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The Sanguine tower

Written by Redclaw123

The Sanguine tower is the name given to the gigantic tower rising out of the centre of The city of Valcoran and is the heartland of both the city and the entire planet, Given that the city is the planetary capital. The tower is a significant symbol across the entire planet, its formidable strength and ever watchful gaze prevalent across the entire city. To date, not once has this tower been destroyed by the enemies of mankind, No matter how hard they tried.   The tower is also one of the earliest constructs in the entire World of Cadmeia, Built when the first colonists landed on Cadmeia and built their first settlement near the equator. The tower also contains a museum, In which many of the relics of the early days of Colonization are stored and shown to visitors. It is also the strongest and most well defended structure in the city and possibly the entire planet, Being able to survive even heavy orbital bombardment and similar large scale attacks that would obliterate most other structures. It goes on as a shining beacon of hope for the people of Cadmeia. A light in the darkness which shines and serves as a bastion of hope for the Cadmeians In their struggle against the enemies of mankind

Purpose / Function

The tower serves as the seat of power of the planetary governor of Cadmeia and is the commanding centre for all of the city. It has a gigantic array of communications equipment for contacting far away outposts and cities and goes through regular maintenance to make sure that everything works as intended. It is very well protected by layer after layer of reinforced basalt which consists of Valcoranium and some other supermaterials.


The tower has undegone many renovations since its construction, keeping it updated with new technology. At first, most of the alterations involved adding new colors to the tower and some small scale renovations. But after the great devastation, In which almost all the inhabitants on Cadmeia were killed, the tower alongside the city was heavily fortified with new technologies and equipment. In time, the gigantic tower became a fortress all on its own, hosting its own shield generators, defense turrets and extremely powerful communications equipment.


The architecture of the tower takes elements from many styles used on Earth and using its own unique Cadmeian architecture. However, once can see elements of gothic architecture clearly when they look at the tower. It doesen’t have many decorations on the outside, being made of reinforced black basalt . On the interior there are lots of decorations : Paintings , coloured tiles and painted walls are some of the decorations that can be found on the interior of the tower.


The Sanguine Tower was built as one of the first buildings by the early colonists of Cadmeia. Designed to be a control centre for the first colony and its surrounding settlements. It served its purpose well and became one of the most renowned and famous buildings across the world of Cadmeia.   During The great devastation however, When the first demonic forces from the Great rift started invading the planet, most of the planets population was killed. Only by timely arrival of reinforcements by the The imperial terran federation was the demonic threat stopped. Afterwards, Cadmeia began its transition to become the first fortress world and The city of Valcoran became the first fortress city in Cadmeia. The tower was significantly renovated at this time to become a potent military installation on its own and ever since its construction almost 800 years ago, It has not fallen once to the demonic legions of Kerr
"The tower was dark and gigantic, yet eerily beautiful at the same time. It served as a beacon of hope for all those who resided on the world, a light in the dark void of Chaos, a symbol of defiance against the enemies of Mankind"   Spoken by Aiden Tallorann

The Great rift is a gigantic Void fissures located in the northern part of the Milky way galaxy. It is to date the largest void fissure ever recorded to exist, at an enormous size of 40 thousand light years across and around the same in diameter. Being the largest void fissure in the milky way galaxy, the surrounding regions such as the Gehennian Gate and the Mundus Noctis sector have witnessed some of the largest demonic invasions in recorded history. Many of the worlds inside the great rift contain long lost secrets and technologies, Something which The imperial terran federation has long tried to get to turn the tides in their war against the breakers forces
Alternative Names
The Everlasting beacon
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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13 Feb, 2019 21:36

This sounds like quite the momument! You should describe it so that I can picture what you're describing, and I think some quotes from the people which talk about it would be a very strong addition as well!

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15 Feb, 2019 02:16

That's a nice quote in there now.

