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The Alliance

"We cannot hope to defeat the breaker alone. No matter how much we try, we simply do not stand a chance against his armies, let alone his very form. For that reason, we must stick together.. No matter how ugly you look or how much we hate each other, we have to cast off our differences for this very reason. We must fight against the breaker with all of our might and determination for standing even the smallest chance of victory against him and avoid the nightmarish fate that we shall suffer if we lose."   Idraesil Harvanesh, the first Aenarri, adressing a meeting of the leaders of all the major races of the alliance for keeping their alliance together
  The Alliance is a gigantic coalition consisting of most if not all of the races in the sixteen universes. It was created solely to counter the return of the breaker and to prevent him from ever awakening again. Despite being composed of innumerable races, it is lead by 5 major ones. The Aenarri , Lycans , Saurians , Charybdians and last of all, mankind. The Alliance maintains control over an enormous stretch of territory across all the universes, being ever vigilant of any sign of the breakers corruption. For they shall not die out so easily, even against insurmountable odds.


The Alliance is divided into 5 major races, being above all the other races. Consisting of the Aenarri, Lycans, Saurians , Charybdians and Humans, these races lead the alliance and all the races within it. Except the Charybdians, each of the races are also lead by a being who is the vessel of a higher titan.   Immediately below the major races lie the greater powers of the alliance. This is a branch consisting of one hundred races that are regional powers for their respective spheres of influence. Beneath that lies a diverse range of sub alliances, pacts and coalitions between the various other races that are just as vital to the Alliance as the major races, if not even more so.

Public Agenda

The alliance exists for 3 main reasons, as laid down in its core tenets.  

To protect

" I have seen the destruction he causes. Even when chained in the remotest corners of The void, the breakers presence can be sensed all across existence and reality. His armies are relentless, merciless and unforgiving and spare none. For that we exist. We exist so that others that come after us may have a sliver of hope. We don't have that luxury. But we shall fight on and on till our last dying breath, for that faint hope of victory all of us hold so close to our hearts.
  The first core tenet of the Alliance is to protect all of the mortal realms from the corruption of Kerr and his enroaching armies. The alliance has sworn to pledge all of its military forces to keep the corruption in check and purify it at a moments notice.  

To sanctify

"After defending from the nightmarish onslaughts of Kerr, the first thing we always have to do is clean up the mess he leaves. And that part my brother is sanctification."   Lorann sanguinus meros talking to his brother Alexander about the sanctification process used to clean up demonic taint after an invasion.
  After a demonic invasion has been defeated, there still remains the risk of demonic taint. The carcasses of demons still emanate demonic energy that must be cleansed. For this purpose, there exists the ritual of sanctification. There is a wide range of ways to sanctify a place from holy seals, sacred chants and much more. This forms the second core tenet of the Alliance.  

To defeat

" It may seem a far way off but that is the only way we can defeat him. No matter how hard we try, our defences will snap one day and when it does snap, so does all of our hopes of winning this war. For this reason we should be aggressive whenever we can. Root out the corruption, destroy the demons, and keep on relentlessly attacking Kerr just like he does with us till we can force the breaker to break.   Augustus Ludwig, advocating for a strategy to be more and more aggressive against Kerr and his forces
  The third and final tenet of the Alliance is open attacks against the forces of Kerr to ultimately subdue him. Whilst this policy is rarely implemented due to the relentless attacks of Kerrs forces, it is amongst the foremost of the long term goals of the Alliance in order to ultimately defeat Kerr once and for all.


Before the formation

" It all began after the Sundering. Where we were reminded once again of just how dangerous and powerful of a being the breaker was. It took all of reality and existence to shackle him again and even then, it took the sacrifice of the ancients to do that. We must not forget their valiant sacrifice and instead, use all of our strength to fight to our last dying breath, just as they did."   Idraesil Harvanesh
  Before the Alliance began, most of the universe was in relative peace. The twin superpowers of Ancient mankind and the Aenarri lived together in peace despite the friendly rivalry between them. They had achieved Technological progress unlike never before and had spread across the Cosmos using exotic and highly advanced technologies. However, the breaker was always there, plotting to return again and reclaim his rightful position as the lord of the four realms. And so he decided to decieve all of ancient mankind, for their power was promising and would be greatly helpful for him when he returned.  

" The sundering"

" I really don't want to go back to those dark times.The things i witnessed, the deaths i saw and the destruction that it had wrought has scarred me for life. To prevent that from ever happening again, we shall have to fight with all we have. Even if it drives us to extinction, others may have hope and we may be reunited with them in heaven"   Idraesil Harvanesh, talking about the Sundering"
  Kerr had begun to put his plans into motion at around the same time that the ancient human empire was at its zenith. He knew that he could not corrupt ancient mankind in a single stroke and so , he started to passively corrupt the humans by spreading evil ideas into their populace. Slowly but surely, the corruption spread and quickened the pace it spread it till it was rapidly consuming multiple worlds, star systems and even galaxies. Void rifts began to open all around the universe from which demons started spilling into the mortal realm. The sundering had begun in earnest.   Alarmed by the chaos consuming the universe, the remainning humans and Aenarri, alongside most of the other races in the universe including the ancients, fought against the breaker. The war spread to all the parts of the universe and even into other universes, seeing untold countless numbers of people slaughtered mercilessly. And then when Kerr had regained enough energy, the chains holding him to the void snapped. The breaker was free once again.  

" The sacrifie of the Ancients"

  Aware that they could not win a war against the breaker himself, the ancients and all of the remainning ancient humans as well as most of the Aenarri decided to use one last trick to defeat Kerr. The ancients had been developing a weapon that was capable of robbing a being of their very psychic potential. The ancients used this to strip Kerr of most of his powers and in a gigantic battle that saw many races including the ancients, the loyalist humans and most of the Aenarri as well as the other races go extinct, defeated Kerr. The sundering was over and Kerr was rebound to his prison. But at the cost of the greatest race to have ever existed. Soon after the degeneration of the traitorous humans to Lycans , the remaining races formed a pact for defending the universe from the breakers corruption should it ever rise again. That pact became to be known as the Alliance.  

Forging alliances

"We might have defeated the Breaker once but he remains far from defeated. That was justa mere thorn in his foot that he needed to pick off and nurse for a little while. As soon as he recovers from that , we are all doomed again. For this reason, i say that we shall try to forge alliance with each and every race of the universe. For we cannot defeat the breaker alone and have only the slightest of hopes even if we truly unite"   Idraesil Harvanesh, declaring the alliances need for more allies and members.
  The newfound alliance , despite being a formidable foe was still only a small force that paled in comparison to the breakers armies. They needed more members and allies. For this they needed more allies and members for the alliance. And so they set forth on the long journey, hoping to further expand this alliance to pose more of a challenge to the breaker  

" Pact with the Saurians"

" Besides the Norwegians , the Saurians were our first allies"

"Ever vigilant, ever watchful

Founding Date
After the sundering
Political, Alliance
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Idraesil Harvanesh
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