Dylan Lewis

A gifted and ambitious DJ and music producer, small business owner and a dragon loyalist. Dylan had a terrible start in life with both of his parents being abusive and abandoning him at a young age. From there he went through many foster homes. He was moved often as mysterious fires would break out whenever he would have a nightmare or became angry. This was a side effect of his uncontrolled natural power building up without him using or controlling it in any way.   This all changed when a loyalist heard of this young man who was setting fires everywhere he went. They made a few phone calls and within a day Dylan was placed in a foster care group home for troubled children. Finally he learned that he was not just a freak, but instead inherited mystical powers that were causing all these fires. This was a pivotal moment in his life, but it would still take several years until he could sleep through a night without waking up from a nightmare.


Dylan is driven by his desire to make the most of his second chance. This second chance was given to him by his caretaker Valentin. Yet everyday is still a challenge to not dwell on his childhood and teenage years.   His second motivation comes from his passion for music. He loves making music, listening to it and has found peace through it. Most decisions in his life are influenced by his desire to make and support music.

Abilities & Skills

Most people today know Dylan as a good business man first, and a musician second. I sometimes wonder if he regrets not being able to focus more on his music, but at least his bank account is doing fine.
— a colleague.
Dylan is very skilled at reading other people and understanding their intentions. In combination with a good sense for a buisness opportunity he has established several smaller companies.   Dylan is a warlock by birth. He has learned various spells to utilize these powers at college, but has only found limited use for them. His focus was in spells that are applied to digital music. This was a fairly new field and a lot of experimenting was necessary to build his skill set. His music enhances the mood and emotions of the people that listen to the music. What effect the music has exactly depends on how the music affects the person even without magic and then enhances that effect. The music cannot create emotions that are not already there.   This has of course some dangers as someone in a bad emotional state may have this state worsened by Dylans music. This means that if Dylan is playing his music in a public setting or with a large audience he always makes sure to not make the magic too strong. He often prefers to play his own music in smaller settings with only a handful of people who know what is going on and where he knows them and what effect his music will have. In the most intimate settings he has a few songs which often enhance arousal in the people listening to it.   The magical effects are embedded in the digital code and can be distributed. Though when copying the track the magic itself is not copied and the originals degrade fairly quickly over time. He has found a way to produce vinyl disks with dragon bone dust to prevent the deterioration to take place. They are highly priced amongst collectors.


Grew up in foster care. Was sent from family to family until he was placed in Dragon Haven. There he finally found out why he was hearing voices. He learned that he is a warlock of unknown ancestry. Once he gained control over his innate powers and stopped setting stuff on fire on accident he was able to start coming to terms with his past.   He found a passion for creating electric music. He started to DJ and eventually make his own tracks. Eventually he figured out that he could use his magic to make the music even better. The music would become enchanting to anyone listening.


He studied music and cyber witchcraft. This helped him tremendously in refining his craft and creating a network of contacts. Once he got his bachelor he needed to get out of school and do his own thing. He did not have a hard time completing the degree, but only put in the minimal amount of effort into grades as required.

Assets & Wealth

Dylan has accumulated an impressive amount of wealth for his age and humble beginnings. This would not have been possible without free loans of the loyalist bank. He owns the company which manages the dance crew Firestorm and runs a label which distributes mostly electronic and techno music. He makes some money from his own tracks, but is not as successful as he would like to be. He lives in an apartment in Manhattan that he owns which is a huge asset.


Dylan has never been too popular, but everyone respects him for what he has achieved and his skills. Though, he still has a hard time fully trusting people and tends to do everything himself.
— a friend
Dylan is currently single, but very active on Tinder and similar apps. Due to his wealth and attractive looks he fairly successful at dating, but fails to commit to a single woman for more than a few weeks. Often his work gets in the way as it keeps him very busy. Though sometimes he uses this just as an excuse. He is attracted to Raina Duran, but she does not seem to feel the same way about him.   Has a few good friends but very few are around for long. The crew of Firestorm respects him for what he does but they are not close to him.
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1985 CE 35 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
A large eastern dragon on his left leg that stretches from his foot up to his tight.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin
Character Portrait image: Portrait Dylan Lewis by Artbreeder


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25 Jan, 2022 19:28

I like Dylan. A DJ which studied music and cyber witchcraft to enhance his own music? Damn that rocks. Can imagine he is blowing them all away since he can enchant his listeners. Very good to read as well. :)

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25 Jan, 2022 19:41


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27 Jan, 2022 02:55

A clever interpretation of the challenge! A bard more noted for his magical abilities and his press, than for his musical ability. I like it!