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15 Feb, 2019 02:56

There we go! So it is. (thanks for notifying)

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Elias Redclaw
15 Feb, 2019 03:08

Thank you both SO much for the feedback! I really am happy for your guys feedback

15 Feb, 2019 10:08

Why was the planet colonized in the first place? Even for a power house of an organization colonizing a planet is a steep investment. What does Cadmeia offer to offset the cost?   A sense of place would be nice. What kind of world or system is the sanguine tower located in/on. What is the climate/weather conditions like? Other planetary or solar conditions or phenomenon besting the Sanguine tower the planets population?   How/Why was the spire the only struct standing after the demon attack?   Did the demons leave any lingering taint or curse/threat? Or perhaps the risk of a demon world or door? This could also answer why the planet was fortified.   Why would the pinnacle of military/planetary defense be accessible to the public and possible terrorist or enemy acts?   Why were the imperial reinforcements not pulled back when they realized they were defending a dead colony?   Why did the imperial Terran federation bother investing time and resources to re-build, repopulate, and fortify a dead world? Is it strategically located? is there a cultural significance? is it a statement to their enemies? does it have resources that merit the cost to reclaim the rock? What is the tactical, economic, political, religious reasoning for taking back and rebuilding this dirt ball and not directing the resources to other fronts?   History suggestion; the tower was a fabrication factory tied to a space elevator. It's purpose was to ferry constructs built in low gravity to the planet surface. The colonists couldn't afford to spare the resources needed to run the planet side heavy construction machinery to start out. So they leaved the utility of low gravity for heavy living prefabs and spread out the project load on their limited engineering population.   Architecture suggestion: Look at king louis the XIV art in Versailles.   Maybe give a first hand account?   As the ship entered visual range of planet Cadmeia a black hulking form swallowed the suns light. Cleaving the whole of the world in two along the equator, the blackness of the void striking out from that terrible titanic shadow. A unshakable feeling both awe and of menace wormed it's way into my very being. Gazing upon it I couldn't help but invasion the claw of some terrible horror imprisoned deep within the planet. Like an egg ready to birth some new nightmare into this galaxy. "The Sanguine Tower", The most prominent and stalwart structure on Cademia. It's base rooted at the center of the planetary capital of Valcoran. The lumbering behemoth was the first structure raised from the dust of Cadmeia when the first colonists forged their mark. It thus contains many rooms of historical media and artifacts of those now reunited at his side on earth. The tower itself looming over the planet like an ancient hornets nest buzzing and bristling with defenses, warships, and repair craft to facilitate the bygone towers constant renovations and upkeep. The spire once drew its name sake from its celestial host. But after the blighting it was the only structure standing and was so rechristened to give the people's hope form. The hope of the people to endure after the grate devastation that rocked the planet eradicated the better half of the population. The structure now stands as a warning to both mankind and our enemies. "We are not afraid. We will endure, our light undimming. every defeat only adds to the armies of him on earth. We will strike out and punish all those that would deny his light." or so the rhetoric would say. However, the reality is the tower is an aging monolith, the moldering linchpin in the tenuous dame that prevents the tidal wave of madness scuttling in the darkness from washing everything away. If it ever falls every soul on the planet would be damned to a fate far worse than death. To those on the surface the sight of it holds both security, and I'm sure just beneath a thin veil the ever present doubt they hope to never face.   - Logged aboard the sturdy ship "Piercing Light", Imperial Scholar Roden Barns AU978431 the year of his word.

15 Feb, 2019 14:39

Nice work Claw!! Also, the theme really fits the world now! It gives it an even better feel. Keep being awesome dude :D

Grab your hammer and go worldbuild! :3
15 Feb, 2019 23:54

I've already commented on this, but I'd recommend trying to space out the paragraphs, a little space would make it easier on the eyes when reading :D   Also why is it called the sanguine tower? :3

Grab your hammer and go worldbuild! :3
16 Feb, 2019 10:48

Like is there a reason for the name meaning blood? It would be very interesting to hear about the origin of the name. Is there special reasoning behind it? :D   I would also recommend some BBC, it could result in an even better presentation of the article :D

Grab your hammer and go worldbuild! :3
15 Feb, 2019 18:14

I love any building bristling with turrets, so I'm a big fan. I also really like that all of the names, be they of people or planets, sound natural and feel like something a person would actually say.   I do struggle a bit with the tone, though that may just be unfamiliarity with the setting. Te me, having something with a dark name like the Sanguine Tower also be called the Everlasting Beacon and a light in the darkness seems very jarring. I have the most trouble with that in the quote: he calls it dark, then calls it a light in the dark. It seems a bit strange to use dark to refer to both the tower and the Chaos as well.   If the picture in my head after reading about the defenses and fortifications is accurate, should there be a sentence or two in the "purpose" section about defense?

