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Lorann sanguinus meros

Lorann Sanguinus Meros (a.k.a. Frosty.)

"I have sacrificed all that i had just for the greater good of mankind. For the sake of peace, in the hopes that one day, this will all be a nightmare and nothing else. But sadly, this isn't some sort of fairy tail where everyone lives happily after. No, for us to truly achieve peace, we must struggle with all that we have. Every last single man, woman and child has to do their absolute best if we even have a chance of emerging victorious in this war against our mortal enemy"   Attributed to Meros.
Loran Sanguinus Meros is one of the greatest , if not the greatest warrior and legend of mankind that has ever lived. He has surpassed even his father in terms of his heroism, despite him being shunned for a variety of reasons for quite a lot of people for some of his actions, including his inability to control his temper and being easily enraged. Despite being only 25 years old, he has become a legendary figure in the hearts of men. He is a bit different than any other being in existence because secretly, he is one of vessels for the avatar of god himself and the fact that he is a regenerator. A being that is truly and literally unkillable by every means.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lorann was born to his father, the legendary warrior Hans Jurgen K├╝rsch and his Aenarri wife. He was born in the year 2975 and was the 16th child of the loving marriage between his parents and was referred to as "The sixteenth blessing" by his father. At the time of his birth, a lot of his siblings were either dead or missing in action whilst fighting in the various wars against the breaker. Born on a voidship, he grew up there for a few weeks before it reached the planet of Cadmeia, where he would grow up for the first 5 years in his life. He mainly grew up with his elder sister Camilla and his elder brother Axel in a small town just outside The city of kallius.


Meros went to the

Accomplishments & Achievements


Morality & Philosophy



Augustus Ludwig

Commander and father figure (Important)

Towards Lorann sanguinus meros




Lorann sanguinus meros

Junior officer (Important)

Towards Augustus Ludwig




" Meros, what if i told you to murder an innocent child and told you that it was for the greater good of mankind"?   "With all due respect sir, i cannot carry out that order. It is impossible on my behalf to murder someone who has done nothing wrong and murdering in general. I just want this war to end and be with my love and family in peace."   You truly are a angel my man. Congratulations."
  As an extremely high ranking officer of the bloodmarine legions, Meros is seen as one of Ludwigs most valuable commanders and one of his most fervent supporters. The two have formed a close relationship with each other over the years, with Ludwig becoming an extremely close father figure for the mentally scarred warrior. Besides his brother Alexander, Ludwig is the only one that knows about his secret relationship with Narissa and offers him as much comfort as he can. For these reasons, Meros holds Ludwig above most people in his life and would go as far to sacrifice his own life for him.

Nicknames & Petnames

When they first met, Ludwig would go on to call Meros "Rook" for him being a rookie. Later on, as Meros matured and grew up, he would earn the nickname of Frosty from Ludwig .

Shared Acquaintances

Both being high ranking people in the federation, Ludwig and Meros share the same goal. To defeat Kerr and his armies and play a gigantic strategic as well as tactical role in defending mankind.

Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
2975 AD 25 Years old
Male heterosexual
Blood red
Long, sleek, raven black
400kg without armor and 16 tonnes with armor
Related Myths
Known Languages
Meros is very fluent in English and german as well as cadmeian and low terran and high terran.He also knows a lot of aenarri language but isnt fluent in it as much as he is in the other ones

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