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The skeleton lords

Created by Alphonse Cypher
The skeleton lords are the most powerful and greatest of the bloodmarine legions after the skeleton lords. They operate on a multitude of planets but their main fortress bastion is located on the Dark world of Ragnarok. The skeleton lords are most renowned for their use of necromancy and their expertise in it. They are also known for being the masters in biological and chemical warfare as well as pioneers in the genetic engineering department. This has made their soldiers physically and psychically the strongest in the federation. Had the blood reapers been not be blessed by Sanguinius they would be able to easily defeat a blood reaper in one on one combat and even do so on some occasions. They develop the Genetic augmentations for the rest of the bloodmarine and shadowmarine legions and generally the ones used by themselves are pure and without mutation.


The Skeleton lords are a codex following legion and follow the same organizational structure of the blood reapers legion. Unique among the skeleton lords however is one role and that is the role of the necromancers. The necromancer corps are made out of skeleton lords who show promise and talent in the art of necromancy. They serve as the legions doctors, researchers in the genetic department, monitor the usually pure genes of the bloodmarines and shadow marines of every legion and taking to battle with their necromancy skills. In battle they use their necromancy to revive fallen allies, raise the enemy back from the dead and use them against their own force, Capture souls for powering corpses because a soulless corpse dissipates into soul dust after a short amount of time. Souls of greater beings like greater demons can be split into smaller souls that can power many corpses. Necromancers are also always researching into several ways to enhance the souls of humans and aliens in order to give them better resistance against demonic corruption. Aiden and his two seraphims and their own necroguard as well as aidens own necroguard form aidens personal honor guard.

Public Agenda

Like the other bloodmarine legions the skeleton lords follow the same ideals of the blood reapers and the federation.


The skeleton lords are one of the best equipped fighting orces in the federation. Their space fleet consists of dozens of supercarriers with one hypercarrier being the flagship which is supplemented by hundreds of battleships and tens of thousands of cruisers, frigates, heavy and light corvettes. They also have a well trained air force capable of both in atmosphere and exoatmospheric combat. Their ground force is also very trained and comprises the usual ranks of the bloodmarines legion and their combined arms doctrine. The skeleton lords like the blood reapers also specialize in shock and forward assaults intended to carve a bloody path through the enemy so their equipment is best modified for these situations.
Necromancers were unique to the skeleton lords at first. After a few centuries the colonial marines also began to train some soldiers to become necromancers and in the present day they are quite common amongst the military
Founding Date
Military, Special Operations Force
Skeleton lord
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