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Also known as the gift of Aurelius,Lycanthropy is one of the strongest divine diseases ever discovered to this day.It is spread mostly by the symbiotic and sentient angel parasite although it can be spread by spores as well.It allows normL humans to transform into various creatures like wolves,dragons,sharks,lions,trolls,minotaurs,satyrs etc.Most people revere this as a goft of the titan of light Aurelius

Transmission & Vectors

Lycanthropy is spread by the blessing of aurelius and this can be done in two ways.First is the interbreeding of humans and lycans who are the chosen of aurelius and have his blessings.The children of such unions can transform into lycans at will.The second way is through the form of the angelic parasite known as Sanctus Lycus.This parasite begins as a unicellular irganism and spreads through multiple vectors like air,blood ,spores etc.It infects only certain selected people who have been chosen by Aurelius to have the gift of lycanthropy.In dire times of need a lot of the population will be converted into lycanthropes kn order to fight the demons of Kerr and depending on their bravery and resistance against corruption they will be able to keep it


Lycanthropy is a gift given from Aurelius to those who take upon the mantle to protect his servants and the servants of god.the parasite is particularly effective at night and at full moons where it will multiply rapidly and is very hard to stop.There have been cases where entire populations of millions of people become lycanthropes under the span of 5 minutes under a full moon night.In the beginning the parasite spreads to the central nervous system and hibernates there,using the nutrients of the host.After it has hibernated it begins to reproduce and spreads throughout the entire body.Once the host wills to transform the parasite suddenly become active and fully transform the host into their chosen species of Lycanthropes.After the end of the transformation,the bacteria become dormant again and repair their damage till the need arises again


Since the parasite is a sentient angelic parasite of Aurelius it can be a vector of infection from Aurelian angels as well.During the first stages the victim will hear voices in their head from Aurelius and start to grow fangs.They will also begin to feel an irresistible urge to pray to god and be controlling in their behaviours.During the second stage the host becomes more muscular and taller and stays this way until the final stage which happens when the host wills to transform.At this stage the parasite suddenly becomes active and changes the host into a lycanthrope.What type of lycanthrope it will be depends upon the type of parasite


Since this is a divine disease,people don’t want a cure for this


The course of the infection involves three stages.The first stage is mostly psychological as the host is urged on by Aurelius to do good things to people and be steadfast in their prayers.they also grow fangs and their claws become sharper.In the second stage they grow glowing eyes at night as well as perfect night vision qualities and extremely good senses of smell and hearing.In the third and goal form they completely transform into a lycanthrope after their body is altered by the parasite at will and they stay this way until they revert back to their original form either at will or through extensive damage to the parasitic colonies

Cultural Reception

Lycanthropy is seen as a divine gift of Aurelius.A lot of people want to become lycanthropes and fight the battle against Kerr with greater powers and abilities.Many of the high ranking persons in the federation like Marcus Viggo are lycanthropes
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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4 Dec, 2018 02:18

Interesting take on Lycanthropy. I know you didn't want to go for a story vibe, but even a story vibe intro would have helped. Just something to pull all the pieces together. Your spacing seems to be missing at the end of some sentences.   If it's divine, is it truly a disease? Or is it a gift? Can't help but feel like if it came from the divine and people wanted it, they'd classify it as a gift and never call it a disease.   A chart or some other list of possible -thropies would be nice if they vary based on the parasite.