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Vampires are the beings created by Vampirism. They are the highest form of undead after the titans and angels themselves. Only humans can become vampires. Vampires are common within the federation and they serve a crucial role in the colonial marine corps and other branches of the military as infiltrators and assassins, a role in which they excel at due to their heightened senses and robust physiology. They wear pressurized thermal resistant suits into battle in order to protect themselves from sunlight and heat, which is their biggest weakness. However vampires are also very hard to detect as they give off almost no heat signature and they get their body heat from inside the suit which prevents it from escaping and giving off ones location to the enemy.

Basic Information


Vampires at first sight resemble normal humans if one does not count the wings and the claws that they have. However this is only skin deep as the vampires are quite different from humans in their internal systems. Their muscles and bones are very powerful and dense, being able to take direct hits from small arms fire as well as regenerate given enough time and nutrients. Their extremely strong leg muscles allow them to move at speeds in excess of 250 kilometers per hour at their maximum. Vampires also have wings growing out of their backs that they can retract into their body as well as retractable claws that are used for climbing and scaling unreachable surfaces as well as slashing and rending their prey. The claws can be retracted into the knuckles which suits their profession as assasins well and they frequently coat their claws with poisons, neurotoxins, carcinogenic substances and a variety of other toxic substances to maximize damage against their prey. Care must be taken however because if the vampire dosent clean off the toxic substances from their claws and retracts them back in, it could potentially lead to him or her being poisoned.

Ecology and Habitats

Vampires usually live in dark and cold places to conserve their energy. They hibernate during the day and mostly go out on night missions when they can operate at their maximum. Additionally some vampires also can function in daylight and they are trained to do so in the ranks of the colonial marine corps.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Vampires, due to the curse laid upon them by Kerr the breaker during the time of their creation have to feed on pure, clean and uncorrupted souls and blood that are free from the breakers taint. Besides this they also eat a wide variety of human as well as alien food for their nutritional needs as well as for the parasite itself

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Vampires have excellent senses that are far more developed than the average Terran humans. Their vision extends into many different wavelengths such as infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic etc. They also have the soul vision which allows them to detect the souls of both the living and the dead. Additionally with this vision they are able to see angels and demons and distinguish between them easily. They can also see void energy and its other subtypes like demonic energy and heaven energy. Higher ranking vampires have developed this sense more and allows them to see even minute traces of souls and void energy as well as bypassing barriers that would make observation of ones soul from the outside impossible. Their hearing is also very well developed and they can hear even the slightest of sounds from many hundreds of metres away depending on the rank of the vampire.
Scientific Name
Homo vampiris
Many millenia
Average Height
7 feet
Average Weight
100 kilograms

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