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The Imperial Terran Federation

" Do not underestimate mankind. They might be physically and psychically frail but when faced against all of mankind, even the strongest of foes will lose. No matter what, mankind will not stop fighting till the last of them are wiped off from this realm. Whenever you kill one, ten more take its place. To challenge them is to challenge death itself. For they were created for one purpose only. The destruction of the breaker"   Idraesil Harvanesh, on the race known as mankind
  The Imperial Terran federation, more commonly known as just the Imperial federation, is a gigantic interstellar federation and empire that is the dominant superpower in the milky way galaxy. Consisting mostly of humans and some other demi human species, the Federation is the newest member of the great powers of The Alliance and whilst being the weakest, is still a massive force to be reckoned with. For over a thousand years, they have defended mankind from the dread threat of the breaker and fought beside their alien brethren side by side, and they have promised to do so till the end of time itself

Public Agenda

" Our union was formed with the blood of all those who fell during the calamity. It is a symbol of defiance against the breaker. We have fought hard for the peace of our entire race and we shall keep on fighting till the very end!"   Augustus Ludwig
The Federations first and foremost goal is the protection of mankind from all the threats they face in a harsh and hostile universe. Since almost all, if not all of their enemies are servants of Kerr the breaker, the imperial federation , and by extension all of mankind are devoted wholly in a brutal war against the breaker and his armies.


" Industrial Assets"

"We might be the weakest of the great powers but do not underestimate us. We would give our lives for our brethren, be they Xenos or man. And we shall provide them with whatever food and arms we can so that we keep on fighting till the end"   A human commander remarking on the trade deals between the alliance and the Federation.
  The Imperial federation is a gigantic industrial powerhouse across the entire milky way galaxy. Like the Saurians, they devote a significant portion of their planets solely for the production of industrial equipment, arms and ammunition, vehicles, attack craft, ships and much more. The raw materials for these planets are in turn supplied with raw materials by mining worlds, asteroids and moons. The industrial worlds also get their food from the large agricultural worlds

Victoria Aut Sanguinem

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