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Deus Carmina

" Will we ever truly have any hope of victory? Any chance at all to be reunited with our loved ones who have perished"?   "There is a very very slim chance. I remember that when i was a child, my mother used to tell me stories about a legendary hero known as Deus Carmina. The very incarnation of all that is good in this universe and the avatar of god himself. He would come down to us in our direst times, during the end of days and when all of the universe would lend him his power, he would defeat the breaker. What i witnessed in my life though, makes it look silly but hey we can always hope right? After all, its what got us through this hellhole we call life for so long."     Two soldiers conversing about the legend of Deus Carmina
  Deus Carmina is the name given to a legendary and mythical person that is common to almost all if not every culture across the Universe. The legend itself is about a figure that is the incarnation of all that is good in this universe and also the avatar of god, coming down to help every last uncorrupted being during the end of days. Whilst most people, quickly witnessing the brutality of life shrug it off for the most part, they do keep it as a small chance of hope in this bleak world. A small chance that might be the difference between a fate far worse than death or a life of eternal happiness. However, little do they know that Deus Carmina is a true being and already exists. Who would have known that the 25 year old Seraphim, Lorann sanguinus meros would be Deus Carmina?


" Its said that Deus Carmina will have red eyes and waist length black hair. He will be a big and tough guy as well. Does that mean its you brother?"     Me? Being Deus Carmina himself? Pfft. Not only is that a myth but there is no way i could be that. I am far too flawed after all. If only life had a bit more hope sprinkled into it"   Lorann sanguinus meros, conversing with his brother Alexander over the legend
    In a world of darkness, where mankind loses its hopes and chances day by day, there is one thing that keeps at least a little bit of hope in their hearts. The legend of Deus Carmina.   Deus Carmina is a purported legendary figure from myths long forgotten. He is known to be a figure of tall muscular build, with blood red eyes and waist length void black hair. Deus Carmina is also the incarnation of all that is holy, pure, innocent and good about the universe into one single being and the promised saviour of all mankind and aliens when the end times come. Being the Avatar of god, Deus Carmina is also most likely the strongest and most powerful force of order in all of the four realms, in his prime peak being rivals to the breaker himself. If there is one thing the bringer of nightmares, the personification of terror and its progenitor fears, it is Deus Carmina. For he knows that it is far from being a mere myth and actually a fully real being, one that is destined to haunt him till either one of them dies.

Historical Basis

" In these dark days, even the smallest bit of hope is worth holding onto"
  Whilst being thought of as nothing but a fairy tale by most people, there are small clues for the existence of Deus Carmina spread across the universe. From some of the artifacts of the ancients that have already been discovered, it is known that the ancients made great effort to find a person that would be fit enough to become the vessel of Deus Carmina. They had dedicated an immense amount of their time to their research and even made successes but ultimately failed in the end.   Whilst most of the The Alliance has its focus on uncovering the lost artifacts of the ancients and keep staving off the breaker, they are also on the lookout for Deus Carmina. For finding this being would be a miracle and the biggest theoretical chance they would have to defeat the breaker.


Most cultures across the universe have at least some form of the myth of Deus Carmina with small variations. Whilst most people, even children since they mature fast are quick enough to dismiss it, they do still keep it in their hearts as a source of hope, no matter how small it is.

Cultural Reception

" He serves as a beacon of hope for us in these dark times. Many people might shrug it off as some childish fantasy but truth is, he does exist. At least i believe in that. The end days have yet to befall us and we shall see. But that bit of hope is whats going to be the difference between eternal happiness in paradise or a fate far worse than death at the hands of the breaker."   Aiden Tallorann speaking to his lover Anniallia Karina about the Deus Carmina
  Deus Carmina is mostly regarded as a small fairy tale by most people in the federation and also the other alien races, being quick enough to evolve into pragmatists after witnessing the horrors of the universe. But secretly, many people do keep it in their hearts as something to believe in when hard times come.  
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' I saw it in his eyes. That young Cadmeian soldier, he was prophesied to bring about the ruin of our lord. The way he fought even when he had no hope to win, the sheer faith of him and the way he protected his comrades proved it. Moreover what shocked me most was that he didn't die despite all that we did. We probably shot him a few thousand times, pounded him with artillery, rockets, plasma bombs, void bombs and what not and yet he survived. We reduced him to mincemeat only to see him come back to life without any damage. In the end, only me and him were standing. The rest of us were either broken, dead, dying and missing mos of their body parts whilst lying in a lake of blood. To this day, the man haunts me in my dreams"   A traitor marine, speaking about the bloodbath he and his comrades had witnessed at the hands of Meros
  Unbeknownst to all in the universe, even himself, Meros is the incarnation of Deus Carmina, which is further cemented by his personality and immortality. He was the culmination of a plan older than even the Aenarri race. It shall be revealed to him soon however, for he is destined to lead mankinds last stand when it comes, and come it will. It is just a matter of when
Date of First Recording
Unknown. Presumably as early as 13 billion BC.
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