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" If we have to win this war and annihilate the servants of the false god, we must defeat the Lycans first. Out of all our enemies, they are the ones who haunt my dream the most. I constantly have nightmarish visions about tall wolf like warriors butchering my men in the middle of the night, shrugging off all our attempts to stop them . If we do not manage to eradicate them, it could just as well mean our greatest nightmares come to reality"   The chaos lord Lucius on the Lycans.
  The Lycans are a hardy race of gigantic anthropomorphic wolf like creatures from the Ice covered planet of Dagon. Being the largest and physically strongest race in The Alliance , the Lycans are the elite shock troops of the forces of the alliance and often make up the ranks of very high ranking demonhunters in the The Holy order.

Basic Information


Lycans resemble the werewolves of old Terran myth except for the fact that are twelve feet tall .They have an incredibly robust muscular and skeletal system that can morph into different shapes to better protect from attacks.Their arms also have claws that can pierce tactical vindicator armour and can also be used for clinging to walls and climbing as well.The average Lycan is about 4 times as strong as an average Aenarri and around 16 times stronger than a normal Terran human.

Genetics and Reproduction

Lycans reproduce like the humans of Old earth.They select a mate and have things like dating,marriage,breakups,divorces etc.A lycan begins its life as a single celled organism which contains all the necessary DNA codes for a mature and fully grown Lycan. They develop in their mothers womb by getting nutrients and growing key parts of the Lycan anatomy and body at first. Lycans usually take around 2 weeks to fully gestate.During this time the mother will hear the unborn lycans cries and can even sense its soul being formed.

Growth Rate & Stages

A lycan can be considered an adult at the age of 16.When it is first born it has no fur, claws and tail.As it ages it develpos all three of them,the tail being the last.The growth of the tail is generally thought to be in the Lycan society when a lycan reaches adulthood

Ecology and Habitats

Lycans are a very adaptable race although they prefer the cold climates of the planet Arctica. Generally they make their homes i the valleys of Arctica where they hunt the local wildlife for food and other resources.The great ice caverns of Arctica are also home to large population centers of the Lycans. They get water on Arctica by transporting huge blocks of ice to melting factories where the ice blocks are melted for water.Geothermal heat is the primary source of Arcticas power supply as well as large solar arrays when the summer comes and Arctica passes close to its star.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lycans can eat a wide variety of food including many Cadmeian creatures as well.They mostly are habituated to eat the food of their own world although the ones living in Cadmeia for a long time have integrated into the culture there so they eat normal human foods as well.The lycans have a relatively high metabolism and for this they need to eat quite often to keep their bodies running.

Biological Cycle

Lycans have a very intricate relationship with the seasons of Arctica. During the summer months the lycans shed their fur in the hot environments or move further north and in the winter months they put on extra layers of fur.It is also important to note that Lycan fur can be tanned as well.In the summer months the Lycans have black fur if they are exposed to the light of Dagon for too long and in the winter months they take a white colour if they stay out of sunlight for long

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Lycans unlike humans don't grow beards.Their face can have stubble though and their eyes glow at night as well.

Average Intelligence

Lycans are much more intelligent than humans,being roughly on par with an Aenarri

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The lycans have incredibly heightened senses of smell and hearing.This makes them almost impossible to sneak up on by any enemy and allows them to sneak up on even the wariest enemies.Their sight is also very well developed which makes them accurate sharpshooters.They have a sixth sense in which they can see the souls and ghosts of other people as well as void energy and any signs of demonic taint.This allows them to see even the slightest traces of demonic activity and allows them to root it out amongst themselves.This also allows them to investigate murders relating to demons as they can use their spirit vision rooting out any demonic activity.Another of their psychic powers exclusively available to them is the fear aura.This weakens the power of any demon around them and if there are large amounts of lycans present looking for a particular demon the power of demons in that area will be greatly reduced.Demons also become afraid in the presence of large amounts of Lycans and lycan psychics can intensify this aura.This aura also has the effect of intensifying angelic and anti demonic activity such as increasing the power of angels of making other creatures fighting against demons stronger to both possession by demons and their attacks as well as making them more powerful against demons.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Lycan names are usually derived from the language of Old earth known as Latin.Some common lycan names are given below Male Titus Sidonus Lionus Angelo Meros Kerowas Retsos Female Secunda Nika Nix Lanas Vino

