using the power of the demon whenever possible. He can also get very angry at times as the demon urges him towards the path of the breaker and so he has to exercise great control over his mind so that the demon does not gain control of him


Aiden is a very tidy person and cannot stand the sight of any uncleanliness at all. He always keeps his room neat and tidy and will take the first chance he gets to clean up other rooms and make them tidy.


Religious Views

Faithful abrahamite who believes in all three abrahamic religions and believes that all three of them are just different ways of serving the same god


Aiden Tallorann

Lover (Vital)

Towards Anniallia Karina



Anniallia Karina

Lover (Vital)

Towards Aiden Tallorann




Aiden met Annialia when he was still the seraphim of the skeleton lords legion and although they both distrusted each other at first they soon began to form a deep and undying bond between each other as Aiden saved her from a hulking demon that had murdered an entire village full of soldiers, losing his left arm in the process. Aidens left arm was however later reattached by the doctors after he returned to his lines. Thus began the relationship of Aiden and Anniallia and over time they fell in love.

Wealth & Financial state

Aiden is the commander of the skeleton lords which barring the blood reapers is the largest bloodmarine legion. At his full strength his power even rivals that of the breaker himself. Moreover he is a class 1 psychic and is stronger than most other human psykers at his prime including Ludwig. He has his own Supercarrier called The eternity fortress and commands billions of soldiers under his name.
Lawful good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Commander of the skeleton lords
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Year of Birth
2600 AD 400 Years old
Long sleek and smooth dark blood red hair
10 tonnes
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I fear that one day, the demon inside me may break out and cause the end of our dreams of a world without war
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Related Myths
Known Languages
English, German, cadmeian,Low and high Terran and Aenarri language

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Please Login in order to comment!
12 Dec, 2018 16:55

Very completed articles! It would be great if you linked some of the other articles you've made in the text as you mention them. Example: Valcoranium.   Nice article claw!!

Grab your hammer and go worldbuild! :3
Johann Duarte
13 Dec, 2018 11:37

I find this character very, very interesting. Although being a demon, he is kind, loyal, selfless and fights for God. But what I liked most is that he has a great power within himself, but refuses to use it for the greater good; that leaves him in the need to use more his intelligence and equipment rather than simply raw power.   I just got a bit confused, in "Wealth and Financial State", since you mention his powers and rank, but don't say much about his possessions or money (I'm assuming that soldiers don't count as possessions since they are people).

13 Dec, 2018 19:32

Some grammatical notes:

  • Names such as 'Tallotran' and 'Malus' should be capitalized.
  • 'in reality The host' - 'The' shouldn't be capitalized here unless you're indicating a proper noun, in which case 'The' and 'Host' should probably both be capitalized.

There's mention of 'bloodmarine' in the first paragraph - What are bloodmarines in the context of this world?


What is Valcoranium? I'm assuming from the context it's a really strong material?


There's a lot written here about all the things Aiden is good at with only a couple mentions of the downsides of his demon powers. Is there anything else he struggles with? Internal vices? Does anything get him flustered? Is there a talent or skill he's not able to master or perform?


I hope I'm not coming off as rude or mean here - Honestly trying to help with the questions and notes above. With that, I do want to mention this character does give off a big 'Mary Sue' vibe - There's a lot of text about all the various things the character is very good at, with little mention of any downsides beyond the demon inside him.

14 Dec, 2018 09:01

I enjoy how much work you obviously put into the article. A few grammatical errors, for sure, but they detract from the story too terribly. I think the only thing this article really needs to make it complete is links to other places. Like, from his powers, he SOUNDS insanely powerful but without a link to the "psychic powers" of your world, I don't know what it all means.   You make good use of the prompts throughout the article!

Author of Ravare.
15 Dec, 2018 18:53

Overall pretty cool, and lots of detail. I think if I had to suggest adding anything, it's to do with his powers. You mention a lot of psychic and physical strengths, and then his main drawbacks are more personality/emotional (the guilt and such). I think it'd be interesting to know if he has any weaknesses related to different weapons or types of injury perhaps, or if there's psychic abilities he really sucks at or is weak against. Basically, if I were going to watch him lead a battle, what would keep me on the edge of my seat? The angst of worrying about his troops is good for depth, but I think it would also be good if he had more physical/psychic weaknesses to be exploited by the bad guy(s) in key dramatic moments.

