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The Holy order

The holy order is the name given to the federations military branch that specializes and is dedicated to the eradication and complete extermination of demons and all of demonkind wherever they are found. They are themselves a part of the divine order which is an alliance of demon hunting organizations from all the races of the alliance. The holy order besides the blood reapers legion and the divine order are the single most powerful and well equipped organization. They possess endless arrays of weaponry and wargear which is specially suited for combat against demons. They are mainly composed of three different types of organizations. First are the arbiters which act as inquisitors and investigators into demonic activity. They command a retinue of acolytes which can range from elite Tempestus demonica soldiers recruited from the ranks of the colonial marine corps to the elite sanctifiers bloodmarines and the shadowmarine legions under them which are handpicked from the very best of the best of the shadow and bloodmarine corps.   Second are the Tempestus demonica. These are the elite soldiers recruited from the colonial marine corps which serve as the regular rank and file infantry for the organization. They are picked from across all the regiments from tens of thousands of planets and have to go through a rigorous training course to be formally accepted into the ranks of the holy order   Last but not least are the sanctifiers and the shadowmarine legions under them. These supersoldiers are selected from the very best of the blood and shadowmarines and form the main fighting force of the holy order besides the Tempestus demonica. They serve as shock troops and spearhead assaults into demon infested territory. In all of recorded history not one sanctifier or other shadowmarine under them has fallen to the grip of the breaker


The demonhunters organization structure depends upon each of the three corps. They are listed below.   The arbiters are lead by the high arbiter who is one of the members of the holy council that rules the holy order and is also a member of the divine council in the divine order. They look after the normal arbiters and monitor them for signs of corruption. A normal arbiter usually answers to a venerable arbiter who commands groups of arbiters and their acolytes. They in turn answer to a Lord arbiter who can mobilize an entire sectors worth of resources to aid him or her in their mission. The last and highest rank is the aforementioned rank of the high arbiter who is in charge of the entire arbiter order and the Arbitorum.   The tempestus demonica follow the usual organization structures used by the Gehennian colonial marine corps. A squad consists of 100 members lead by a sergeant which is divided into 10 fireteams led by a corporal. Each fire team has different specializations such as medic, engineer, fire support and sniper specializations and work in tandem with the other fireteams to achieve the best. A company is usually composed of 1000 soldiers lead by a captain with ten squads under them that have the same specilizations like the fireteams. A battalion is composed of ten thousand soldiers and has 10 companies. A regiment is composed of around a hundred thousand soldiers and is composed of 10 battalions. The largest unit is a division and is 1 billion strong and contains ten thousand regiments.   The Sanctifiers and their vassal legions usually follow the same organizational method as the blood reapers and the skeleton lords as laid down in the Codex Sanguis.

Public Agenda

The organizations first and foremost goal is to eradicate and purge the demon wherever it may be found. It is also dedicated to protecting the citizens of both the federation and of the other races of the alliance from demons.


The holy order is the most well supplied and well equipped organization in all of the federation. They have a gigantic space fleet even larger than that of the blood reapers and are nigh impossible to beat by all except the largest and strongest demonic ships. They possess dozens of ultra carriers that are the size of gas giant planets and thousands of hyper carriers as well as tens of thousands of normal supercarriers and hundreds of thousands of normal carriers. They have a gigantic escort fleet as well consisting of innumerable amounts of battleships, heavy and light cruisers, heavy and light frigates and corvettes along with billions of exoatmoshpheric and atmospheric fighter and bomber aircraft. Their land army is also extremely large and strong with huge amounts of soldiers and armored vehicles on their side. Their weapons of mass destruction are specifically targeted to destroy worlds that are literally corrupted by demons to demon infested worlds. These include iconoclast bombs which annihilate any demonic presence on an earth sized planet, Heaven fissure bombs which open a gateway to heaven and allow angels to freely come into the immediate vicinity, And the deadliest of them are purger bombs which severs all of a demons connections to the void and effectively strands them in the material world with no host and no source of energy.

I am the hammer of the lord. I shall purge the unholy threat wherever it may be found.

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