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27 Jan, 2022 15:25

Thank you for your comment! Dylan came out rather different from my first idea which was much more music focused, but I like how you see him :)

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27 Jan, 2022 07:34

When you told in the chat you wanted to do a DJ, I was curious how you'd do that, and this is very nice! Also nice change to read that he's not that succesfull and needs a main job too.

27 Jan, 2022 15:26

Thank you! A career as a DJ only is rare and not just anybody can do it!

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27 Jan, 2022 23:39

Interesting character and nice read. The field of cyber witchcraft sound pretty cool :p Also quite interesting how everyone thought he was an arsonist at first but he was just not aware of his powers.

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28 Jan, 2022 11:45

Thank you! Cyber witchcraft is definitely something I want to expand more on eventually.

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
30 Jan, 2022 20:43

Magical DJ? I love it. What does the music sound like?

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31 Jan, 2022 18:56

That is a good question! One I should probably expand on, but I am not sure. It might be that the effect of the enchanting music doesn't actually make it better. Just makes people listening feel better or worse. He isn't too successful with his music after all.

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2 Feb, 2022 22:35

I like it how you managed to make a complex character with a relatively short article. So even, though I did not read a lot of background or long stories, I feel like I know him, or have known him for some time, like an old friend.   How is the power of fire connected to Dylan being a warlock? I couldn't grasp the link well enough to progress that a bit further. Do they make him suitable for pushing political agenda and is it used by the Dragon Loyalists?

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3 Feb, 2022 15:21

Thank you for your kind words!   Fire isn't one of his special powers or anything like that. Its just that if a supernatural with innate magical powers does not control this power and is in a bad place mentally or emotionally that energy will spill out uncontrolled. This would not always happen, but essentially all that extra energy can put stuff on fire. I will definitely at some point refine this concept and make an article on it.   As for the dragon loyalists: There isn't really much of an expectation for him to use his talents for the dragons goals. He does however give some of his income to the foster care home that saved him.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
7 Feb, 2022 22:04

Dylan's an interesting character! I like the science fantasy aspect. what can they do with the magic in the music? Does that just make it sound better, or when you say it's enchanting people listening, do you mean it can control them?   I like that he is not really that successful for his magic, but that he favours his business first. Seems like down to earth guy who has his priorities straight :p

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Thanks! I've expanded the part on the magic a little bit in the section on his abilities. His music mostly enhances the emotions that people were already feeling. Though a very good song might just evoke and then enhance an emotion as well!

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13 Feb, 2022 13:08

This is the first DJ i've seen, great idea. I especially like how they found a way to produce vinyl with the magic intact.

13 Feb, 2022 13:29

Thank you, Laura!

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17 Feb, 2022 23:47

I love the Dragon Bone Dust Vinyl idea! He could probably make a mint with that stuff, provided he gets enough of it. Cyber-Witchcraft is a fascinating field - has he experimented with any other forms to help him along? I can picture him looking for a big breakthrough. Nice to see someone who is a businessman first and a musician second. After all, if the world of music doesn't work out for him, he has a terrific skillset to claw himself back. A very intriguing character indeed.

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18 Feb, 2022 07:37

Thank you for you kind words! He learned some more traditional forms of magic, but it would really not be his cup of tea with the rituals. So after graduating he really just focused on refining his use of magic in a way that he was passionate about :)

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18 Feb, 2022 00:09

Cyber witchcraft sounds so interesting - I'm intrigued to know more about that.   I feel so sorry for Dylan for his start in life. Mysterious fires and voices seem like a terrible combination, especially when you have no idea what's going on.   I'd love to listen to some of his music, though perhaps without the enchantments. :D

18 Feb, 2022 07:38

Thank you for your comment Emy!   I definitely plan on expanding cyber witchcraft at some point in the future. Its been in the back of my head for a while.

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19 Feb, 2022 05:42

cyber witchcraft, record producer/DJ - a very interesting approach to this challenge. I really like your quotes by other people about Dylan. They are very effective at revealing his character

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19 Feb, 2022 07:34

Thank you for your kind words hcraven!

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19 Feb, 2022 16:29

Nice job on the DJ! I like that his own music is more of a hobby than he may like, but he is successful enough in his "day job" that he can still pursue it.

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