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Member Since: 8 Mar, 2019

Well hello there! In daytime I am a development student (the social/economics/world saving-kind) and when I find the time I often read, write, draw, host games and world-build and now I have find a platform to really dig deeper into that last one. Giving what I study I love to apply different theories and see how others handel things like geography, economics and cultures. It's not everyday you get the chance to explore and discuss how worlds grow and function.


Spring Concert

Favorite Movies

Treasure Planet. The Little Prince. Project Itho movies.

Favorite TV Series

Redhood and the Outlaws. Barakamon. Bleach and Yu-gi-oh are childhood favorites will always have a special place in my heart.

Favorite Books

1984, Genocidal Organ, Frankenstein

Favorite Games

Darkest Dungeon. Urban Shadows. And any silly dating game where me and my friends gets to do dumb choices and voice-act.

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