16 Feb, 2019 02:15

Nice article. The story flowed nicely. But what would happen if the Tower collapsed? Or if it was destroyed by some powerful force/entity? Would its empire collapse as well? Overall, good worldbuilding.

16 Feb, 2019 06:20

Hey there, again. Saw your comment in Discord. A bit confused about what you're angry about, but I guess I have some things to answer for as well.

16 Feb, 2019 06:22

The article was good, but I haven't added it to favorites yet because I don't know much about the setting. My previous questions were genuine, and were asked from my perspective. I simply wanted an answer to the question, and was not uninterested by the article in any way.

16 Feb, 2019 06:23

Either way, the setting is overall rather good. I guess my original question is the only one remaining.

17 Feb, 2019 16:43

The tower feels really believable to me, and makes a lot of sense in your world. Its position as a beacon of hope does make sense. A thing that I think is missing is the metrical data on it: How high exactly is it? What is its weaponry's range? How many stories does it have? How many stories do the different parts of the tower (museum and defense) have? How many people work in it? How old is it? Feel free to answer to my comment once you answered those questions, and you get your well-deserved heart. ^^   Two super small thing I noticed on a formatting/grammar level:
1. The "," (comma) and "." (point) look very similar in this fond, so you should make sure to get capital letters right to prevent confusion. I noticed 3 falsely capital words in the first 2 sentences. '^^
2. You can change the content of article link texts by just editing the text within the square brackets, to avoid awkward grammatical structures like "a gigantic void fissures". This does not break the link, dw.

Elias Redclaw
18 Feb, 2019 08:23

Thank you for the comment kelban! I was afraid that i would bog down this article with too many unnecessary details but now that you have brought this issue up , i think i will expand a bit more upon that part. As for the weaponry range, it varies from type to type with the longest targeting ones being able to strike targets more than ten thousand kilometres away. But i will put more effort into thinking about this part soon. And again, thank you for the comment

18 Feb, 2019 09:33

Btw, you can use key-value-pairs to do this kind of bullet-point-info, to keep it very small in terms of space. If you are unsure how to do this, just look at the BB-Code reference on the right side of the edit page.

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
17 Feb, 2019 20:10

Good job man. It's nice and concise which is good given the count restriction. Is that a new quotebox. I like it either way! Don't forget about the sidebar. From what in seeing its a tad uneven. Not a big deal but its a suggestion. I'm on mobile currently so may not see what u see. No errors either. Good job man. I don't have much to add. Maybe a little more cultural touches but it has all it needs. It's very good.Z :)

17 Feb, 2019 22:52

this is amazing and i only have one question, how did the people of Cadmeia come back from nearly beng wiped out? or is that on a different article?

Journeyman RwbyMoon
Benjamin Andula
19 Feb, 2019 16:47

What a quite impressive tower, following its centuries of existence and its status of everlasting survivor in the architecture! I'm a bit sad that the tower isn't that detailed outside nor has a picture that clearly shows it, with a name like that they could easily have a gothic monstrous structure. I'm worried about the origin of this name, and it's probably not because of a jelly joke that turned national...

"Nothing great has been accomplished in the world without passion" -- G.W.F. Hegel
27 Mar, 2019 01:21

You got some great content here friend! I think you do a great job of describing the main points of the challenge and you portray it well. If I may suggest I think you need a bit more BBcode to really make things shine here.   However I do see you are learning from each challenge so I'm excited to see how you keep improving. I'd highly suggest looking into maps for challenges like this and perhaps the use of lists to help you deliver critical points.   Keep it up bud.

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