18 Dec, 2018 10:42

Really good article but i was wondering, i know there was the thing with the demon inside of him, but does he himself have any weaknesses and flaws? or is he really this perfect guy who's good at everything with only gentleman problems that i'm getting the picture off? does he have any personal dark sides?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
24 Jan, 2019 14:09

So I now understand the need for more density of the alloy. Lol thanks for connecting that it really breathe life into the world.   I like aiden, me and him would get along likely as roommates lol I too hate uncleanliness. Regardless there is so much information here that can make a good character. He is balanced in many ways. The demon within balances out with the genuine person. I like that u included the musical talent too. Which leads to my main question. How? He commands a legion right? He has or had a carrier and likely was quite busy with millitary things. How does he get the time? Basically what I'm asking is whats it like loving a day in the life of Aiden. This article is fullll of awesome big picture elements but what anout the small picture?   Great article and great character. My only gripe is formatting and some sentence structure issues but this has been touched on so no big deal lol. :)

15 Feb, 2019 19:25 - editorial music   I like that the character is well filled out, but I feel like he is an omni badass. Basically a god.     "service of God and to atone for his sins." What sins? this is a story line opportunity   "Unique among the bloodmarine legions is Aiden." Aiden unique among the bloodmarine legions.   How was the demon god trapped? and How was aiden made a demon host?   What are the effects on aidens body, mind, and soul from having such a powerful entity imprisoned within him?   Lawful good is the closes disposition to chaotic evil as they are opposite of the same coin. The mental leap from order to chaos only requests a slight perception shift. Perhaps play with that given that Aiden has an inherently chaotic evil being in him   Why is the demon not running the show?   How is the demon messing with Aidens beliefs and view of reality?   How is Aiden about to wield the demon gods power? Does he risk losing control even time he tries to use the demon's power? or does the demon slowly gain influence or footing in the mental/spiritual battleground between the demon god and aiden?   Why is he such a badass? What price does/did he pay to get such amazing powers?   Why does he have a legion if he is basically a god that can mold reality?   What is the price paid to raise the dead? What are the limitations on raising? what are the limits of the dead, what price do they pay?   Is there a difference between traditional necromancy (being an evil power) vs aidens necromancer powers? or is his "warrior of god" necromancy a fraying of his morals due to the demons influence?   Why does aiden use any armor or weapons? He clearly doesn't need them.   how does Demonbane effect the demon within aiden? Is it a source of control subduing the demon while the blade is near aiden?   Where does Aiden carry all this gear he is packing? It seems rather cumbersome.   Why doesn't Aiden simple cast a protective spell or enchant a trinket to protect his loved ones and fellow soldiers? Or perhaps have a recall or foci that allows him to project his power without being near his followers/loved ones?   I find it hard to believe that someone has mentally unstable as aiden would be able to resist a demon god. So how is it possible? what does aiden have to hold on to? What gives him the strength to resist and even to wield the demons powers with a degree of control, and not obliterating his soul trying to tame that power?   It seems that aidens biggest flow is his weak mentality, and his lack of self worth and confidence. This seems like a prim play ground for a demon to work his lies.   If aiden truly is a godly badass it would make more sense for the god demon within aiden to want his body as a physical host, assuming that they need a physical anchor to the living world. So it would try to convert him or subjugate him. I would think it would even try to "help him" in many cases playing the friend or caring confidaunt, whispering sweet lies and turning the world against aiden. Playing on aiden's need to protect those around him setting them up to die and add to aidens depression.   What influence does the demon god have outside aiden? can it influence/talk to people? Can it manifest powers?   I like the concept of the all powerful badass and i like the ideas floating around. I think you have some really good pieces to make a very deep and interesting character.   -You have some really rich soil for a character, just need to bring it all together. -The wordsmithing could use a little love, its in a rough draft state. -Could use links to important nouns; weapons, materials, abilities, characters, historical events/short stories