Average Technological Level

Lycans are an extremely technologically advanced race being on par with the @Aenarii in terms of technological prowess.They have invented their own FTL drives different than the ones used by the humans or the Baldur gates used by the Aenarri. Lycan starships are usually more stronger and maneuverable than the sleek and agile but deadly crafts of the Aenarii or the rugged ones used by humans.Their starships use a wide variety of weapons from fusion lance beams to magnetically accelerated projectiles and even black holes and void storms as WMDs।


The lycans were originally ancient humanity who alongside the Aenarri were born on the planet Inarion. Alongside the Aenarri they forged a gigantic empire which was powerful enough to even rival that of the ancients,although ancient humanity was slightly stronger.During the events of the eternal night around 10 billion years ago,most of the ancient human race were seduced by the breaker to partially release the breaker.The resulting war saw the extinction of most races in the multiverse including the extinction of the ancients and the near destruction of most pf the four realms.At great cost Kerr was resealed again.Only two untainted humans were left and they were Adam and Eve.God gave them one more gift and this was the gift of sanguinius,known more commonly as the @bloodlight effect.Adam and Eve were then instructed to go to a relatively unimportant planet named Earth and start the human race anew there.Meanwhile the untainted humans were punished by god by turning them into the beasts known as lycans and abandoning them to the breaker.The lycans pleaded to god to give them a second chance and so god gave them the second chance.They were then given the blessing of the high titan Aurelius and the strongest among them became his champion.Since then to this day for 10 billion years no Lycan has ever fallen to the breaker

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Lycans usually have a well standing relationship with the sentient species of the Galaxy as well as the alliance provided they don't worship the breaker of go away from the path of god.The lycans are always trying to save the other races of the galaxy from the mistake they committed.They are the best with their human brethren and many lycans also end up marrying humans and producing offspring
Scientific Name
Lykus Aurelius
200 years
Conservation Status
Lycans inhabit a large stretch of space in the Southern milky way
Average Height
3.6 to 4.9 metres
Average Weight
200 to 500 kg
Average Physique
Slender , muscular and well built
Related Myths

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6 Dec, 2018 17:13

i like that you went into their lore and culture a lot, as well as your descriptions of the physical features and life cycle

6 Dec, 2018 17:13

Nice article! You have a lot of detail and the text is generally well written :D I would go back and fix some of the punctuation mistakes tho, you often have something like this "word .word" where the space and the dot is placed opposite. Another good idea would be to break up the text a bit and make it easier to read :D   Nice work!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
25 Jan, 2019 19:04

Ok so this one has a couple grammar issues. No big deal but I'll point them out so others don't. "resistant species to the corruption of demons because of them being under the Titan Aurelius and their..." under the titan? Does this mean worship? It's implied but clarification would be a good idea just to avoid the image of a titan sitting on a bunch of twelve foot tall lycans...its a funny image but this seems a pretty serious world and not intended.
The other error I found "Terran myth except for the fact that are twelve feet tall..." they or they're is missing. Ok so I'm going to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of werewolves. I never really have been. This isnt your fault. I'm still going to try to give this the best critique I can here because you have just some amazing things here that really work well. It's not a bad species, I would dare say it is a pretty good concept. It's a nice way of using werewolves as an inspiration regardless of whether I like em or not. So the first thing that stood out to me was in the section detailing reproduction. You state the mother can hear the unborn cries and feel the soul being formed. This is beautiful. I have a son myself and his mother has the strangest " superpower" of knowing exactly what was going on even when he was in the womb. Nice touch of reality there. Another awesome idea is the melting factories. Loved that idea and the geothermal power is very realistic for an ice planet. I do wonder what about the cold they enjoy so much? It's a great article and I hope my lack of interest in its inspiration didn't effect the review.

11 Feb, 2019 15:53

Any world that has dominating, slaying lycans is a world I want to read more of. Once again, badass, my friend.

23 May, 2019 09:13

As said before by others, grammar and rephrasing some sentences could help make the article stand out way better, but for what you already did it's looking to be a promising article! The little touches to add to the culture are all nice, though again, formatting could really make this article stand out.   I did get a bit confused regarding the history, seeing as you namedrop the presence of a "multiverse" as well.. Are Lycians from another planet in the Galaxy or more akin to interdimensional travellers? Also, with the Adam & Eve stuff, how does this effect Real-life fossils of our ancestors?   Also for the intelligence stuff,Perhaps you should remove that and talk about their knowledge in technological advancements & what not, since I can't really compare how "smart" they truly are. Interstellar travel or just discovered the steam engine?   Overall, keep up the hard work!

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