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House Antioch

Created by Alphonse Cypher. A lot of the inspirational credit goes to the authors Dhelian and Milladamen for inspiring me to write this article after i had read theirs
House Antioch is the ruling noble house in the Saurian Empire. Formed around 3 billion years ago after The founder of the Empire Salen Antioch united the warring tribes of Saurians on their native planet of Sauros, The Saurian Empire quickly grew into the largest and strongest superpower in the Andromeda Galaxy as well as becoming one of the strongest civilizations in the entire Universe. Under the leadership of Salen Antioch the Saurians entered a new era of peace and prosperity and technological progress. All of that ended however when the Empire discovered the existence of Kerr the breaker and the void. A brutal war raged on in which almost the entire Saurian race was annihilated but in the end, Salen Antioch was chosen as the champion of the titan of dearh, Mortarius. The timely arrival of a large group of Aenarri warriors as well as the awakening of Salen managed to save the Saurian race from total obliteration. The Aenarri offered a hand in rebuilding the Saurian civilization and also invited them to join the Alliance, which at that time consisted only of the Aenarri and the Lycans. Salen accepted the offer and thus the Saurians became the third major race in their fight against the forces of the Breaker.


The saurian Empire started Long ago when the Saurian race was still young and primitive. In those days, the Saurians were divided into numerous warring tribes that Constantly fought for dominance and resources. One day, a little boy named Salen Antioch who was the son of the tribal blacksmith was set upon by maraduing raiders from another hostile tribe. Salen, despite still being a boy fought with extreme ferocity but eventually could no longer keep up with the strength and numbers of his attackers. He was saved by a grizzled veteran warrior of his tribe who sacrificed his life to save Salen. Before dying, he said that he had seen fire in Salens eyes and that he had the courage and bravery to unite all the warring Saurian Tribes. Salen took this advice to heed and returned to his village with the intention to one day unite all the warring tribes of Sauros.   Over the course of the next few years, Salen distinguished himself with his bravery and leadership skills in the various battles against enemy tribes. Eventually he was elected to the position of Cheiftain once the old chieftain died and he set on his journey to unite the tribes of Sauros and forge an empire that would rule across the stars. After three decades of bloody warfare, he saw his dream coming to fruit and thus the Saurian empire was born.   What followed afterwards was a golden age for the entire Saurian race. In a matter of several years, the saurian race went from being an iron age civilization to a very advanced spacefaring race. Revolutionary inventions in many fields of technology were achieved in this era dubbed by both Saurian and Human scholars as "The age of light". Soon the Saurian empire grew to become the mightiest superpower in the entirety of the Andromeda galaxy and began plans for expanding their empire beyond the borders of their own galaxy. Salens dream was at last completely fulfilled.   All that changed around a century after the start of the Age of light. Kerr had witnessed the Saurians rise to power and saw that they would become a serious threat to his reawakening if they were to join the Alliance, then only consisting of the Aenarri and the Lycans. He had also seen the potential of the Saurians to become an excellent race for weakening the Alliance for the preparation of his return. He soon set to work on corrupting the Saurians and to make them his greatest servants. Due to the Saurians having only slightly higher resistance to moral corruption than humans, they fell relatively easy to the breakers sway and influence. Many worlds on the outer fringes of the Saurian empire became completely corrupted and morally degenrate. Once Kerr had corrupted a large enough number of Saurians, he swung into action and war erupted across all of the empire. Supported by large numbers of demons and the demonic titans themselves, The uncorrupted Saurians, despite being outnumbered and facing much more stronger foes, fought valiantly against the forces of Kerr but eventually were defeated by their adversaries. Facing the destruction of his empire and the death of the race he had worked so hard to unify, he became desperate and tried every way to save his race. Meanwhile however, God was not going to let one of his greatest creations be consumed by the breakers hunger. He called upon Mortarius, The high titan of death and asked him to make Salen his champion because he had proved himself in his valor as a righteous and noble warrior and would make an excellent addition to the alliance. Mortarus agreed and immediately set out to the mortal plane with an army of his angels to aid the Saurian race.

"Victory or Death"!

The Saurians are a Proud and noble race of amphibian Reptilian dragonlike humanoids. They originate from their homeworld of Sauros, a lush planet of Many colourful alien animals and plants in the Andromeda galaxy. At first the Saurians existed only as Warring tribes until one day, A young boy from one of those tribes named Salen Antioch decided to embark on the goal of unifying his race and bringing peace. Eventually after 12 years of bloody fighting, he managed to unify the entire Saurian Race and thus the Saurian empire was born with Salen Antioch as the emperor.
Founding Date
3 billion BC
Court, Royal
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
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Author's Notes

This article is very much work in progress at the moment . Any feedback upon this article will be very much welcome.

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